Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's age got to do with it?

I found this in my drafts and thought it deserved to be posted, even if it is more than a year old. Try it for size, people. 


Every time I am found complaining about the terrible twos, mothers of kids from other age-groups reassure me that it is in fact not just the twos. Pat, pat on my head they go and say with equal parts glee and sadness that the threes, fours, fives, fifties and sixties all come with their own challenges so I might as well just jump off the nearest cliff now. Others kindly remind me that I will get to repeat this experience soon enough and isn't that a really happy thought? So I figured I'd do the only thing that needs to be done in situations such as these and made a meme out of it (popping a Valium was the other option). Simple enough - write down the age of your kid/s and tell me five things that are fantastic about that age and five that are completely cry-in-your-pillow terrible.

Adi for example is two years and nine months.

The Good
  • He has a sense of humour. He increasingly sees the funny side of things and laughs uproariously. Not quite reading 'Yes, Minister' yet but it gives me hope.
  • He is interested in books. We look forward to reading him stories at bedtime and otherwise and love to watch him get all involved and animated. We also like the fact that we can blow up more money at bookstores than ever before and blame it all on his reading requirements.
  • He shows affection. The kisses, hugs and 'I love you's are flying thick and fast now and noone's complaining. We are loved, baby!
  • He is showing clear signs of the things he is interested in and giving peeks into his personality - the music and the sports and the gadgets and one can almost see the parts that are me and that are M. Very nice. We now also know the exact areas that our therapists should look into.
  • He is becoming independent and while I am not entirely sure whether it is a good thing or bad, I like to see him try to do things on his own because hey, I have another hapless babe coming right up.
The Bad
  • The temper. We have a wicked one ourselves and now we have another one to contend with. The rage, the fury, the desire to throw things at people's heads and then proceed to bite off the latter with one's fangs, to pinch and to cause bodily harm - yes, it's all there and it's so not nice. For the recipient. It may of course serve the purpose of violent catharsis for the temper-holder.
  • The automatic NO!s - delivered right at your doorstep, ma'am - as soon as you place a request for just about anything.
  • There is a flip side to his showing affection which is his ability to display equally well the lack thereof. Very free with 'I don't like Mama/Daddy/Nani/Thatha/Paati etc. Equally free with the 'Don't talk to me's and its ruder versions.
  • The illnesses - they started the moment he turned two and started pre-school and they have been with us since. The doctor's bills have been mounting and nobody but nobody will be happier to not be seen at OPD every two weeks than yours truly.
  • The desire for control - yes, yes I know the independence cannot come without it - but good gracious, he doesn't need to control which side each parent will sit in the car, which colour tees are acceptable for the mater, the exact number of times the doorbell needs to be rung, the sending off the mother to her computer (go, work, mama), does he? Oh, he does.
I am sure you have your own fairy tales and sob-stories to share. Go ahead, tell all, either in your blog or in the comments. Non-parents, comments on our plight are welcome, just don't look too happy.


justanother mommy said...

OMG - the last five is happening ditto here.

For the good ones: my li'l one is very empathetic. My mom was planning to cancel her visit here and that made me very upset on the phone. He sensed that and got the phone and scolded my mom saying "Paati...stop scolding amma. she is sad". One of those Awwww moments for me.

Choxbox said...

Lovely, done in the trademark Radio Parul manner!

Hmm, should take this one up. The tag that is.

Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful said...

I can soooo relate to the entire post! My son is now 2 yrs and 4 mths.
Very nice post!

Jaya said...

Ditto ditto for everything, my son is around that age now (his name is adi too).....except he doesn't say 'mama go work now'....sigh. he still wants me around his EVERY minute awake.

i-me-myself said...

Ditto - my son is 2 yrs 7 months old now - and same stories - the temper, the rejection, the affection --> so similar. Good to see the same story and worries (specially abt the temper) goes on everywhere :)

Lakshmi said...

Again- just exactly what am going through. Especially the last five.

Will be taking the tag up :)