Monday, June 1, 2009

Doctor, doctor

I remembered something yesterday, after we finished watched the first episode of Season Two of House. This is not the first time I have developed such a serious liking, nay, love for a doctor with deep, unresolved issues.

The last time this happened was way back in school, when Pakistani soaps were all the rage in my household. Our local video library stocked VHS (but naturally) tapes of hugely popular soaps like Dhoop Kinare, Ankahi, Tanhaiyan, Parchhaiyan and many others the names of which slip me right now, me being in the thick of my twilight years and everything. They were truly brilliant with very gripping storylines and some fantastic acting. Oh and great jokes too, important even back then. It was around that time that I had developed a massive crush on Dr Ahmer Ansari, the brooding doctor with the young, cute protege in Zoya Ali Khan. Ah, the sweet innocence of young love (mine, not Zoya's). Terrified of ridicule, I remained silent about this true and undying love. Sisters after all can be merciless teases.

It's also interesting how the more things change, the more they remain the same. Indian television still sucks. People like me still need to import our entertainment from other countries. I still like brainy men. The sisters still specialise in cutting me down to size.

Unfortunately, although I have spent many years living around hospitals, no doctor ever came close to my celluloid (or whatever the telly equivalent is called) heroes. Which is when I diversified into finance.

P.S. The table mystery from the previous post is still open to answers. Nothing has sounded satisfying yet, hehe.


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

I have yet to understand the previous post.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

And Re.: doctor post -
My father used to like one newsreader. Sorry, I cannot mention name but yes, he always love to watch her reading and loves to tease mother.

stuti said...

When i was little my first love was an Indian detective (read: Byomkesh Bakshi)... only because i was too little to fall in love when Fauji was being aired.

U never found any of them loveworthy?

DiTtY said...

Me too! Me too! (er, for almost everything you've said)

Watched Dhoop Kinare in 1989 or so and I think I even took the Medical Entrance Exams partly because of my immense infatuation with Dr. Ansari (and partly thanks to a certain Clooney in a certain ER) *ahem*

I still like the brooding-brainy-strong-n-silent type, though. :) I really need to grow up! :)

Vijaya said...

this is for the 'Edge of toddler..., ok, this sounds really nerdy, sorry:)..from wht i can see, there is storage beneath the table & I am guessing that it can be opened from one of the sides but the other sides r closed and even the opening from one side may not be easier for a toddler..
god! cant believe that i actually studies the pic to come up with it:)

deeps said...

how about live telecasts?
be it news or sports ....

Anonymous said...

Funny,You are gaga over geeks - opposites attract!

beyond said...

oh i remember that drama(it wasnt a soap technically speaking)and i t was huge in pakistan.we all used to wait for the day when it would broadcast.ah good times;)

Aneela Z said...

Hmmm my fav TV day is Thursdays now (well used to be... considering I work Thursday evenings now) Greys Anatomy followed by Private Practice followed by Scrubs.
P.S: Just write to The Onion and put us out of our misery (and when they get back to you , I will be polite and wont go I Told You So on you)

Mona said...

ohh sigh, i remember the days of the paki serials. such fun. did you watch uroosa? i loved the male lead in that show, shahriyar. my first ever love. though i don't think he was a doctor. and yes, dhoop kinare was my fave as well. lol, i named a cousin after zoya - thank God, my aunt liked the name too :)

Parul said...

Hobo...Take your time.

stuti...Oh yes, Rajat Kapoor. I liked him tons too. And everyone liked SRK in Fauji, everyone.

DiTtY...LOL, this is great, common love and all!

Vijaya...hehe, good try!

deeps...Sorry, no go!

Anonymous...Oh yes, that is no secret but it's not so much opposites as birds of a feather, heehee.

beyond...Ok, drama then..what's the difference?

Aneela Z...So many good doctors? And re: table, nonsense!

Mona...Gosh, I loved Uroosa! She was really pretty. Hey, what was that commando wallah serial? I loved the male lead in that. The tall, dark one. And if Adi had been a girl, Zoya was a name I was seriously thinking of!

Aneela Z said...

hmmm uroosa...the time when nawaz sharif had issued the decree that women on TV should start covering up you had to suffer the ignominy of women getting up from sleep dupatta on head intact..the guy in uroosa was adnan siddiqui...he was in mighty heart him and mishi khan (uroosa) in Samandar Hai Darmiyan (I was not a fan of Uroosa).
Was the commando serial Dhuan? famous for the male protagonist pleading the girl to stay the night, sigh.your tall dark hero had written the serial..he was in Customs or something, probably found that more lucrative than Pakistan Television ...he disappeared on us.

Mampi said...

Oh yeah, the pakistani plays.
I miss them,
Do they still show Pak tv somewhere in India?
Earlier the Border districts of punjab used to have the privilege of having the transmission of Pak Tv.

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully at the edge that has nothing on it, theres an impression of a toddler in the area of the wood on that corner. Hence, possibly the implication is that the table edge 'claimed' the toddler/baby.

Anonymous said...

oh the dramas i remember crying my eyes out (along with other ladies in my house) when Dhuwaan's heroes killed by mafia sob sob. By the way if someone wana watch pak dramas then they have a lot on youtube. I will recommend Mehandi drama and i also watched yeh rishtey yeh natey recently and some others. But my only pet peeves is they are so darn long now a days means come on 110 episodes :(.

I love dhoop kinary, Tanhayian, Un kahi, Shahzoori,waris,dasht and chand girhan and tapish(ah the list is long).
Thanks for the trip back to memory lane Parul.

The Nomad said...

Ohhh!I remember Dhoop Kinare and Dr. Ansari - I was completely besotted.Seem like a zillion years ago yet I remember lots of sequences.

And I like House and Barney Livingston and Karev. I like them plenty :)