Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The one where I can't stop grinning

The 17th of July last year began like a normal enough day. Mahesh went to work in the morning and after finishing various tasks around the house, I sat down at my computer. A little later M pinged me on chat to tell me that a fire had broken out in the Airtel office and that networks would probably go down. They did. No mobile phones and no landline. I did not think too much about it at that point. Networks go and then they come back, like stubborn acne (note simile, pretty good I thought).

A little later Adi went for a nap and I decided to check my e-mail and found that I had received the mail that I had been waiting for practically my entire adult life.

Oh my god, oh my god, I screamed (silently, remember Adi was sleeping) and then, oh my god, oh my god for effect. I followed it up with some oh my god, oh my god for good measure and then stood up and jumped up and down several times. I then proceeded to run from one end of the house to another at a somewhat high speed, breathless and unimaginably happy. I snatched up my phone to call M and remembered that that was useless. I ran to the landline, no luck. Just when I wanted to shout from the rooftops about something, I could not share it with anyone. I mailed M and he mailed back immediately but somehow it was not the same as talking about what Om Shanti Om had assured me was something the whole kaynaat (universe, I think) had conspired to give me.

What was so important about that e-mail, you ask?

Dear Parul,
I'm happy to inform you that the editorial team really enjoyed your manuscript and would very much like to add it to our publishing list. If you like, I could forward you a draft contract to take a look at. Taking into account the likely price of the book, and the first print run, we would like to offer you an advance of Rs xyz and royalties of abc%. I hope this is alright.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Her name

Why am I telling you about this now? Because my dear reader, I had to use every last ounce of self-control to not put it on the blog then.

I give you now what I have waited for so long. Bringing Up Vasu - That First Year, my debut novel.

I don't think you can read the blurb on the cover. It says this:

First-time mom Mira steps out of the hospital with her baby son, aglow with confidence that her aspirations for Supermom-dom will be fulfilled. After all, she’s attended all the pre-natal sessions, armed herself with postnatal planning, read all the books, and — most crucially — has the benefit of advice from expert Yummy Mummy, Rhea.

Mira realises quickly, though, that the road to being a model mommy is not that smooth: her baby seems to think sleep is overrated, her boss has decided to show her the door, her pregnancy fat is staying steadfastly on, and — having threatened to beat up the one woman who could get her son into the coveted playschool Teddy Footprints — plans for her first-born are already going awry.

With her husband Anand, the one feeble voice of sanity in her life, Mira has to navigate between a colicky baby, finding the perfect maid, postnatal depression, freelance work, demanding fitness instructors, and friends who careen between inappropriate lovers and alcohol. Will she ever gain entry into the kingdom of chic moms? Will she ever be able to successfully juggle a baby and work? And will she ever shed those twenty extra kilos?

A funny yet tender peek into the pleasures and pitfalls of becoming a first-time mother, Bringing Up Vasu is a true coming-of-age read.

Scared shitless just about describes my state of mind right now. That of course does not mean that I am not feeling very happy and elated (and apparently adept at using two words that essentially mean the same thing).

I tried really hard to declare this in a funny/witty/exciting way, in other words, in a way that would immediately make you fall in undying love with me and more importantly make you go get a copy. Things however are slow in the old noggin today and I needed to put it out before I burst with holding it in so long!

I know what you are dying to ask of me. The answer is - yes, I did dwell over whether I should use a pseudonym or not. It was Mahesh who dissuaded me by pointing out that writing under the names Amitav Ghosh and/or Jhumpa Lahiri could be considered grounds for libel.


A book. A book. By me! If there is a fulfillment of dreams in this world, this is mine.

What do you think of the cover, constant reader? Please note that Constant Reader is what Stephen King calls his fans like me but I think I am entitled to use it now, being after all part of the same fraternity, ahem.

If people do get by with a little help from their friends, I guess I should do alright, right? RIGHT?

IMPORTANT: I wanted to write this post when the book was finally out but since so many of you know about it already, I am putting this up now. Please note that the book will be in the stores only around the 23rd of June. Or so. As soon as it hits the stands, I will be here again, beseeching you to do the needful and shell out the INR 250 that will feed a starving author.

Another thing, this is my 300th post on this blog. Nice way to bring it in, eh? Now to write the next novel before the 400th one.


Suma said...

Wow! wow! and wow!

the cover looks enticing enough :)


maddy said...

Congratulations!!am sure must be as hilarious and witty as all your posts are.looking forward to grab a copy asap.you are our own erma bombeck!!

Supriya said...

Congrats from someone who has been reading ur blog on and off for the past month or so! I will be on the look out for the book. If ur blog is any indication, the book should be delicious!
Good luck!(though I dont think u need it!)

Supriya H

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff Parul! Super duper congrats! Although I wont get a hold of a copy here, I sure can recommend it to my sis :)!

Am sure it'd be fun to read!!!


Penguin said...

Yayyy!!! Congratulations on the book - the cover is adorable, and so is the blurb! Can't wait to buy it as soon as it comes out (well, I might have to wait a couple of weeks until I go back home in July, I guess... but still!!!) Yayy!!!

Jyothi said...

So its going to be out finally! June 23rd? Cant wait... All the best dear! May it sell a million copies and more.

Perfect Witch said...

Yay! Can't wait for it to be available at Crosswords! This is such a witty blurb too. Congrats!

nisha said...

Hey Parul I read your blog but have never commented before but today have to say 'Congrats' and best wishes.Btw I love your sense of humor!!!

Smitha said...

Wow! Congratulations! On everything - 300 posts, the book... A book. Wow! One copy of debut novel sold!

And the cover looks really fun! Its got "Buy me, you'll never spend a more entertaining 2 hours" written all over it :-)

richajn said...

Congratulations!!!! Amazing!
Am really really impressed!

So when do we get book no 2?? ;)

Anuradha said...

Hearty congrats, and best wishes!!!!! Will surely get a copy post June 23! :)

Karthik S said...

Congratulatios !!! I'm pretty sure that it will be a good read !!!

Cheers :-)

Rohini said...

Oof! Just when I was reaching out to get my wallet and go buy it, I reached the end of the post...

Congrats, babe!

threedrinksahead said...

Dude!! Congratulations!!!

Pliss temme you have a book tour too, and you'll be coming to Dilli!

Shivani said...

Will buy, will buy! But 23rd.. gosh that’s a darned 2 weeks away :-O Available online anywhere before that? And what would you take for an autographed copy?? ;-)
Daammn – too many questions at what should’ve been a thumping congrats at the outset. CONGRATS Parul… wtg!! :-D


DiTtY said...

Can't wait to get my hands on it! :) I am afriad that I might end up loudly screaming- I KNOW the author!!!! :)

Way to go!

Sunita said...

I might be commenting here for the first time but have been reading you for sometime. Had to de-lurk to say "Congratulations!!!!", Will definitely get my copy. I am sure it would be a fun read like your posts.

Meira said...

Hey that's so swell. Congratulations.And the cover and blurb look wonderful.
I'm so happy for you, Parul :)
And you have oodles of patience to keep this away from the blog all this while :D
Bestest wishes for the 400th too :)

mindspace said...

Hey that is an achievement :)
i remember ur 'about me' had a line like 'u enjoying blogging and now only if it could earn u some.. '

the dreams coming true and wishes being fulfilled.. the effort bearing the fruits.. great feeling it sure is..

best of luck and congratulations.. glad to be knowing an author thru her blog :)


s w a t said...

Congratulations Parul! Way to go. I'm hitting the book store first thing after my exams (24th!)

BlueMist said...

Congrats. The cover is cute. Only I wish I could get it here.
*Goes to add the book name to India Visit list **

AA_Mom said...

Congrats!. I do read your blog every now and then and enjoy the funny touch you give to mundane things.

Good luck with the book, starving author, hope it will be a big sell out :)

manisha said...

congratulations. will certainly pick up a copy. the cover looks so wonderful. who designed it?

hope the sales rock.

Ads said...

Hey Parul, Congratulations!! I am the quintessential lurker on your blog who immensely enjoys your posts!! Am looking forward to the copies hitting the book stores!

akamonica said...

Excellent Parul! I AM in undying love with you and i AM going to pick up a copy when its out. After reading your blog, i definitely wouldnt want to miss reading your book. Would love to meet you when I'm in Bombay before you become famous and dont have time for us :-(
And Yes, the cover looks great! All the best.

kbpm said...

cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say I am definitely buying a copy. Love your style of writing.

Poppins said...

Congratulations Parul!
Finally eh? Am so glad for you. I can not understand the feeling of wanting to write a book, but can totally imagine how excited you must be. And rightly so!

I cannot wait for June 23rd to come.

P.S Don't need to put so much pressure on yourself to sound witty in your posts ya, we love your writing anyways!

Poppins said...

Oh and congrats on the 300th!

NTW: Will you be doing the second year etc as well. A sequel thingy? :)

Smitha said...

WOW!! Congratulations!! It sounds like a great read !

I am definitely picking it up :)

SMM said...

Heyyyyyy congratulations. Sounds like a fun book to read. When is it out? Will go book my copy at Landmark asap :)

Gauri said...

Congratulations Parul :))

Knowing the way you write, am sure this book is going to be one good read :)

And yes, the cover looks lovely :)

PG said...

Long time lurker... but would definitely spend 250 rs.

Alan said...

Congratulations Parul, that is an awesome achievement. Are you planning a North American release?

PJ said...


SUR NOTES said...


looking forward to reading the book...

B o o said...

Congratulations!! I am not jealous. Really. I am not! Ok, a little bit! ;)

Lavs said...

Double congrats Parul......I would be on the look out for this book when i visit a book store....Do keep us updated about the book release function(?) and the celebrity interviews which u would be giving soon...

Quirky Quill said...

Hey Congratulations :) awesome stuff. (Thud Thud Thud)- that was just the airwaves distorting all the applause from Sing to Mum
All the best and please to arrange for a book tour to Sing ;) At least make it available here?

Silvara said...

Congrats Parul!!

What an achievement!!! I'd def read this book just for the entertainment I know I'd get. Waiting for the day that we can get here in Aus.

Great stuff :D

Deepti said...

wowwwwwwwwwww .. please do come to Pune for book readin n all .. I need to have my copy autographed!! :D

Perakath said...

Congrats! I was going to ask you for a free copy, but you put paid to that at the end of the post. Is there a launch?

Divya said...

Yippee.... the wait is almost over :) .... I'm already on my way to the bookstore to be first in the queue to get my copy. If u have a book tour in Hyd by any chance and u see a girl screaming - 'I know the author'.. that would be me.. :D

Only, I don't know if I'll survive the wait till 23rd though.. Cover looks great.. who's the designer? N are u planning 2nd, 3rd.. yr books a la Harry Potter series? :D

Stupid me, forgot the main thing in my excitement... Congratulations!!!!


Divs said...

Yayyy! Congratulations Parul. I am finally waiting for June 23rd when I can pick up a book and rightfully say - I know the author :-) (although I haven't met you ever, I feel like I already know you from your blogs).

Ron said...

Congrats. Will you be doing a book launch publicity tour types? If yes then will you be coming to Bangalore?

Iya said...

i am so so so so happy for u.
i dont even know u that well and am pretty new here but still i am so very excited
all the best
i will 110% buy a copy!!

Monika said...

congrats girl...

will grab one as soon it hits the store

and may be get to meet u on those book launches u attend :D

ThoughtSafari said...

Hey.. CONGRATULATIONS! Looking forward to buying it already! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulatins Parul!!!
The cover looks really quirky and funny :)

The Gypsy said...

wow!! congratulations parul.. delurked once before! loev the way u write.. u got one buyer here for sure!

Mama - Mia said...

woohooo!!!!!!! you go girl!! i like KNOW (well almost, being constant reader and all) an author!! :)

saw it on facebook and am love with the book already!

and how much of Adi is there in vasu, Parul? and how did you manage to keep blog and book separate?! awesome!!!

am keeping 250 bucks alag se in an enveloppe with your name on it! :D

this post might get more commnets than delurk divus?! :p


a very very proud CR!

Arshi said...

Parul... Congratulations!!! The cover is funky n colorful. I likey. I'm definitely buying one copy for myself even though I'm not a mommy yet. But love the way your write.

Also, I'm definitely doing some PR (since this is what I do to feed myself) for your book in Singapore to all the mommy community I know.

Good luck!

chandni said...

a big big hug Parul!

I am so proud of u :)

I swear to u I will buy and get it autographed!

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

I am gonna get a copy! Primarily to get to know how Mira loses the 20 kilos :D Hope it's not like she makes peace with the appearance and all.. I REALLY WANNA KNOW!

But seriously, way to go, girl! Congratulations and all that :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

okayi i will read the post soon. i saw the book cover and rushed to gush. wow. wow. and WOW. way to go.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Also just so that you know i am going to bask in voyeuristic, reflected glory and sing to everyone that I know the author I know the author ( oh well, online counts no?)

But jokes apart, seriously brilliant and very, very happy for you. Of all the bloggers I know who have written a book so far, cant think of any which I would like to read more, and more importantly PAY for reading.

Kodi's Mom said...

omg, omg, omg :)
thrilled & super happy for you! huge congrats!!

Prashanti :) said...

congratulations parul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will get the book if its available on amazon :)
This is actually great news and I know how frustrating not able to share the news with someone is :(

Congrats and all the best for your writing career ahead :)

Devaki said...

Wowie... going by the blurb it sounds like a fun read! And I am so excited to 'know' a real author!!! :)

Do you know if the book will be available in the US? If not, I'll just have to bug my mom to courier me a copy. ;-)

Congratulations Parul!

shilpa said...

Wow congratulations.

I am a 'constant reader' but never commented. I will wait for it to show up in the US!

Annie said...

Awesome! Congratulations and good luck with the next one! I will definitely buy a copy, next time I am in India and glad that you didn't use Jhumpa Lahiri or any other name! Best Wishes.

nish said...

OMG!.. congrats!... one of the constant lurkers here... the cover looks beautiful!..

Shweta said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Having a book published is a big achievement, but the bigger achievement is living ones dreams...Good Luck and enjoy the glory.

divi said...

this is absolutely awesome!!! A BIG HUG FOR YOU! :) Let me know how it feels the first time you see the copy in teh bookstore!

stuti said...


Super-Duper-Fantabulistic-est news!! All the best dear.. here's to the next bestseller. Hic!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! U are living your dream!

vasudha said...

De-lurking to say Congrats..Awesome Parul..Can't wait to read the book

March Hare said...

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

(Note the similarity between your reaction and mine. :P)

Super cool news though. Definitely buying it. :D

p.s. On a completely different note, do a House post soon. Please? I am dying to have some medical chit chat.

Anonymous said...

Congrats !! Love your blog, love the cover of the book ..will it be on Amazon ?

Sands said...

Had to delurk to congratulate you on this awesome news :) Good luck and best wishes. Will definetely try to get a hold of it as soon as it is available in my neck of the woods!!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Oh Parul!! FINALLY!!

I've been checking the blogosphere twenty times a day to see when you'd write this post and finally here it is!

I am so, so, SOOOOO thrilled I can't even begin to explain it...actually, I think I can try: my wait for your book was akin to my wait for Harry Potter, Book 7. And that my dear, is hugely BIG!!

*twirlls off to try a semblance of a cartwheel*

churningthewordmill said...

just because im last doesnt mean i dont count,right? congrats parul!!! so proud of u..judging from ur blog i can tell the book will be a hit!!btw,the cover looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Just Awesome!!!! Am sure it will be a fun read...Congratulations!! will definetely try to get hold of the book online or something...


tearsndreams said...

Hey congrats,

Would love to read it.

eve's lungs said...

Well hell Parul :) Congratulations - cant wait to get a copy !

Anamika said...

Congratulations!!! Looking forward to reading it.

DotThoughts said...

Heartiest congrats. am absolutely looking forward to reading it. Any idea when it will be released in the US? Ese I am just gonna have someone pick it for me!! Heartiest Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to get my hands on it....Congratulations Parul.


M...... said...

Yay!! Congratulations!!! Looks awesome!!!

Purely Narcotic said...

Congratulations! Do we get personally autographed copies if we send you cookies and muffins from lands far far away? :D

asaaan said...

It sounds just like you..:)

How do we know said...

Hey.. Congratulations!! This is such awesome news!!

How do we know said...

Hey.. Congratulations!! This is such awesome news!!

Kiran said...

wow! how exciting!
Congrats =)

namrata said...

Congrats Parul

Sunita said...

Congratulations !!

couchpapaya said...

parul, delurking (off and on, i think i did it before too) to say congrats!! the cover looks v. attractive .... cant wait to read it!

couchpapaya said...

parul, delurking to say congrats ... the cover looks v. attractive, cant wait to read it!!

Madhuri said...

Congratulations Parul!! Way to go! Please make sure the book is available for sale on Amazon/Ebay :)


Anonymous said...

WOW - Congrats! Shall get the book on my next visit to India!


Roop Rai said...

i can't say anything else but that I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO Happy for you and SOOOOO proud of you!!!! :))

it'll be in my house as soon as it's avail on amazon. or else i'd pick it up in india. I am SOOOOO happy. literally, my heart is all thud-thudding!!! *hugggz*** :)))))

roshni said...

OMG! You are a celebrity! Not that you were not before but you have your own book now :) congratulations! I am surely going to buy a copy. All the very best and may you have many many more to come.

Kunzang said...

Congratulations! The cover looks cool and the blurb sounds interesting.

Kunzang said...

Congratulations! The cover looks cool and the blurb sounds intersting.

Akhila said...

Congrats Parul ! Wishing you a million copies & more books to come ! First time delurker after reading you for a year now.

Anonymous said...

The cover looks awesome! Wishing you many more books - second year, third year......nth year!!


Just someone said...

wow!! That's amazing!!! Congratulations!!! Been following your blog for a while;

Will definitely buy your book- emailing my sis right now to get a copy end of this month when it comes out

Congrats once again!!!
Good luck as well!

Munchkin said...

Heartiest congratulations! Getting your own book published is quite something, you should be very proud of yourself :)

Anonymous said...

Parul- Congrats! I am a mommy in the USA and I love your blog! I hope your book is available in the U.S.

Homecooked said...

Congratulations Parul!!! Great news. The cover looks fab :) I am sure its as excellent as your blog! Good luck !

Serendipity said...

Parul!!! This is awesome!! :)

The Next IH lunch is on you he he he ;)

jasmine thakkar said...

Excellent. Can't wait to read it.

Seema said...

Dont know if you remember, but I am the one who delurked to tell you that I learnt a lot from your initial posts about bringing about Adi.So 'Bringing up Vasu' will certainly be a revision for me;-)
Really looking forward to the book.
Congrats!! Parul

preetischronicle said...

A.Book.By.Parul. WOW!!! now I cant wait for it to be 23rd june and I am gonna get my copy. Its wonderful to see this dream of yours come true and how could you manage this kind of self control lady!
mubarak ho!
constant reader

mybabynaren said...

Congrats! I am jumping with joy for you. Can't wait to lay my hands on it...do u think it will be sold on Amazon? And what about the autograph on it?

Chitra Paradkar said...

Hi Parul,
Have been reading and enjoying your blogs for a while now..My daughter being a couple of months younger to Adi, I'm so able to relate to your experiences with him and see things in a lighter way:)..Congrats on the book..a super achievement with a toddler arnd!..Can't wait to get hold of it!!

Just Like That said...

Wow! this is awesome news!
Congrats, Parul! and all the best!

Sure that the book will definitely have its share of CRs among us flocking in to buy it. Hope it becomes a huge success, and very very happy for you. :-)

Harshika said...

Oh Parul!! I am so happy for you! Honestly, I dont comment here much at all, but that does not mean I dont enjoy reading your blog. I am an ardent admirer! so a huge congratulation...this is awesome!

My driver is going to India (mumbai) and I am gonna ask him to pick up a copy for me to bring back. Am totally looking fwd to it!

Way to go Parul, I hope it is a huge success! Think of all the shopping...yayyyy!

Much regards

Anita said...

Congratulations! can't wait for the 23rd :)

MK said...

Many many congratulations!! Looking forward to reading it. Love your writing style.

sscribbles said...

Congrats, Parul. I love the bookcover and am sure gonna buy it. A big hug and best wishes for many more books from your stable

The knife said...

Congrats Parul. Great show. Very inspiring. Waiting for numbers 400 and two. Cheers, Kalyan

stuti said...

Of course we will read Parul instead of Mira, Adi instead of Vasu, Mahesh instead of Anand. Or shouldnt we?

Sue said...

Yippee Yay, Parul! Delighted to hear it. :)

Poppins said...

Ok going by the number of people who have delurked I'd say you have atleast 50K sales on initial day of release itself ! :)

Mampi said...

wow, thats great...
I would surely buy the book.
HOpe it is available in Ludhiana or Chandigarh.

Parul said...

Suma...Yes, it does, doesn't it? It's by Gynelle.

maddy...I wanted to write a funny book. Now to see if the readers agree! Erma Bombeck, hmm?

Supriya...I need all the luck I can get so thank you.

Anonymous (Aditi)...Where are you, Aditi? US? It should be available on amazon, I am told.

Penguin ...July is good, you will avoid the traffic!

Jyothi ...A million? That's it?

Perfect Witch ...I know! I hope the book does the blurb justice!

nisha ...Well, any time is a good time to meet a reader. Thank you.

Smitha ...I sure hope so!

richajn ... Thank you very much. Let's make this one do well and then we'll see about the second one.

Anuradha ...Let me know what you think once you are done.

Karthik S ...Thank you for your confidence!

Rohini ...Keep that wallet handy and thank you!

threedrinksahead ... Aw, no tour and all but Delhi should happen anyway and we will catch up then?

Shivani...The only thing that will be available before that is the author copies but then, I have already read the book!

DiTtY ...The author will scream that she knows you right back. Thanks, D!

Sunita ...Thank you both for delurking and for the wishes.

Meira ... Patience comes with the job, really. Thanks Meira!

mindspace (Tara)... Oh that was a joke! But yes, this is good. Thank you.

s w a t ... All the best for the exams and thank you.

BlueMist ... It should be available on amazon, thanks.

AA_Mom ...And thank for the bread, kind madam!

manisha said...Gynelle designed it. Thanks!

Ads ...Lurking is good but meeting you here is good too. Thank you.

akamonica ...Heh, really? When are you in Mumbai though? Let us catch up.

kbpm ...Neither can I!

Anonymous ...I say thank you.

Poppins ...That feeling....well, it kills you! Thanks dude and the second book is not about babies. Oh well, there is time for that yet.

Smitha ...Thank you, I hope it meets everyone's expectations.

SMM ...Landmark will be a good place to buy it from, yes. Do wait till the 23rd.

Gauri ...Thanks, G! I hope your confidence in me is not misplaced.

PG ... Hehe, much indebted!

Alan ... Thanks, o long time reader. It should be available on amazon.

PJ ... Many thanks!

SUR NOTES ...Thanks, I am looking forward to your response.

Rest of the responses in the next comment. I have crossed the word limit.

Parul said...

B o o ...LOL, only Boo and no one else could have said that. Thanks a ton!

Lavs ...Double thanks, Lavs!

Quirky Quill ...Many thanks going from Mumbai to Singapore and some will be delivered personally in September.

Silvara ...It will be available on Amazon, I think so you and Aneela please be my readers from Oz.

Deepti ... I'd love to if my publishers agree, I love Pune.

Perakath ...Thanks. Just for that, I will give you a free copy, send me your addy by mail.

Divya ...Thanks a ton, Divya. I'd love to go to Hyd, it's been ages since I was there last. The cover has been designed by Gynelle. And we will see about the sequels, it is early yet!

Divs ... You probably know me better through the blog than many people know me in real life! Thanks.

Ron ...Ahh, Bangalore, the city of my heart. Sure hope the publishers will send me there!

Iya ... Oh you know me alright! Thanks and looking forward to the reactions.

Monika ...Gosh Monika, everyone's talking about book launches in all sorts of lovely places, it's got me wishing!

ThoughtSafari ...Thank you very much.

Anonymous (Huma) ... Quirky is good, what?

The Gypsy ... Thanks, every reader counts!

Mama - Mia ... You know me very well, my dear. Don't touch that envelope till the book hits the stores!

Parul said...

Arshi ...Funky is good. It's a funny book (I think) and so even if you are not a mommy, I am sure you like laughing!

chandni ... Thank you, thank you, Chandu!

The Soul of Alec Smart ...I am not telling! Thanks!

Cynic in Wonderland ...hehe, we will continue talking on mail.

Kodi's Mom ...Big thanks!

Prashanti :) ... Well, since then I have shared it with hundreds of people and this is way better than keeping it in.

Devaki ...Thanks Devaki, yes, I think it will be there on Amazon.

shilpa ...That's ok, as long as you come out once in a while. Like now!

Annie ...Oh yes, plain ol' Parul Sharma will have to do!

nish ...Thanks, I am glad everyone likes it!

Shweta ...Well, yes, it takes a lot of things to make something like this happen, most of all, support!

divi ...Ah yes, the dream moment of truth!

stuti ...Clink!

Anonymous ...Yes, I am. Thanks!

vasudha ...Thanks Vasudha, hope you will like it.

March Hare ... Listen about House, I am not liking the second season as much, too trippy somehow. You?

Anonymous ...Yes, I am told so. Thanks!

Sands ...Amazon should deliver to your neck of the woods, I think!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? ...Finally is right, it's taken a long time.

churningthewordmill ...Of course you count, Mandira. Always.

Anonymous (Bhavani) ...Thanks, it means much.

tearsndreams ...It feels great to hear that!

eve's lungs ...Thanks eve's lungs and I guess this answers your query from the last post?

Anamika ...Thanks a bunch.

DotThoughts ... No idea yet, should get some clarity soon. Thanks!

Anonymous (Radha) ... Thank you.

M...Thanks a ton!

Purely Narcotic ...Of course, I am always bribe-able by dessert.

asaaan ...The book? Is that good or avoidable?Thanks!

How do we know ...Thanks, I agree!

Kiran ...It is very exciting, yes, thanks!

namrata ...Thank you namrata.

Sunita ...Thank you.

couchpapaya ...Yes you did delurk once, I remember the name! Thanks!

Madhuri...I will hound the publishers, yes!

Anonymous (M)...It should be on Amazon, else India trip shopping item is good too.

Roop Rai ... Thank you, I can see you all excited and jumping about!

roshni ...Gosh, I don't think I am ready for the celeb status. Or was! But thank you so much!

Kunzang ...I am so glad you think so!

Akhila ... An year? Thanks!

Anonymous (Veena)...Glad you like the cover and I hope you right about the sequels?

Just someone ...Really? Goodness, this is heartening. Thank you so much.

Munchkin ... I am, I am!

Anonymous ...I hope so too! Do watch the blog for details.

Homecooked ...Thank you, I too hope it gets as much appreciation as the blog.

Serendipity ...Of course, darling!

jasmine thakkar ... I hope you like it when you do!

Seema ...Don't take it seriously, it's all a funny, made-up story!

preetischronicle ... Having a baby teaches one all kinds of things, self-control being one! Thanks!

mybabynaren ... It's yours for the taking, my dear!

Chitra Paradkar ...Well, it was written when he was an infant but since that is my work/passion, it needs to be done. I am a strange sort of working mom!

Just Like That ...Thank you so much, it means a lot coming from you, JLT.

Harshika ...Really? This is so cool, asking him to pick up a copy, you must like me somewhat!

Anita ...Nor can I!

MK ... Thank you, it's very kind of you!

sscribbles ...Thank you, specially for the hug!

The knife ...Thanks, Kalyan. Let's see how this goes!

stuti ... You can. You would be mistaken but that doesn't mean you can't!

Sue ...Oh hey, Sue, thanks for coming by and holding my hand, I need it!

Poppins ... I sure hope you are right, Poppy!

Rhea said...

OMG, Parul!! I'm so friggin' excited.. Yayyy!! To think you even have a 'Rhea' in your book. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Quick question though. I live in the US. How do I grab a copy? Amazon?

Congratulations again!

Devaki said...

And here again you amaze me... replying to each and every comment and answering specific questions!! I love it... makes readers feel valued.

Perakath said...

And for that, I actually will go and buy your book if it's in Delhi bookstores by the 24th. Have you seen A Lot Like Love? It's the reach for the wallet that matters... not who actually pays :)

WSW said...

Badhai ho badhai...
Am sure it would be as ROFLMAO as your blog!!

PS: hope the secret to losing the weight is also revealed.

Upsi said...

Hearty Congrats, Parul!
Such a huge feat.

just another mommy said...

Congratulations!!! I have to wait till someone visits from India to get the book, but I wish you success!

Sarsij said...


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Congratulations Parul for the book !!
The cover looks quite nice !!
Best wishes !

Ronnie said...

Congratulations Parul!! And all the very VERY best. Your first book is going to be your specialestestest one, even after the many many books you will author in the years to come :)

Are you by any chance planning to have any book readings?I will be in India july onwards-just in time to buy your book and will eagerly await news of your book reading schedule in Blore/Hyd/Chennai. Will I be allowed to hoot and cheer ? :)

dipali said...

I can't stop grinning either , Parul. I'm so proud of you!
And eagerly awaiting the magic day when the book hits the shelves. Yaaayyy Parul!!!!

Parul said...

Rhea...About that, that Rhea is not like you, ok. Remember I said this when you read the book! Yes, Amazon should have it.

Devaki...And like before, I say that it is not amazing but polite. And my readers are valued.

Perakath... I am smiling here as I read this, mon ami.

WSW...Shukriya! Well, it's not strictly a weight loss book so....

Upsi...Thanks Upsi, I had a lot of support.

just another mommy...Unless you can get it on Amazon? Many thanks!


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA)...Thank you, CA and glad you like the cover.

Ronnie...That sounds wonderful! I will definitely let you know if there are any book readings planned.

dipali...Thanks a ton, dipali, your pride means much.

Parul said...

Mampi - It should be available on Landmark and Crossword. Thanks a ton!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful accomplishment, Parul - congratulations!! Any chance of it being available across the border? :)


yaadayaada said...

Congrats! The cover is so inviting!
Hey.. My lil sis Boo's friend wrote a book! :-)

Swati said...

WOW ..heartist congratulations Parul ..Yippe !!

Parul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Parul said...

Ash - Across the border in which direction? :) Should be available on Amazon, if you are ok with buying it online.

yaadayaada - Hey, my friend Boo's sis left me a comment!

Swati - Thank you!

Red said...

Congratulations!!! Hopefully will get it signed when you're in Delhi on the book signing tour. :)

karmickids said...

Doffs her metaphorical hat at P. You go girl. Am sooooo proud of you.

Y said...

woo hoo! awesome stuff!!! congrats and biiiig hug to you!

choxbox said...

kewl and congrats.

S said...

Congratulations, Parul.

The cover looks fabulous.

'If there is a fulfillment of dreams in this world, this is mine' - That touched a chord.

threedrinksahead said...

Yes, yes - we must! :)

Mumbai Diva said...

OMG!OMG! And i missed this post and landed here today. I could kick myself. CONGRATULATIONS. will be definitely grabbing a copy.

love your blog. so am sure will love the book too.

Parul said...

Red...Thank you and I really hope a Delhi trip is on the cards. Now ask your sis to write her book!

karmickids...I'm really happy to make you proud. Will be calling on your journalist skills soon.

Y...Yes, yes thank you but where have you been? No news in the longest time.

choxbox...Thank you!

S...Thanks and am glad you think so!


Mumbai Diva...Many thanks and I hope you will like it.

adhoorikalpana said...

However did you hold it in all this time? Shedding the extra kilos as you exhale it?!! Grin...looking forward to it hitting the stands , Constant writer. ..

Anonymous said...

congrats parul, have been reading your blog for some time now, and this couldnt have happened to a more positive person! The blurb sounds very interesting - I will surely buy the book, best wishes for you, AnnieS

S said...

Hey Parul...
A big Congratulations to you..
Will definitely buy your book and read it too !!
-This is 'S',Who wrote a post on Feb , The 14th!
Delurking again..couldn't let go of this chance to register in the mind of , who knows, a best-selling author one day ! :-)

Pgupta said...

Congratulations Parul..

Parul said...

adhoorikalpana...Oh absolutely! I like the constant writer bit, maybe it can be my new blog name?

Anonymous (AnnieS)...Oh I get negative with alarming regularity, I just don't blog about it! Thanks!

S...We will see about the famous bit, but thanks a ton!


Dip Tea said...

Mighty cool Parul..am so happy for you! Shall get the book from amazon..Good luck:)!

Lakshmi said...

Wow Parul!

Congratulations!!! Will the book be available on Amazon also on the 23rd of June? I will defn buy me a copy :) Can't wait to read it.

Congratulations once again.

Parul said...

Dip Tea...Thank you! I will keep you posted on the Amazon release.

Lakshmi...Thank you, this is way encouraging! I don't know yet when the book will be available on amazon but should be soon.

Anonymous said...

Across the border would be the friendly country to the west of you ;). I will def. check it out on Amazon the next time I order from there. Thank you and congrats again!!


Illusion said...

WOW!! Congratulations!!!!!!

It looks wonderful!!! Im sure it must be totally Entertaining!!

Subhashree said...

Wow... fabulous.. congratulations. You must be awfully proud of yourself. You go, girl!

Imp's Mom said...

Oh Wow! The cover looks absolutely fab... Congrats!!!

Will definitely pick up the book.

Terri said...

Oh, wow! Congratulations! I'm sure the book will be as hilarious as your blog. Best of luck with your second novel.

Parul said...

Anonymous (Ash)...Thank you and yes, it is available on Amazon now.

Illusion...I sure hope so!

Subhashree...I am very happy, early for pride yet! Thank you so much!

Imp's Mom...Real glad you like it!

Terri...Many thanks and I hope you have fun reading it.

Usha said...

Heyyyy, congratulations! I step out for a few days and you write a book. Wow!
I am sure you are getting rave reviews. I will get hold of it the moment I lay eyes on it.

Annie said...


Also, do you believe in divine interventions? :) I Do.

I started blogging a couple of weeks back, googled "indian mommy bloggers" you know to find some people to connect. Landed on http://indianmommies.blogspot.com/ and the first post was talking about your book.

Now why am I calling this divine intervention :) go and read my first post! I think I am supposed to learn something from you :)