Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waiting for the sun

Do you remember the time in school when we would desperately wait for the summer holidays? One would be full of plans. I would imagine my holidays unfolding in the tradition of my favourite Enid Blyton characters. I would of course discover a secret island (or mountain, or castle, it did not matter) with my cronies (none of whom would be the moronic or bitchy or both kids from real life) and then we would have many adventures and eat tongue sandwiches and homemade cakes. Naturally I had no idea what tongue sandwiches were.

I still don't.

Of course the reality would turn out to be very different. Other than the visits to Nani's place (somehow significantly less glamorous than secret castles and whatnot), there was nothing much to do in the small mofussil towns where Dad was invariably posted. One could cycle a few kilometers to the only half-way decent bookshop/rental library in town or follow the single-minded pursuit of waiting for the load-shedding to end and blessed electricity to visit our humble homes so that we could all look at a light-bulb and whisper reverently - ''bijli!' There were no swimming pools and there were no clubs and there were no multiplexes and no malls to shop at. There was only Doordarshan and everyone knows what riotous entertainment that provided.

And therefore, I swear that once Padma comes back from bloody bahargaon as it is now called, I am going to run amok like even Adi doesn't. I am going to watch a movie every single day. I will shop till the credit card company starts sending thank you notes home. I will swim and dance the mambo and kick-box. I will join level two of Spanish. And Japanese. And Swahili too while I am at it. I will re-do the home. Hell, I will buy a new home and re-do it. I will write another book. Or a series of novels. In eighteen parts. I will go to the parlour to get beautified. The works. Maybe get pink highlights. And nail-art. I always wanted nail-art. I will get a pet. A black labrador. Or an anaconda. I will dust the pile of books that have collected and read. I will watch The West Wing and M*A*S*H all over again.

Something tells me that reality will be very different again.

Because summer holidays are a myth.


Meira said...

Yeah.Its actually going to be spent running around the kid, isn't it?
*runs away before the ban-order is passed*

threedrinksahead said...

Dude! I actually have summer hols these days!

(...erm...except that these are summer hols with itchy, scratchy chickenpox...DETAILS! hmph!!)

Anyway, so I'm at home in Meerut. There's painting going on, and the kitchen's being redone - dust everywhere, except in the bedrooms. The smell of the paint, along with the smell of wet Cooler pads, and fruit being cut - and the hours of load-shedding. And my office laptop glaring at me much in the manner of Holiday Homework.

Ah. Summer hols. :)

(...except that the stupid pox won't let me do much else other than lying in bed and reading and watching TV and Facebooking and blogging, and now Tweeting.)

Mama - Mia said...


tongue sandwiches sound gross anywayz! but the whole picnic baskets always sounded fun!

ohw ell! i always wanted to go to hostel post malory towers and St Clares and have those sneaky midnight slumber parties! :p

hope the myth gets busted post Padma apperance! least a part of it then?! :)



Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Summer Holidays a myth or city-life ?

Jo said...

what about squash and swimming lessons? ;-)

SUR NOTES said...

Sadly agrees.

It is a myth, just like the secret castle I was meant to discover.

One summer vacation, a mean uncle asked what i wanted to become. Archeologist, i said, barely able to pronounce the word, and fresh with the knowledge that if secret castles did not exist, then there was another harappa or mohenjo daro to discover. the uncle said- archeologist? then you will remain unemployed.
why, i asked, innocently.
all that was meant to be discovered has been discovered, evil uncle guffawed, crushing my ambitions there and then.

so no secret castles, no buried civilisations, and no summer holidays. but terribly mean uncles and cousins etc do exist :(

Aneela Z said...

enid blyton even made hard boiled eggs sound so sexy (to date thats the only form of eggs I can tolerate) and what about craving for "ham as pink as Timmy's tongue" "(kind of difficult in kosher/halaal Pakistan), scones with lashings of fresh cream, and my fav bits EVER (that had me checking all the trees and old chairs in my g/parents place) when the Enchanted Tree or Wishing Chair takes them to the Land of Birthdays and another with food/treats growing everywhere...yumm yumm..I so wanted to go to England and find that dratted tree!!
have a MASH related query once you get to the boxed set.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I know. Sigh, I know...

Geeta said...

lol at the bijli reference. Somehow, I just can't bring myself to see you utter that like the old woman in swades. :)

you are lucky that your myths are limited to summer holidays. in my world, even weekends are myths! I plan for weekends on a war-footing, but nine times out of ten, the myth word is too happy to play a spoilsport.

and agree on the enid blyton-esque flights of fancy. I have had my share of those too.

congrats on the book! am looking forward to it.

preetischronicle said...

ROTFL! I was thinking of seeing pics/videos of you 'running amok like even adi doesnt'! and being bombarded in my reader of posts of learning and passing spanish, japanese...thank god for last line in the post!

Gymnast said...

Well,i do not care for enchanted and idyllic summer hols , of discovery and castles and exotic sounding food.
The slow summer of afternoon seistas and wholesome home food , good books and a whole lot of time to do as one pleases appeals more to me.
Maybe a bit boring , but very peaceful after a whole semester of frenzied running about in the name of education.

Harshika said...

Lollllllllll.........ure so funny, you are!!

Lovely post. as ever.


Cynic in Wonderland said... on a leash right now eh? but i know what you mean - that planning of wild frolic ends up being distinctly unwild lethargy.

Perakath said...

Ah, the sweet summer of Parul's discontent.

Aditya said...

I think the story is a little different for kids studying in boading schools..was in one of them from class 3 the month long summer vacation came as a blessing..and it didn't hurt that I lived in Nainital :-)

Anonymous said...

escribiendo un libro? Simplemente curioso, ya que sólo la mitad que usted dice es verdad!


Neelum said...

Hey kya hua? The heat getting to you? Or is it more of missing-the-maid syndrome?
Just chill ... in actual...with a bowl/tub of ice cream ...
summer is the official time when one can indulge in sinful ice creams !!

buk vorm said...

LOLOL.. I actually went to a bakery in Vizag (my hometown) and asked for scones!! And I bet even you wouldn't want to hear the rest of the story :-P

Parul said...

Meira...Oh well, I am hoping it will get better.

threedrinksahead...Aww, you poor chile. This sucks!

Mama - Mia...What ARE tongue sandwiches?

Hobo... I have no idea.

Jo...Those two too. Sigh.

SUR NOTES...How cruel! Did you hate him for ever?

Aneela Z...Hehe!! She wrote food porn, she did. What is the MASH query? Bring it on.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma?... We are in this together.

Geeta...Hehe, I am very filmy, what?
Thank you, the book should be out soon.

preetischronicle...Well, if I do do that, do remove me from the Reader!

Gymnast...You have been studying too much.

Harshika...Thank you, I like hearing that!

Cynic in Wonderland...Leash just about describes it. Tight one too.

Perakath...Mock me, will ya?

Aditya...Ah, my son's namesake! I love Nainital, at least I did, must have changed a lot since then.

Anonymous...Es verdad!

Neelum...I never need an excuse to eat ice-cream, never!

buk vorm...Uhoh, and then?

Ron said...

Ah summer holidays and Enid Blyton. I used to go stay with my grandparents in a tiny town in Bengal. They had a palatial house and it was my burning ambition to discover a hidden passage leading to a secret room full of gold diamonds and what not that my ancestors would have hidden away. My grandparents would be very mystified at the sight of me walking around tapping on walls. Unfortunately my ancestors were not blessed with such a fertile imaginaton and had no provision for a secret room.

PS: I dont know any Spanish or Japanese but actually know a few words of Swahili. Weird or what?

preetischronicle said...

that was in a lighter vein, yaar!

Parul said...

preetischronicle - Gah, I know!

buk vorm said...

and then he gave me a look upar se neeche tak, and said something in Telugu, which amounts to "which planet are you from or some such"! And proceeded to tell my Mom, and everyone else who bothered to listen about it. And the whole colony ragged me for months about it :-(

Deepti said...

Got me all Nostalgic .. completely agree on enid Blyton writing Food porn .. gah .. Went arnd my Grandparents' huge garden in Kerala in search of some treasure .. found nothing except what the cows had left behind!! :D

Revs said...

I'm on my summer vacation now. An hour of jogging, cooking when I want, cleaning and re-cleaning my room,bumming in bed reading for hours together, blogging! Ah the blissssssss!

PS: I'm off from college.But I've to work though.I work for 4days/week and have fun for the other 3 days.Work is fun as well though

Parul said...

Ron...Say something in Swahili! Please!

buk vorm...LOL, you nerd!

Deepti...I am so happy to learn that I was not the only one!

Revs...You lucky child, it sounds divine!

Prasoon said...

nani's house visit is what everyone has been through it looks like. And load shedding - God - every summer for hours per day. Used wait for rains, any gale of wind per se and the evening when fo the sake of cooling, we used to sprinkle water on the hot portico and you anyways know how much kids love water :D

Lovely post Parul.

Ron said...

Abbareyassubui :D

Parul said...

Prasoon...Thank you.

Ron...I googled it and did not find the meaning.

SMM said...

I want summer vacation tooooo...I wanna go run around in the sun and have my mom yell at m and then give me thanda thanda aam panna/ nimbu pani to drink and then take me swimming in the evening :)

Ron said...

Good morning. I might have gotten the spelling wrong. This is what our driver taught us when we were in Kenya last year. Along with Jambo= hello, Asante sana= thank you very much, Hatari= danger, Kazuri= small and beautiful :)

Mampi said...

the difference between the ideal and reality...
my bane too.