Friday, May 15, 2009

The sibling thing

Someone asked my mom recently how her three kids were similar and dissimilar.

Now my sisters and I have been known to walk into stores in different cities at different times (without each other) and still pick out the same garment or pair of shoes out of the hundreds, thousands of dresses and shoes on display. Resultant conversations would run thus:

Sis: I bought an amazing parrot green kurta with silver print on it.
Me: Gah! So did I!
Sis: How many people would buy parrot green kurtas with silver print on them?
Me: Apparently, at least two. Unless Isha has bought one too.

But we are different in many ways too. My older sister is an artist, a blessed, brilliant artist. I, on the other hand have been known to paint five leaves of a lotus in different colours. Isha too has been known to get borderline flunk grades in art and craft. Art teachers in school who would have bid my older sister adieu with tears pouring down their cheeks once she passed out of their class would look at first me and a few years later Isha in expectant awe. We would of course find ourselves incapable of delivering.

I love hard rock and metal, neither of them do.

Both of them like non-vegetarian food. I denounced meat at an age when I could not spell denounce. Before M asks, yes, I can spell denounce now.

Coming back to Mom, she tells me that she told the person who asked her this question that the one thing that was similar in all her kids was that they loved to read. It's true. Despite our different lifestyles and lifestages, we still seem to gravitate towards books with the same hunger. We still need to spend money in bookstores at every given opportunity. We still buy more books than we will ever read. We call each other when we are in bookstores to check the others' recommendations. More often than not, we seem to know what the other person will like.

Looks like Mom knows her kids really well. Of course if she heard this, she would probably deliver retribution right away for being patronizing. Or matronizing, in this case.

What about you though? What do you share with your bro/sis? Alike as peas in a pod or noone could trace you back to the same gene pool? And if you are an only kid, just enjoy maadi.


Just call me 'A' said...

My sis and I love to dance. hmm...and I can't think of anything else. i better call her and check :)

Alan said...

Hi Parul, Interesting question. Mere bhai (who is five years younger) and I have similar musical abilities and tastes. He can carry a tune better and has actually been in a band that was paid real money. We like most any genre of music if it's played well. Unfortunately, I have yet to convince him of the awesomeness of Hindi film songs.

Most everything else is different. I love to travel, but he hasn't left the state in decades (Mom loved to travel and Dad hated it). Foodwise, he's a meat and potatoes guy, while I'll try every weird thing I can find. Guess I'm just more adventurous.

Madhuri said...

OMG Parul, that so happens to us (my sis and me) very often, going shopping independently, two different cities, two different times and we still end up buying the same stuff. If not the same at least very very similar in terms of colors/shapes/patterns.. We had a family get-together recently, and we wore coordinated clothes every single day of the trip..! Much to our husbands' annoyance (they wouldn't believe it wasn't planned that way!)


Mary said...

I have 2 sisters and although we are all quite different personality-wise, we do the crazy 'brought-the-same-outfit' thing too!

Likeness-wise.. I have a twin sister and we are totally the opposites.. people think we are cousins at closest.. she is tall, fair, with long hair, while I am short, skinny, and darker with shorter hair. :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

denounce - god bless microsoft word no?

doesnt that happen between friends too? ive had eerie situations like that where you go pick up same stuff, same books, ask the same questions in different places.

eet eez all good.

Diwakar Sinha said...

My sister and I have the same tastes when it comes to music or movies..anything art really. Otherwise we are v v different personalities...
About the same garment thing...I can tell you about d incident last year when she had fever and I somehow knew she was fatally sick(we live in diff cities) n told her to return home immediately. Turned out that she had malaria and typhoid combined and had to remain bedridden for over 2 months.

Meira said...

Lets see...footwear, books, crossword, scrabble. And as I have discovered obsession for cleaning :D
Good post :)

s w a t said...

That makes me think... And arrive at the conclusion that my sister and I don't have many things in common.

Sumit said...

Point No. 1: I lurked here a couple of hours ago... delurking now. :D

Point No. 2: My younger brother and I are as different as chalk and cheese. He's the rock, death metal, thrash fan, and I prefer soft, sedate music. He hates meat; I'm a carnivore! The list is just endless! Though, thankfully we've learnt to disagree with each other's choices about various things over the years. :D

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hmmm, my bro and I love music...different kinds.
We love different ways.
We love our vices...different brands.

Yeah, we're the same...but different. :)

Aneela Z said...

my sis and me live on two sep continents but have the SAME couch covers..yup same print, same colour...what are the odds that we pick the same fabric from different shops.
we also "channel" each other's in I will call her at times and ask her to snap out of it as Im getting too depressed, hyper...ditto songs, and I dont like her taste in music.
All this when we happen to be two very different people when it comes to life choices, politics, looks. But she is the half to my whole.
Now to send this tag to the Siblings Number 1 at the moment...kiyoo Parul lets see what Messrs Gandhi and Gandhi Vadra have to say.

Pradnya said...

Hi Parul, just love your style of writing. Funny, witty, intelligent!
Keep writing...I've been visiting this blog for past 6 months for light-hearted moments.

Hmm...about similarities in siblings- Let me think...
I create problems, my elder bro solves them :)


Parul said...

Just call me 'A'...That's it? I am sure you can think of others.

Alan...I always wanted to ask you how you got the Bollywood bug.

Madhuri...Gosh it is good to find out that we are not the only ones doing these spooky things.

Mary ...Really? And do you feel like parts of a whole?

Cynic in Wonderland...Hehe, true about MS Word. No, I haven't had any such friends.

Diwakar Sinha... You don't really mean 'fatally', I seriously hope.

Meira...And did you guys fight over the crossword every morning too?

s w a t ...It takes all kinds!

Sumit ... Oh come on, you don't need to declare your presence every time.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? ... Ah and that's a good way to be.

Aneela Z ... Absolutely! Let me know where the Gandhi family blogs and I will tag them!

Pradnya ...Thank you very much. It feels embarrassingly good to be appreciated.

Alan said...

Hi Parul, The first few entries in my Bollywood blog tell how I got into it. Essentially, it was just random chance. I was flipping though the television channels one Saturday morning and found a show that was playing videos of Hindi film songs. I liked the music, dancing, costuming, and of course, the GIRLS! Things just escalated from that point.

Mama_mia said...

i have a much younger brother and thankfully we dont wear similar clothes! ;)

an occassional tantra perhaps! yes! we love reading those tee and laughing!

and when one of us is readinmg dilbert of calvin, more often than not you will see the book keeps changing hand to share something really funny then and there itself! :)

and yeah! we always know what our parents are thinking! hehe!



stuti said...

Si! Si! (and that's about all the Spaniard in me) ... i bought one parrot green kurta (the short one, to be worn with jeans though) with small silver dots too, for a friend. Can i adopt you as a Sister please? I dont have one of my own :(

Just call me 'A' said...

Oh between posting this comment and now, we've discovered at more things. I blogged about it after reading your post and today my sister came up with another 11 points. This has become a mimi project of sorts between us for the time being :)

Anonymous said...

Younger brother, and books and music are our things...almost everything else, his tastes are very different from mine...


Mary said...

No, it never feels like I am parts of the whole... I ususally forget I'm a twin, and when I mention it to long time friends they are shocked. :) The best way to describe it is that you get to grow up with a best friend exactly your same age in your own house :)