Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wrapping Vrapping

We have a fairly well-stocked little wine chiller. In the days of yore, read when I was not nursing, I rather liked my wine. 

Understated fact. 

These days though the wine chiller lies rather forlorn in one corner of my used-to-be-study-is-now-laundry-corner. A good thing that has come from this tipple-less state of things is that we now often dip into our stock for gifting purposes. 

This evening too when we were about to leave to visit someone, we got out a bottle of Australian Chardonnay 2004 vintage. Normally I am a huge fan of wrapping things in newspaper and then tying it up with twine or a red ribbon. Something like this: 

Image courtesy here

It's all eco-friendly plus I have matching newspaper bags left over from Adi's birthday party last year. This also meets the approval of the pintsized environmentalist who likes to wag his finger at me if I let the tap run for one second longer than I should and counts Reduce, Reuse, Recyle off his fingers at least ten thousand times everyday (teachings from summer camp, where would we be without you?) and insists that I get a shopping bag with the green triangle on it. 

For wrapping a wine bottle though, I'd rather go all Martha and use some colourful paper or a piece of fabric. Something like this: 
Image from Google Image Search
By the way, for a first-class tutorial on an easy-peasy, lemon squeezy (hehe, yeh toh wine cooler ban gaya) way to wrap a bottle Japanese-style, check out this video.

Anyway, today there was no ribbon to be found in the house and the kids were getting antsy and we needed to have left ten minutes back. So I ended up wrapping the bottle in a bag from Cottons. I don't have a picture but know this, if you are in a time crunch and have kids crawling all over you and you need to wrap stuff, there's nothing to beat a Cottons bag. I shop there only for the bags. Kidding. Also, Cottons Jaipur doesn't have a website? Strange. I'd imagine that's the kind of place that should be shipping abroad all the time. Anyway, at least they have me, not least for the bags. 

Do you have any fail proof wrapping secrets? Share, no?


Anonymous said...

OK, delurking here...

I don't bother about wrapping gifts :) This is not to say that I don't care about giving gifts- I really, really enjoy choosing gifts for people, especially if the gift happens to be a book. But I felt wrapping to be unnecessary- almost always the wrapper gets thrown away.
I like your idea of recycling a newspaper though.

A question: Where can I find a Cottons store in Mumbai?


gargimehra said...

Well, I’m a poor hand at wrapping so can’t help you there, though I mentally converted the title of the post to ‘Wrapping Shapping’ in true Delhi style!

Anonymous said...

well...the humble kitchen foil(nw avlbl in 4 colours...wah!) also serves the purpose. it takes the shape of the object n gvs tht crinkled effect...add a ribbon if u feel like.if it's a cylindrical object,u cn wrap it like a toffee,instant hit wth kids. Bt careful,it sumtimes rips jus b4 u hand ovr the gift

B o o. said...

For kids, I wrap the presents in plain brown paper. (like the ones we covered our note books with, remember? ;) And let Ashu go wild with her crayons/markers/pencils/stickers on the wrapped gift. Looks super cute.

I love the newspaper with the red ribbon idea. Im so going to do it next time. Danke.

D said...

When I'm too in too much of a hurry, the gift bags come handy - they come in all shapes and sizes and colours and designs, so they're pretty and useful at the same time.

For the rest of the time, I love wrapping gifts :)

Anonymous said...


I love the potlis from Cottons for wrapping wedding gifts. They can be reused as clutches or even as gift wrapping. Plus it's easy to unpack the gift inside.

Delhi girl