Monday, June 22, 2009

Poppins Mom reads Bringing Up Vasu

Poppins and Sweetpea's Mom is one of the first people to have bought my book and read it (though where she found the time whilst juggling a home, a job and two babies is anyone's guess).

This is how she starts off...

It’s hard to be objective about Parul’s book (which was released last week) and is called “Bringing Up Vasu – that first year“. It’s hard because she’s a friend (in FB parlance and otherwise too, I hope). Plus I’m already in love with her blog, so unbiased I am not. Still she says that she can take honesty, so I will certainly try.

First the good – the book. Yes it’s good, it’s funny. I snorted and belly laughed quite a few times while reading it, causing people around to look at me sharply.

For the rest of the review, go here.

Thank you once again, PM. I hope more bloggers will follow suit, specially the voracious readers among us.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Read her review. Can't wait to read the book. Have been waiting ever since I found out you were writing a book!

I think Godot will get to Cal faster than The Book!!

Parul said...

I don't know what's taking so long really. Maybe flipkart is still a better idea? You could order today and you will have it by day after.

Sue said...

Yes, yes, I will review it. Stop with the pressure already. Am pissed at those Starmark people for not putting your book out in front with garlands around it. I need ambience to do my 'I know the author' dance.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

I havent read a single book till-end till-date. But the day I am free from tour I will try to read your post about your book writing.

Anonymous said...

The storyline is a bit familiar to a few expectant mothers/ mom and child books I've read, especially Mira's goofing up the admission to the high class pre-school and the struggles to get into the world of uber chic yummy mummies circle is very similar to the narratives in 'Momzillas' by Jill Kargman.

Parul said...

Sue...Trust you to feel the pressure, hehe!

Hobo... :)

Anonymous...Is that so? I must check out the book you've mentioned.

SS said...

Like the review. Will get it on the next visit to the bookstore.
I've been a lurker on this blog, leaving a comment the first time. I like your writing, so I think I'll like the book too.

thethoughtfultrain said...

Good luck Parul ... wishing you lots of success with your books.

Anonymous said...

I got the it was couriered to my office.....i will read it over the weekend.:)
Good Luck for all ur further book plans


Serendipity said...

oh! I found a review! :)

Was looking around and just about to order and clicked on this!

Parul said...

SS...Thank you and I hope so too.

thethoughtfultrain...Many thanks!

Anonymous (Deepika)...Hope you have fun reading it!

Serendipity...Yes, she is a dear friend and one of the people I thank in my acknowledgments.