Friday, July 17, 2009

Yeh ghar potentially bahut haseen hai

I am still explaining the work that needs to be done in my new house to the likes of carpenters and electricians and general handymen and such like. Not one brick has been touched, not one lock changed and already I am greying at the temples. I hope the salt and pepper look is in. Mahesh was in this position before the house was bought. We had decided that buying the house and doing all the necessary paperwork would be taken care of by him while the decor part would be my responsibilty (first one to point out the evident gender bias in this arrangement gets a dirty look from me). I saw him pull his already rather sparse hair out as he dealt with the banks and their home loan divisions and the brokers and the ex-owner. As soon as the draft changed hands for the keys though, he leaned back and pointed at me and laughed. Your turn, baby, enjoy, he said and has not been heard from since.

It's tough, this whole doing up the house thing. To begin with, I need to remove some existing, in-built showpieces in the house (their idea of tasteful decor and mine, they are not to meet). They are made of glass and wood and have all sorts of things growing in them and have colourful lights to enhance the beauty of the cultivation. I thought I would sell these structures to the kabaadi but the kabaadi says that the carpenter will need to pull them out and the carpenter says that the electrician needs to get the colourful lights out first (I mean, everyone wants to do their business without getting electrocuted, right? A fair demand, I thought). So now I have called my old handyman and I am hoping he will take care of the three aspects on his own viz. prevent possibility of electrocution, remove structure and sell structure for profit (his, not mine, I am all detached from this scenario now).

The Asian Paints Home Solutions store on Hill Road came as something of a pleasant surprise and while they are not paying me to write this, I have to say that the store was something of a dazzler. Of course I had paint figuratively dripping out of my ears when they were done taking me through the room-sets and the kidproof chalk paints and textures and the finishes and the polishes but then I never was good with too much information. I have decided to go with them so if you have a point of view, speak now or be forever silent.

Tomorrow, veneers and door handles and such like. And getting rid of a particularly pesky man currently lurking the streets of Mumbai under the legend Khaleel Joona Furniture Wallah. The joy.


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

I wish to see two photographs.
1. current one
2. When the house is fully-furnished/decorated

Shruti said...

I love the way you write! Even the most troublesome tasks u make them sound so .. well funny!

+1 for kidproof chalk paints! Go fot it!

Passionate Goof said...

Oh! I know you sound like you are having a tough time, but I know how much fun it is. Enjoy it. Take your time, and don't rush,because once you settle in, it would be difficult to get renovations done. Also are monsoons a great time to paint??? It was monsoons, when I bought my place too, and the paint work peeled off at places soon enough. I believe its better to get the place painted in a drier season. Check up on that!

Poppins said...

What a coincidence - I just read a post by this store by fellow blogger

Ever consider hiring a consultant? Not that I don't think you'd do a good job just that they have more experience and would know how to deal with the technicalities while you can sit back, surf and come up with impossible ideas for furniture :)

I'm doing the same for an apt we're building.

kbpm said...

Asian Paints worked out well for me, recently. They actually apologised for a delay of ONE DAY on their final promised delivery date!!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

We recently got something done on some of our walls. There is this lovely white, textured wall paper that's available. You paste it on and then paint it whatever colour you like. The effect is dazzling. I'm sure it will be easily available in Bombay...ask around naa.

Perakath said...

Sorry, I'm confused-- have you shifted to Bombay, or still in Pune?

Chitra said...

Hi Parul, I'd suggest you asscertain from the Asian Paints fellows that the paints being used are lead free, non toxic and contain low/zero VOC (volatile organic compounds. These do not emit fumes that are known to cause allergic reactions leading to asthma etc..Just google to find out more abt these safe paints..Happy decorating! :)

hack said...

khaleel joona furniture waala, ha ha ha ha ha. sorry, funny name.

Gymnast said...

How did u start with decorating your house?
I think you need to have a concept first , for each room. Then you need to research on various ways as to how that concept can actually be converted into a tangible form. Everything else evolves from your concept.

As for choosing a paint, it actually depends on a lot of factors like the size of your room , the light available , placement of your windows, and the mood that you want to achieve.

I second poppin. Hire a consultant.It is sure going to be worth the money you spend on him/her.

Why dont u upload few pics of the place as it is now?

Anamika said...

I can so relate. Moved to a new place about a month ago and there is always about a dozen things left to do after you are done. So good luck. And dont forget to take deep breaths (pranayam) after every payment made, every check written, every swipe of the card. It helps :D

Kiran said...

oh wow! it should be fun decorating! or at least the idea of decorating sounds fun.... i still need to actually experience it.... need to buy a house first...;-)

Rhea said...

Ha ha.. Love this post. I'm excited for you! Please don't forget to put up pictures when you're done!!

Parul said...

Hobo... Sure!

Shruti...Thank you, you are kind!

Passionate Goof ...Hehe, remember the blog is writing practice, where is the fun in doing up the place if I don't write about the colurful characters I am meeting along the way?

Poppins ... Nopes, not hiring anyone. How else would the stories come?

kbpm ...Really? Yay!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? ... Sure, I am avoiding texture on the walls though. My furniture is modern baroque, better to tone down the walls.

Perakath...I was always in Bbay, maybe you are confusing me with someone else?

Chitra ... Oh wow, more fun! Thanks.

hack ... I know! Imagine having someone like that in your phone book.

Gymnast ... Concept is fine but too themey is not my style really. Let's see how this goes! Re: pics, I like words to paint the picture, to use a terrible cliche!

Anamika ...Hehe, Baba Ramdev, ab teri sharan mein!

Kiran ...I had to wait a fair bit too, it will happen when it has to.

Rhea ...Glad you did!