Kripya order karein!

Kripya order karein!
Kripya order karein!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More fabulous internet

The book is also available on Flipkart, people, complete with discount and free shipping. Thanks, Poppins and The Soul of Alec Smart.

Click here:

I am still swimming in snot and online time is allowed in spurts. Ah, the imagery.

I saw that the reviews have also started, anyone who puts up one, please do let me know and direct me to the link. I may not be able to trawl the net as actively as I'd like for a couple of days till my little boy and my poor Mom recover from SVF.

Stupid Viral Fever.

And while I hope you like the book, I can take honesty. Yes, I can. Deep breaths, deep breaths.


Mampi said...

Some writer you are....
Here is a 'get well soon' to the two mareezes in the house.

unpredictable said...

Yes yes get well soon.

While I will read the mommy book, I'm sorry but I refuse to read your other book "Welfare State, Right To Life And Capital Punishment In India". Sounds dreadfully serious :P

Deepti said...

Hope adi n ur mom get well real soon ...and amazing review on flip art!! and look at me .. I cant write one post a week .. forget a book ... :(

deej said...

Saw the link Poppy put up in FB - well done, you!! Am gonna get my hands on a copy as soon as I land in the des. yayy!!!

get well soon to the ill lot.

Parul said...

Mampi...Thanks, Mampi, I need all the wishes right now!

unpredictable...Ah, my other book ;)

Deepti...It's my work, I am dead sure you are great at yours!

Anonymous (deej)...You are coming here? When? And thank you!

eve's lungs said...

"Swimming in snot" - very picturesque turn of phrase , that !

dipali said...

Get well wishes to the boy and his Nani. When does the book hit the shops in Kolkata- will go only after the 23rd, unless you tell me otherwise:)