Kripya order karein!

Kripya order karein!
Kripya order karein!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Decor delirious - 1

I have been spending insane amounts of time online, looking through roughly seventeen million decor sites. I will be posting things that I find interesting or bizarre in the course of this...err..research. Watch this and let me know what you think of it.


Shruti said...

If you are looking for some DIY stuff then u shud check out & . You can check out what we did with our daughter's room @
Have fun decorating..

Parul said...

I love u :(

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Flower-House - I say.
Nice/Expensive but are you going to get each day fresh flowers.
Plastic will spoil if applied but yes, I find the house excellent one.
And remember you have to take care on your own specially bai problem always exists and maintenance cost is too hight too.

threedrinksahead said...

Pretty, pretty. But, I'd get a headache if I lived in a house this full of that many kinds of shapes and colours and patterns and textures! No? You like?

Shaan said...

Woaza! That place is stuffed with stuffs of all kind...Not my style. I like the "contemporary" design more.Congrats on the house!! Have fun decorating :)

Gymnast said...

This is definitely bizare.
The place just takes me back to the victorian age , and the multitude of details congest me. There is no breathing space in this house and everything is so overwhelming.
Asphyxiating. Outdated.

WSW said...

if you watch Nate Berkus

More of him on Oprah of course!

Madhuri said...

Nah, it feels too English cottage-y to me.. Not my style!

You have to check out, it's a treasure trove that site.. If you already knew it, what do you think about it??


Goofy Mumma said...

Too flowery isn't it???

Homecooked said...

Very opulent :) But I liked the cups and the chandelier in the video. I love HGTV for interiors and David Bromstad is my fav. You can check one of his videos here.

Rhea said...

You could also check out the Ikea website to get decor ideas.. If you like contemporary.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

House with Granite/Marble flooring & without furniture ???
I like sittng arrangement at floor.

Parul said...

Shruti...I will take a look for sure, thanks a ton!

Anon (Parul)...Why so sad about it, namesake?

Hobo...Will keep it in mind.

threedrinksahead, Shaan, Gymnast, Madhuri, Goofy Mumma, Homecooked...It's a cake house, no? Complete with frosting! Apparently this Israeli designer made some jewellery and stuff for the Harry Potter movies. Madhuri, I like hgtv though it is just too full of stuff. Homecooked, I like Bromstad for his looks too!

WSW...The gay designer on Oprah? Yes, I have seen and liked his work.

Rhea...Yuss, I have been an Ikea fan for a long time but the only time I can shop there is in Sing. They recently decided not to come to India after all. Sigh.

Sheza said...

way tooo oppulent and congested. too many patterns/flowers. very countryish and definitely not my thing:(

asaaan said...

I could only tolerate that video for a bit, cant imagine a kitchen done up that way.

I had an excellent blog for decorating and for the life of it cannot recall it url

roop said...

too country-esque for me. something i run away from.

Aneela Z said...

the video ends at 2:16, Im sure 2:17 on the camera pans over stuffed kittens and puppies. And if you look closely thats Ms Havisham behind the door.
Thumbs down for the Gulabo House.