Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goa and what have you

We got back from Goa on Sunday. It was drizzling a bit and was pleasantly breezy which is the same as saying that there was incessant pouring and a strong gale blowing and threatening to fly away with the sub-15 kg humans amongst us. The sea looked positively furious and did not appear to be too pleased with the way things were looking, judging by the temper it seemed to be in. Huge waves thrashed about the beach as the poor visitors watched on from a safe distance. The skies were what British writers describe as dull, grey (or is that gray? I can never be certain) and overcast. All the bludy time. I like the rain so I did not mind it at all. It was cool and the floors felt cold to bare feet. M and I took turns at being responsible and debauch, which means that he took care of Adi while I went for a lovely massage and then came back and soaked myself while I drank some of the wine that came free (ha) with the room and sang out of tune to myself. The next day he got time out while I took care of the little one. Division of labour is a wonderful thing. The food in the hotel ranged between unpalatable to downright disgusting but Adi seemed to like their noodles so all is forgiven.These days anything that distracts him from greenmint-yellowmint-redmint-pinkmint from the box of Fox's Mints is a Godsent and we fall upon it with howls of gratitude.
We start on Season Four of House tonight. No doctors Cameron, Chase and Foreman? WHAT will happen now? How will world order be achieved? Talking of doctors, I quite miss that other hot doctor friend of mine. Hawkeye. Maybe it's time to stop House and go back to a bit of M*A*S*H for old times' sake. Old times should remember this and return the favour sometime.
Next month - Bono and I have a date. I am getting my boots on. Anyone else going for the U2 show?


s w a t said...

I jumped from Season 2 to season 5! =( I didn't have the rest and I was SO desperate. As long as Greg (=P) is there, I don't care who comes or goes.

Cynic in Wonderland said...


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Goa rocks...with rain or without it. Your massage and 'wining' sounds like a must for all! Sigh...

Enjoy your doctor-fest! I am now busy being horror-struck and equally entertained by 'Rakhiji'.

And there's something that you need to read on my blog, please. My EO is waiting eagerly.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

And U2?!?!? Where?? When?!?!

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

U2 show ?
Whats that grey ?

chandni said...

where's the U2 show?? tell immideately!

Illusion said...

Dont leave House...for anything!!! Its awesome...I finished watching Season 5 and now I dont know wat to do!!

Geeta said...

Hugh Laurie...yummy!! Wit, brilliance, and that stubble...totally droolworthy!

Here's what he had to say after he won the Golden Globe for playing House,
"I am speechless. I'm literally without a speech. It seems odd to me that in the weeks leading up to this event, when people are falling over themselves to send you free shoes and free cufflinks and free colonic irrigations for two, nobody offers you a free acceptance speech. It just seems to me to be a gap in the market. I would love to be able to pull out a speech by Dolce & Gabbana."

Now, what female in her right mind can resist that...sigh!!

Parul said...

s w a t...I agree with you on that.

Cynic in Wonderland, chandni...In London, sorry :(

Mamma mia! Me a mamma?...It was blissful while it lasted.

Hobo... :)

Illusion...No, no, not leaving.

Geeta...Fellow Hugh Laurie fan! Thanks for sharing that. Makes me fall in love again.

dipali said...

Finally did get The Book! Read it at top speed and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Too darned lazy to write a review, though!
I loved the well deserved talking-to the duck person got:)
That's a cryptic spoiler, isn't it?

thethoughtfultrain said...

Good old Hawkeye!! How I miss his whacky laugh and twinkling eyes. Even as an old man he hasnt lost his going-to-howl-crazy look!! As for House, I am tired of his bad ass ways. No longer appeals to me!
Good one Parul .. :-)