Friday, July 1, 2011

Yes, we do need an education

It's been a strange mish-mash of a week. Adi started kindergarten. At a big school. The kind with strict teachers and seniors and prefects and tiffin boxes and diaries that need to be checked. I did the drop and pick-up. I always think that he would have a tough time letting go of me, giving myself more than is due clearly. He didn't cling when he was two and started playschool and he didn't look back now. The teacher is always the greater goddess. 

This was the first time I was forced into the whole school-gate parent phenomenon and I found myself surrounded by hoardes of mothers, each with her own set of insecurities and anxieties and nervousness. We all give ourselves too much credit, don't we, believing that we can and should control each and every part of our children's destinies. We are actually just the folks who buy the post-school lollipops.

I looked at my boy and he looked so tiny in that huge auditorium. I looked at the prefects and had a quick surge of nostalgia, of remembering just how important that was back in the day.

I accompanied him in the school bus amidst much excitement from him. He peers at every single bus on the road, hoping that it is his. Come Monday and there will be no Mama to remind him to take his school bag, assuming of course that she remembers that little detail. 

I am struggling with the tiffin, figuring out the perfect meal that will be
1. not messy
2. not sticky
3. not dry
4. not oily 
5. palatable
I have finally zeroed in on cut fruit and have since had the pleasure of opening the dabba to find it empty.

I looked at the kids in the school bus and they looked perfectly normal to me. Somehow we are always being told that kids are beyond comprehension these days. I think at best they are significantly more informed than we were, what with the internet exploding and similar. A ten-year old was immersed in an Agatha Christie, a couple of younger boys were discussing Raold Dahl. A very charming young thing told me that she likes reading science fantasy fiction. As far as I am concerned, kids who are reading will do just fine. Books even out a lot of wrinkles in the otherwise messy fabric of life. Just a personal belief, that's all.

I come home to find that the little one has been driving Mahesh bananas.After Adi steps out, she insists on packing a bag with a tiffin-box and a water-bottle, puts on her shoes and points at the door and screams. Today I had to take her out for a drive just so she would quieten down for a few minutes. This may be taking hero-worship to a different level. I think we may need to send her to preschool earlier than was planned. Tragic. I wanted to hold on to her a little while longer. It's a paradox of parenthood - you wait for the time they would start school and let you have a few free minutes to do your own thing and then when they do, you find that wasting time on the internet is not that fantastic after all.

Yes, I am writing. The novel is well into its middle now. I have no idea how it's reading. Mahesh likes it but well, he likes staying in this house.

Last evening Adi told me that he needed to buy a Mumbai Indians t-shirt. So we went to a nearby store and he helped pick out a Metallica tee for me too. I am preparing for the concert, you see.


Aneela Z said...

Such a jannati post this.

Mary said...

Hi Parul, love reading ur blog and ur books.. waiting for the next book.. When I feel low I go through ur blogs and it reminds me tht things should not be taken so seriously.. thanks.. Mary

Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful said...

As always, enjoyed reading your post.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...



dipali said...

Beeg school already! OHMIGOD!

Perfect Witch said...

Aww! The big school! Awesome! All the best to Adi! Hope he enjoys the next few years!!

Mom Gone Mad said...

Parul, I think I love your posts so much because they are never,ever over the top.. there's this zany humour that seems to keep you fairly keel even about an event so big.

Hold onto that. You are so much fun to read.

TheMemorymaker said...

Loved this piece Parul. We are debating between when to start Pre-School here too. Should I go through the Indian route and start early or wait another year ... Kindergarten here is usually 5 and even 6, I am kind of liking that idea a lot.
Parenting can be so confusing !! Good luck to the little man in the big school :)

daniyal said...

i would like to thank you yet again for the lovely posts you gave
excellent blog