Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a panda, what's not to love?

I took Adi for Kung Fu Panda 2 while M watched over the princess, probably his favourite job in the world. This was the first time that we had reversed roles. Many are the joys of weaning, I say. The movie is absolutely delightful, possibly better than Part 1 even and will be counted amongst the all-time greats of Hollywood if I have anything to do with it. It's such a tough job balancing wit and wisdom and comic timing and such fine storytelling. I love Po, can you tell? He is the most adorable character in any movie, anywhere.

I don't like those 3D glasses though. They are so heavy and I need to wear them on my own glasses and wearing two pairs of glasses is not recommended even for the most ardent fans of spectacles. You become one yourself. Spectacle, I mean. They kept hurting me on the bridge of my nose and I fished for something in my bag to soften the impact. I could only find a coin so I balanced the 3D glasses on that and proceeded to thoroughly enjoy myself. When the movie ended, I took them off and was about to drain the last of my Pepsi and saunter off when Adi asked me what was resting on the side of my nose and much like an accomplished magician picked up the forgotten coin. From my face.

Complete Tina Fey moment, I tell you.

Did Adi enjoy the movie, you ask. Yes, I almost forgot about him for a moment there, didn't I? Well, he keeps telling me to 'do inner peace' so maybe concepts are still a little on the hazy side but overall I think a good time was had by all.

I'd like a poster of Po and the fabulous five, I think. In my room, not the kids'.


The knife said...

I got my inner peace last afternoon. The 3d bit was nice but the glasses were painful

Rhea said...

"You become one yourself. Spectacle, I mean." - Indubitably my favorite part!! :)

the mad momma said...

You become one yourself?! That is a Classic. Love it.