Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pity we can't just move to Goa

 We took the kids to Goa for a couple of days last week. Like always, we pressed the intrepid traveller in our four-going-on-forty into good behaviour with many threats of the Goa trip being cancelled if
  • he did come out from under the dining table right this minute and start eating his breakfast
  • he did not stop throwing all cushions from the couch on the floor and proceed to jump on them with his shoes on
  • he did not stop fiddling with the water dispenser/my iPad/iPhone/computer/dishwasher etc right this instant

It worked. Some of the time.

Goa was wonderful like it always is and only it can be. But more importantly, this time we were able to have a holiday and did not feel upon our return that we needed another holiday to get over this one. Part of it had to with the fact that we went with friends, also with two kids in tow and the little people did a remarkable job of keeping each other busy, discussing Ben10 and Tom and Jerry and other elements of under-five popular culture. We were so encouraged by this behaviour that other than the beach and the pool, we also took them out into the city and I finally managed to see the famous St. Francis of Assisi church. We got rained out though and despite making a mad dash from the car to the church, the kids took a spot of the water. Adi insisted that every drop be wiped off. Most fastidious.

There were attempts made to eat out at restaurants. Most of them did not end very well. Cutlery was played with, glasses of water were demanded and spilled, exotic-looking food like kiwi-tarts were ordered but not eaten and I normally ended up thinking longingly how a couple of cocktails would hit the sweet spot. In fact, given that I have recently watched the four seasons of Mad Men, I had quite a hankering for Old-Fashioned. Strangely though, I couldn't get one. Must sort that out in Bombay.

I have decided to not fight the food battle with Adi because there is absolutely no way I can win and we need to pick our battles from the rather vast array of options provided. Ragini is different though. Probably because she has been left to her devices a lot more than the firstborn, she can eat on her own and does so very well. On this trip, she demanded mangoes and watermelon and cheese omelettes and fed herself and the furniture really well.

I walked along the shore and felt at peace and later my feet looked like they had had an expensive pedicure. I have to buy a house on the beach in Goa. How wonderful it would be to have something like Diane Keaton's house in Something's Gotta Give, all noisy ocean and windy, blue skies. I'd need a dog though.

The maid situation continues to be dicey. This is also why I have not managed to blog much lately. I don't even know if anyone comes around to even check on this blog anymore. The updates have been so infrequent of late.


Shweta said...

Oh - Goa ! Everytime I go there, I come back to Mumbai thinking I should give up everything & just move to Goa. Someday, someday !
I am totally into Mad Men too. Pity the next season is getting delayed.

Anonymous said...

okey dokey, cannot believe I missed a sighting of the famous author in my home state:-) Did you manage to come southi-ish, towards margao?

Glad you still love Goa. Wish you'd seen it 20 years ago. It was heaven on earth.


Vini said...

We do, we do!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

*waves hand frantically* Me! Me! I read, I read! I may not post much on my won, but I do read!!

You know, I came back feeling the same way from Dharamshala, but of course I like your idea better. A house in Goa any day!!

Yogita said...

Hi Parul,
I do check your blog regularly hoping for some new posts, which I thoroughly enjoy reading. Glad you had a great vacation in Goa. That is also one of the places where I end up feeling "I wish I lived here".
Best wishes,

d said...

i can promise you that the ones that come around to check this blog have equally dicey (and depressing) maid situations :)

dipali said...

Sending some good maid vibes,Parul!
I can imagine Ragu and the soft fruit:))))
The holiday sounds awesome!