Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sold! To the man in the corner....

....or to the lady in Westland, in my case. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the third book has been accepted by Westland, the same kind folk who published Bringing Up Vasu and By The Water Cooler.

I am very happy to report that it does not get old. When D, my editor messaged me saying that I could breathe easy because they liked the story and would take it on, I tried to play it cool with my family and friends. You know, just looking nonchalant and going about the business of life - today I made breakfast, went to work and sold another book, ho-hum - but by the end of the day, the facade was totally breaking down and I wanted to go to the same rooftops (no wait, they have already been covered, should look at increasing penetration) from where I had declared my joy about BUV and BTWC. I can't help it. It is just the most exciting feeling.

Anyway, so after crowing about it on Facebook and Twitter, I felt a little better.

This new book is about....haha, you didn't really think I was going to give it away, did you? But I swear, it's a good story and I've worked awfully hard on it and it's going to be a long time before it hits the shelves but hey, in the meanwhile, we are talking here, no?

So, that's my big news for now. How I am going to find the time to work on the edits, hold down my job and raise my two punters is anybody's guess but damned if I am not going to try till it hurts.


beingFab said...

Wow, Congratulations!! That is definitely shout-from-the-rooftops news!!

Choxbox said...


Gymnast said...


Congrats're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congraats Parul!!!

Anonymous said...

Parul rani, ek aur kahani?
kisne jaani, ki jaroor ek din
yeh hoga aapki khaana paani!

Mubarak ho ! Keep it up !

HarshaBharath said...

Congratulations !!!

Perfect Witch said...

Waah! Atta girl!

Perfect Witch said...

Wah! Atta girl!!

Kavita J said...

Wow, congrats

Cant wait to read it.

Kavita J said...

Wow, congrats

Cant wait to read it

Elizabeth said...

Grt news and all the best.

Parul said...

beingFab...Thank you, it feels like it.

Choxbox...Thanks, choxie.

Gymnast...No, I am not. But thank you.


Anonymous...Ha ha, that was funny. Thank you ji.

HarshaBharath...Thank you.

Perfect Witch...Indeed!

Kavita J...I can't wait to finish writing it.

J...Thanks, hope to finish it quickly.

Elizabeth...Many thanks.