Kripya order karein!

Kripya order karein!
Kripya order karein!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

For those in distant lands

Some of you had asked when the book would be available on Amazon. Well, it is now listed there and you can pre-order so that they ship it as soon as it's available. This is the link.

Right, so I went to the Mumbai Landmark to check out my book and things got so surreal I felt I could have been in a Dali painting. There they were, copies of my book, staring at me out of the stands. I almost could not bear it. I looked around for a bit and then figured that there is only so much staring at your own book that one can cram in into one visit to the bookstore. So I grinned foolishly at the staff for some time and then I came back home.

So we have established that the book is out in the stores. I have taken a figurative deep breath and am currently yogically trying to dissociate myself from that eternal question - what will be? Yogically and with a little help of my old friend - chocolate mousse from American Express bakery. So far the chocolate mousse is beating the yoga pants off the...well, yoga.

Family is fighting off the bugs, thanks for the wishes.


Mumbai Diva said...

good. this weekend then. from landmark, andheri. since it's right next to office.... :)

Purely Narcotic said...

I hate to say this and sound like a cheapskate but ouch, that's expensive on Amazon!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Went to a Calcutta Starmark (ex-Landmark) yesterday...not there. I could have thrown myself on the floor and cried out in frustration a la my YO!

Going to try my luck again today...

wordjunkie said...

This is great! Congrats and good luck.

Parul said...

Mumbai Diva...Hey, it's also available at the Crossword store at Kemp's Corner and Linking Rd, I am told.

Purely Narcotic...Sorry but I don't control pricing :(

Mamma mia! Me a mamma?...Aw, I am sure it will be there soon. Else order online na?

wordjunkie...Many thanks, really need it!

Perfect Witch said...

Not yet at the Odyssey@Hyderabad. I went and placed an order!

Prashanti :) said...

hey, amazon says there are two more books by Parul Sharma on something related to diet and fitness and right to life :)
Will preorder the book soon :)

Parul said...

Perfect Witch...Gah, all this waiting can be very vexing.

Prashanti :)...I assure you that I have no secrets from you as far as my publishing life is concerned. Bringing Up Vasu really is my first book and I have never written on the pluralism of human existence or the nutritive value of mustard oil. Fascinating topics of course but one just doesn't know enough on the subject.

Deepti said...

Wow .. buying the book tomorrow .. will put up the review on my blog :D

leaving1302 said...

i just came back on your blog after aaages- and im so impressed!! you have a book out. how can somone ins pakistan get it? any idea- amazon doesnt deliver here sadly :( hmm my sisters abroad though i could order i to her hmmm, :)

am really excited that i actually know you- blogularly speaking fof course! much congrats!! this is all so exciting!!

Parul said...

Deepti...Please do, I will wait for your review.

leaving1302...It's not impressive or anything, really. I just landed a (dream) job, that's all! I am going to check how someone in Pak can get the book. I hope it's possible.

preetischronicle said...

I received the book on friday, delivered within a few days or ordering.
I have read the book until chapter 6 and totally enjoyed it so far.

With a 1 yr old, a job and visiting relatives, I am wondering when I will be able to finish it!

Vidooshak said...

My wife is making me spend more money on the petrol to go book-hunting than you probably spent on getting it published. She wants to be the first one to read it. Although, my recommendation is to wait for the reviews... (hyuk hyuk, just kidding!)

Like she said, it's written by PARUL, how bad can it be? I agree completely. Good luck with the press. I am sure it will do really well.

Chocolate Mousse? Mmmmmm

DotThoughts said...

FYI- amazon tells me its out of stock!