Saturday, May 2, 2009

Two year letter

Dear Adi,

I guess this is the last monthly letter I am writing and it says something about my state of mind that I am ready to burst into tears and bawl uncontrollably at passers-by at the thought. Maybe part of this is the tooth-ache but am fairly certain at least some of it can also be attributed to the mom thing. Your father tried to make me feel better by offering to have letters written to him instead. Violence is not a good thing, sweetheart and I did not box his ears.

I am going to throw some wisdom at you. Duck! No, child, I am not. Children are born wise. They just lose it somewhere along the path to adulthood. In any case, I find you at least as bright as your dad and me put together and no pressure or anything but make sure the folks at Stockholm have the landline number handy. Just in case, you know.

As I write this, you have one numbers grandmother fawning all over you. I think she has completely forgotten that she has a daughter who would also like some attention and more importantly the gossip but we will have to wait till she has finished telling you that you are the most gorgeous baby in the whole world.

So, two years, huh? You have been busy, turning, crawling, walking, babbling, talking and turning at least two lives on their heads and changing the people that they were forever. It's a funny thing but my own dad used to say that he wanted to have nothing from life except to spend time with his children. Your daddy's dad, the much-adored Tatha also says that the only worthwhile thing he did in his life was to raise kids. And I have heard your own father tell me on several occasions that his only ambition in life is to bring you up. Something tells me that I might need to get a full-time corporate-type job to fund his desire.

Some people say that raising twins is not twice as tough, it's two hundred times as difficult. So I guess it speaks of my love that I often think that if I had the option, I would have ordered two or even three of the same.

For the past month or so, you say that your birthday is on the fourth of May, that there will be a party and a cake and candles that you will do phoo! to and balloons at which point you lose focus and go into something of a trance, so overjoyed are you at the thought of balloons. Bayoons, bayoons, bayoons, you tell me, dimpling and grinning. One thing is for certain, this house is going to be filled with balloons today! And we are all going to follow suit as you take the dance floor and do the unique dance that has come to be known as the Tribal Chief Dance.

Yesterday, I heard you having this conversation with M:

Adi: Are you singing, Daddy? (!)
M: Yes baby, I am singing? Will you also sing, Adi?
Adi: Yes, Daddy
M: What will you sing Adi?
Adi: Desi Girl.
M: Alright baby, sing!
Adi: Desi girl, my desi girl girl girl girl......

I don't believe this, when did you get old enough to remember a song and then sing it? When did you get old enough to have full conversations like these? On an aside, I am trying to balance out the Bollywood that you get in your genes by playing you classical music. Let's see if one or both or neither wins.

And that is why, today the song that is playing in my mind over and over again is this. It's one of your father's favourite songs and he has sung it to you pretty much from the day you were born.




Hey there, reader, sing along to this lovely song and wish my child well, won't you? Mazeltov!

(Tevye) Is this the little girl I carried?
Is this the little boy at play?

I don't remember growing older
When did they?

When did she get to be a beauty?
When did he grow to be so tall?

(Golde) Wasn't it yesterday
When they were small?

(Men) Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset

Swiftly flow the days

Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers
Blossoming even as we gaze

Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears

What words of wisdom can I give them?
How can I help to ease their way?

Now they must learn from one another
Day by day

(Perchik) They look so natural together

(Hodel) Just like two newlyweds should be

(Perchik & Hodel) Is there a canopy in store for me?

(All) Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Awww! Adi love, you're such a big boy now! And the adorability factor just keeps getting giganticer and giganticest!

Keep grooving to Bollywood baby, and rock the year ahead!

Happy 2nd Birthday little one! May the balloons, smiles and hugs just go on forever!

P Gupta said...

Time flies and babies grow up fast.. Dont they ? I wish Adi smiles and sunshine.

Yesterday I was going through one of your old posts where you were expecting and your hubby used to go to this store to get orange ice candies for you .. And today I read this 2 year post :)

BTW .. Voted for u for the Mothers Day contest .. All the best ..

Gowri said...

Sure Parul :) Happy Birthday to Adi!

Shweta said...


preetischronicle said...

happy 2nd birthday to Adi! Lovely pics down there on the blog. Do post some pictures of the bayoons with Adi.
And whats the big news then?

chandni said...

Happy birthday Adi!

and good job to you Parul!

By the way, at the cost of sounding loony...ADI TURNED TWO? WHEN? HOW?


I just can't get over it. I am so dying to meet him :)

Vidya said...

WOW! Happy B'Day Adi! BTW,Fiddler On The Roof is my Fave Fave movie..:)

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd birthday to little Adi!

Boy, wish me back...We share our birthdays :):):) It is a different story that I'm 30 years older than you.


Mama - Mia said...

awwwwwwwwwww!! *wiping tears n all* Happy 2nd Adi!

and keep being the bundle of fun and joy that you have been! i am quite sure that will make sure your mommy doesnt stop writing these monthly letters!

*walks off muttering under her breath!*



ps: and keep those bayoons comin!

Neelum said...

Wishing Adi a very happy 2nd birthday !!! May he have all the joy and laughter and health and company of all loved ones to travel further in this wonderful journey called Life....

Homecooked said...

Wishing Adi A Very Very Happy Birthday :)

Suma said...

happy birthday adi :) hope you had a bayoonfull birthday!

OrangeJammies said...

Happy, happy birthday, Adi! Enjoy the bayoons and growing up (though don't do that too fast) and stay happy and healthy always. Love, Aunty OJ

Gymnast said...

Happy birthday Adi!!

Penguin said...

Such a sweet letter! Happy 2nd birthday, Adi. Huggggs!

Anuradha said...

"Bayoons, bayoons, bayoons, you tell me, dimpling and grinning"So cute! :) Wishing Adi a very happy birthday!!!!

B o o said...

Hes TWO already? Are you sure?
Happy Birthday to Adi boy! Wishing him all things wonderful! Congrats momma! :)

Priya said...

Happy Birthday Adi!!! We look forward to see the birthday party pics with lots of bayoons :-D

Anonymous said...

(longtime lurker, so please forgive the overfamiliarity :) )

haaaaappy birthday adi! if you'd been twenty years older, i'd probably have a photo of you under my pillow right now, you are THAT cute.

ooh and bayoons are HAWT. you have excellent taste in partay decor :)

Gauri said...

Happy Birthday Adi :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

appy budday to adi. may you always find joy in bayoons and life as well. appy budday to adi's mom as well.

heck i am going to miss the montly letters.

Madhuri said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet little Adi boy! God bless you always!

Usha said...

Happy birthday and a beeg hug to Adi.

Nat said...

Happy Birthday Adi! wishing you lots of fun on your birthday and everyday!
Nosh n Reh!

Dip Tea said...

sweet, sweet post Parul:)..

Happy Budday to Adi..lots of love..

Vijaya said...

Happy bday adi!! hope you enjoyed ur bayoons!

p.s. parul - i saw the movie fiddler on the roof just this past week and enjoyed the song! so meanigful..aint it

Compulsive Dreamer said...

Happy Birthday Adi! I remember you were just a wee 6 month old baby when I started reading your mother's blog! How time flies! Wish you all the happiness and love and success forever!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adi!

And lovely song Parul, though it *always* makes em cry! Sniff! :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adi!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday Adi!

Shobana said...

Happy happy happy birthday Darling Adi!

mandira said...

happy birthday adi!!im sure the coming year will bring you lots of love,happiness and new adventures!pl tell ur mom she continues to write the nicest letters!:D

Harshika said...

Appy Budday are one of the cutest baby I have seen(read) about!! Awww...may you continue to give lots of joy to your mama and daddy and to us too!!


roop said...

awwwwwwwwww a very happy birthday to the little darling!! sorry about the delay, I've been busy with my weekend but tis fourth here today!! best and best for him. this was a fabulous dedication to him ... what a song! :)
wut if youtube fails by the time he's ready to read these? ;D

much joy to you and family!!

choxbox said...

happy budday!

stuti said...

Happy Birthday baby :)

Perfect Witch said...

Many, many happy returns of the day. I hope there were plenty of bayoons.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Adi! He is already two ????

p.s I love Sunrise Sunset . Awesome song!
p.p.s Love the pic of the three of you on the side bar

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...


dipali said...

Oh my God Adi, when did you become all of two years old? OK, I know it's the 4th May, but really- where did these two years disappear?
I hope you had a wonderful birthday,
sorry I'm late in wishing you.
Parul, the song is awesome. Another great favourite of mine from the same musical is 'Do you love me?'

And welcome to the terrible twos:)

sscribbles said...

Ain't babies grow really fast? Mine would be two in another 2 weeks. Gosh!!!

A very happy b'day to Adi (lots of hugs n kisses) let his life be as colorful as the bayoons he adores so much. God bless the sweetheart!

Rohini said...

Happy birthday, Adi-boy! Hope you got your fill of bayoons.

Parul, that song is really special for me too - my ILs sang it in church just before we took the vows. :)

Parul said...

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? ....Aunty M4. It's been lovely having you here and giving your lovely and affectionate comments.

P Gupta ... Smiles and sunshine...that's really sweet! And thanks for the vote too. I know there is a second round going on but haven't had the time to check on it.

Gowri ... Thanks, G, means a lot.

Shweta ... THANKOO!!

preetischronicle ... Thanks, p! The big news is at the end of the month though it is already out and about - the book release!

chandni ... Thanks, Aunty Chandu! Thanks Chandni - me. I really hope you can meet him soonest!

Vidya ... Thanks! Yes, I love the movie too.

Blossom ... Really? Your birthday too? Happy birthday! 30 years here and there don't matter at all.

Mama - Mia ...No, the letters are over for good! Thanks a whole ton for your wishes.

Neelum ...What a sweet wish, thanks N!

Homecooked ... And here's Adi saying thank you right back!

Suma ...No I changed my mind about the bayoons, Aunty Suma! I have decided I actually hate them! It made life tough for mom but I like that!

OrangeJammies ... Oh Aunty OJ, thanks a ton! Yes, I must not grow up too fast!

Gymnast ... Thanks G!

Penguin ...Thanks P!

Anuradha ...Hehehe, he didn't want the bayoons finally :) Thanks.

B o o ...Thanks Aunty Boo, yes, I am two, mom checked my birth cert.

Priya ...Absolutely. Mom will put them up as soon as she has some free time again. My Padma Akka is on leave, you see!!

Anonymous ... Of course I do, I am quite the party cat, so what if I decided at the last minute that I did not want the bayoons after all. And thanks for delurking!

Gauri ...Thanks!

Cynic in Wonderland ...Thanks from both of us. I know about the letters but I need to put an end to blogging about Adi and this is the first step.

Madhuri ...Thanks a lot, Aunty Madhuri.

Usha ...Aw, thanks and I have passed on the wish.

Nat ...Thank you so much, N and R.

Dip Tea ... Glad you liked it and thanks a ton.

Vijaya ... No, I didn't want the bayoons! I know the movie is really awesome, na?

Compulsive Dreamer ...Really? You have been reading it for that long? Woo, I am all chuffed now :) Thanks for coming by.

M...Yes, it has the same effect on me. We are a pair of weepies.

Veena ... Thanks!

Anonymous ...Thank you!

Shobana ...Thanks a ton, Aunty Shobana, you are a sweetie!

Mandira...Thanks a ton, Aunty Mandira, I will try!

Harshika ... Yesh, yesh, I am the cutest! Thanks Aunty H.

roop ... I think he will hate the blog anyway, roopie, it won't be a cool thing to have done then :) Thanks for your sweet words!

choxbox ...Thanks a ton, chox!

stuti ... I no baby, I big boy, I TWO years old! but thanks!

Perfect Witch ... Thanks a ton! No bayoons. He didn't want them!

Aditi ... He is, sigh, more's the pity! You like the picture? It's so tough to get everyone in the same frame!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) ...THANKS AUNTY CA!

dipali ... I dunno! The last two years just whooshed past!

sscribbles ...Oh yes? Happy birthday in advance then and one big huggy!

Rohini...Really? Wow, that must have been awesome, then! Thanks for the wishes.

Cuckoo said...

Happy belated b'day dear Adi :) I hope the year ahead sees you in good health and having super fun times with your mamma and appa.... (also your mom can blog about 'em!) Hope you loved the balloons. Mazeltov indeed! May the Big Fiddler in the sky fiddle happy tunes for you all your life.

SUR NOTES said...

as always i am late for the party-like the police in hindi films :(

happy birthday little boy- and (cheapo) online aunty that i am- here is an online gift- watch this film

Kodi's Mom said...

happy happy b'day Adi! can't believe you're TWO! wishing you (& your ma) a terrific yr ahead!

March Hare said...

Happy happy birthday to Adi! And because he is a little boy, I am being all cautious and raising a fruit juice toast. :D


Poppins said...

Ohhh Happy Birthday ! Oh well, belated anyways.

Enjoy (not!) the terrible twos *evil grin*

B said...

Hi Adi,

My heartiest wishes to you... may you grow to be a wonderful boy retaining your mom's sense of humor (which is really amazing!), and your father's sanity. With all those monthly letters that your mom pens down so patiently (though she may disagree on this term) makes me feel that I have known you since long back. I am sure that you will definitely make the guys at Stockholm have your landline number your mom said. Are you still charmed by Katrina Aunty or was your mom successful at diverting your interests?

Whatever it is Adi, always be happy and healthy.

Wishing you lots and lots of love, health and success,


P.S:- Sorry Parul, couldn't help it. This is such a lovely post. I always like the humor in your posts. Could you please tell me what is the book that everyone is asking about (only if you are comfortable speaking about it)?

s w a t said...

50th me!
Happy birthday dear Adi, albeit belated! Hope you had a good one! :)

Parul said...

Cuckoo...Big fiddler in the sky, what a nice phrase! Thanks for the wishes!

SUR NOTES said...That's cool, the gift makes up for your being late! It's really nice, the film!

Kodi's Mom...Thanks, Aunty KM!

March Hare...I like grape juice, mom likes fermented grape juice ;)

Poppins...Thank ye, Aunty Poppins. Mom was very very happy to talk to you the other day!

B...Messages like these want me to go on blogging forever, right into my grey years! Thank you so much. My book will be out soon but I don't have a date as yet. Soon I hope!

s w a t...50th you indeed! It feels strange for me to get so many comments! Thanks a ton!

Maggie said...

See I knew there must be a reason Adi's such a cool little man, despite his parents :-p

He and I share birthdays! :-)

Hope it was a wonderful fun and bayoon filled day! Big hugs!

Sue said...

Aw, happy belated to Adi-boy. Thanks for the song, I'd forgotten all about it.