Saturday, May 23, 2009

Updates, updates

I really want to go for this. It's such a nice concept. They do not disclose the artist's name in advance, just the show time and venue. Imagine, landing up thinking that you will get to hear the neighborhood boys' garage band play and instead U2 comes on stage. Not a bad idea,what, specially if the colony boys don't play as well as U2. But I guess it would also be ironical given that the idea is to promote all sorts of bands. Anyway, if any of you guys get to go, do let me know how it was. I will be tending to my boy instead.

That Padma really takes her vacation at the wrong time, not that any time can be the right time for her to be away.

And not that anyone is asking hmph but I have cleared Level One of my Spanish course, yay. I threw a wild cheer and forced myself to not think about how I could have done better if I had a little more time to study. No sir, that I am reserving that for when I actually see my exam papers. It was fun, it was even though I managed to create a lot of stress around it. Next stop, swimming lessons and also revisiting squash with a new coach. Hope my game hasn't gone down the drain in the time that I have been slacking off. Us professional athletes have to worry thus.

At Marks and Spencer today, the piped music of choice was 'Ibiza'. Marks and Spencer is very classically-minded that way. Later M told me that as a youngster, he used to think that 'Oh, we are going to Ibiza' is actually 'Oh, we are going to eat pizza'. Coming from an era where going out for pizza was a decidedly expensive proposition, M thought a celebratory song to mark the event was very much in order.

I find it so tough to get shoes that I like and are available in my size that once I get a pair - normally success is to be found in an Aldo store - I wear it irrespective of the outfit, till it wears out completely. It helps that a disregard for fashion is fashionable these days otherwise where would the non-glam of the world go?

M and I have found a new love in Dr Gregory House, MD. I adore him, I do and have been watching Season One. Readers in the US, opinions, though you guys must be watching the sixtieth season, what?

And now I go to get the troublesome tooth fixed. Root canal is not fun, I am told. Very soon I will be able to tell you firsthand. Gah but icecream sounds like a lot of fun right about now. Depending on levels of agony involved, posting may be slow. Rajnigandha and Lindt are preferred.


Meira said...

I could only comprehend 'House MD' in the entire post. Pls forgive me...I so drool over Gregory House. 5th season just got over...and it gets better every season.
One awesome show.these days I'm watching 'The Nanny'.

mindspace said...

am learning swimming too, there are days when you say YESS!! I can swim and then there will be days when you feel 'if it looks so easy why the hell am I not able to do this particular move' but its great fun and greater entire body exercise. all the best to you and maybe you can take your son along.. its best learnt in his age, I am told...


Anonymous said...

House M.D! - It reminds me of when I first came to US for my grad. school.I was put up in my Uncles place and my ABCD(American Born Confused Desi) cousins were all watching this show. I had never imagined this show to grow on me so much at that point. 5 seasons later,I can testify people dont watch this show for the supposed medical mystery,but for the -- cuddy-house,house-wilson and cameron-chase tit bits.

Season 1x21 "Three Stories" is a really good one.(It won the emmy for the best script)

Maybe you can start watching Fringe(FOX Television).It is one of the cool new shows of 2008-09

March Hare said...

Oh God. Yes. One more person over to our raving-about-House-side.

I am in love with (read:obsessed with) Dr. Gregory House. He is brilliant and cool and oh, so nasty. After FRIENDS, I found a new show to go ga ga over in him. And Hugh Laurie is such a hottie!I wonder why we are stuck with saas-bahu's all the time. Why can't Indian television throw up something like this instead of overtly painted youngsters singing in hospital corridors in the name of an..ahem...Medical Drama!
AXN India shows House and the fifth season ended a few months back.

The sixth season has already aired its finale in USA. But these people have not yet started AIRING it yet. Which is totally aaarghh inducing, considering that the fifth season finale was such a mind blowing one, and I bawled for some time after watching it.

Ah well. I digress.

p.s. I meant to wish you luck for your tooth. But when you mention Hugh Laurie, I tend to be distracted.:P

Parul said...

Meira, Anon, March Hare - Group hug for fellow House fans! The only difference between me and you is that I am going to marry him.

mindspace - I hope I can lose some weight with the new exercise. Hope to start in June.

Shobana said...

I love House MD...I think I am watching not sure what season it is now. I am thinking of getting the DVD set or maybe rent it...

Also I moved to wordpress for blogging and the link is

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Backstroke/Frontstroke/butterfly - swimming is good and me too but squash the one sport I dream of playing since I saw someone playing at at sports complex. Squash I find very powerful game for flexibility as well as mind game. May be someday but chances of getting strains much higher. I miss squash but I love the game.
Enjoy ! Enjoy ! Enjoy !

Aneela Z said...

hmm tell M he has competition from certain taxi drivers who in all earnestness will ask you Madam Bang-a-Boy wala Brazil lagaye?
re: house, i think i have a post where pesho is cat-slapping him on his face, she would climb on the tv and try staring him down.

WSW said...

Virtual same pinch to M

Were going to eat pizza was my fave song at 12 as well!!

Btw Barista at Bandra Bandstand played the entire Vengaboys album day before yesterday.Blast from the past!

Homecooked said...

Congrats on clearing your exams!!! Did you top it :) The Ibiza bit was too funny! We used to have so much fun with taht song playing in the background! And I LOVE Dr.House. You are on the right track....took me just one episode to get hooked. Have watched all the reruns atleast twice. And all the best for the root canal too.

Parul said...

Shobana...One more! That's so cool. Err, re: getting the DVD set, how about you download it instead?


Aneela Z...LOL@ Bang a boy!

WSW...Hehe! Hey, you in Bandra?

Homecooked...Don't rub it in, I did not top. And you love House too?

ιℓℓυѕιση said...

Completely love House....wrote a post about it last month....have 5 seasons on DVD :D

I wish I could have one episode for a day and I so wish to have Chase and Cameron back in the team full time!!!

roop said...

i love house. i'd do house if P would let me. :p glad ur root diddn't hurt!!!!

Meira said... have competition here,lady :P
And i remember...all the best for the root canal

Parul said...

ιℓℓυѕιση, Meira, roop - Gosh, so many people living in the same house.

Iya said...

i have upto season 6 on my harddisk!! any takers??

Anonymous said...

House...ah another convert...join the gang, lady! Fantastic series - no surprise, as Hugh Laurie is so good at anything he does...

See if you can find an interview of his on David Letterman (should be on Youtube) - it was such a surprise to hear his natural british accent, he sounds so very American in the series...


M. said...


wait till you get to season four :)

i envy you.