Sunday, September 11, 2011

We meet again, dear reader

Bit of a break there. There could be many reasons for the absence. I have been falling asleep at nine, eight-thirty, hell even eight, basically thirty seconds after the children go to bed.  Right party animal I am turning out to be. I look back sometimes, at my own (mercifully) brief periods of wild partying and find myself tiring even at the memory so perhaps it is just as well.
It goes without saying that I am exhausted by the end of each day.
The writing goes well and I hope there is a bunch of readers out there who are waiting for the next novel, that I am not doing all this in vain though after five years of absence from real office environment, I don’t think I have any options left.
It’s Ganpati Visarjan today and the drums –dhols, actually - are resounding all over the city. I find myself a little removed from the whole thing, as I am perhaps from pretty much any festival. M is flying out tonight to London and is wondering how early he ought to leave for the airport to make it for the two o’clock flight. He looks so distressed at all the travel he has been doing. Except Hong Kong, which was really rather nice. It’s a great city to live in and like always, I found myself comparing Mumbai unfavourably with it upon my return. I bet Mumbai wasn’t too happy to find me back either. If you don’t like it, move – like unimaginative people who don’t appreciate such sentiments like to say.
Hong Kong is not like Singapore, I thought. Or like Bangkok. It’s tres international in look and feel and vibe. We stayed at my sister’s for a couple of days, in an absolutely ravishing apartment with the sea splashing down a few feet away from the building, before moving to Disneyland. I buy into the whole Disney thing completely. I have no reservations in hanging my cynical hat at one of the Mickey-shaped hat-stands at the entrance  - only metaphorical, though the rivets in the pavement really are Mickey-shaped, you know. The rides were pretty average and I left my beautiful new sunglasses behind at the Space Mountain ride. Steep price to pay for a below-desired adrenaline level ride really but I was more absent-minded than usual. The Lion King show was pretty astounding though. We went back for the parade the next day and it is a bit of a shock to see the Cinderella and Snow White of our childhood suddenly assume an Asian persona and identity. Complicated, these things.
And then there was Macau which would be a nice place for a bit of debauchery I suppose for two young people but when you are traveling with two small children, the highlight of the trip becomes the ferry ride, the rocking movement of which manages to put the baby to sleep. The Venetian is a pretty nice hotel, plush and large and quite golden really but when M went to the casino after putting the two kids (and me) to bed, he found it all not really to his taste and he came back via a trip to Starbucks. I had to let him in, some problem with the key and we stayed up for a while, eating the potato pie that he had brought and looking out at the lights of that strange city-country, full of casinos and not much else. The world is such an intoxicating place and one can get addicted to travel, the more you see, the more you want to see.
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Pure candy floss of course but nicely flavoured. Not unputdownable, unlike Bodyguard which was eminently putdownable and never to be picked up again.
Anyway, so a short, rambling post just to write something in the blog. It’s been more than a month since I last wrote. Well, you do know I wouldn’t go away without saying a proper goodbye and this isn’t it.


gargimehra said...

Good to see you back. I must inform you that since last visiting your blog I’ve read both your books and become a fan! So yes I am indeed looking forward to that third novel.

dipali said...

Welcome back, Parul. Always good to read your stuff:)

Sue said...

Welcome back. And I know what you mean about travel being addictive.

Nat said...

now why would you say good-bye? no. no. dont ever say good-bye.