Kripya order karein!

Kripya order karein!
Kripya order karein!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saying goodbye to mommy-blogging

Right, so I am done mommy-blogging. I had a vague idea when I started the blog that I would stop when Adi turned two and I don't know if you noticed but Adi-centric posts have sort of ceased since his birthday. If my vague idea has stuck around for two years and I still think it is the right thing to do, well, then it is the right thing to do.

I will change the name of the blog at sometime and may or may not stay at the same URL but I thought I'd let everyone who comes by to read about the little boy know.

It's been fun sharing all this with you all but hey, the child has a life of his own and he is not really a baby anymore. Kids grow up really fast these days and before he turns around and questions me, I'd much rather stop myself.

A question that faces me whether I would continue blogging about him had I used a pseudonym. The answer is no. My experience with blogging has shown me that blogging with my own name is overall a good idea because then the ticker is always on and I keeps details to a level where I am comfortable. Also, finding real names takes precisely two minutes of focussed googling. I am fond of saying that eventually everyone will be outed, why not start being so?

So, yes, no more Adi posts. I will of course continue to write. What else is there for me to do really? The focus will be on my other interests - the search for wit and wisdom, steering clear of controversy and angst, looking for humour and laughter, cinema, books and music. Oh and Pierce Brosnan too. Enjoy!


sunita said...


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

*sniff-sniff, sniff-sniff*

I'm not going to tell you to re-think your decision. You know best. And this is what you think is right, it concerns your little boy after all.

But, I have to tell you, that I'm gonna miss them posts something awful. You do know that, don't you?

*goes off to sob quietly in a corner somewhere*

Anonymous said...

Oh Good - as long as you will write about Brosnan, I'm fine! :-D


Shobana said...

You will drop in a line about the little guy from time to time, won't you???

s w a t said...

Aw. I'm happy you are going to hang around here though!

Anonymous said...

More blogs about your travels, por favor!

Gaya said...

Either ways, glad you are still writing although you do realize that he's responsible for a lot of spunk in your posts :)
But hey, am sure you'll keep us entertained

tearsndreams said...

I think thats a great decision. Makes perfect sense.

And yes everyone will be outed. I blog with fake name so that I am not outed to prospective employers. They should not know my take on everything before the interview has begun...
But same holds true for my daughter. So though I have always used her real name, I have started mentioning her name less too.

Aneela Z said...

and the other PBs? Padma Bahargaon? Will she be around? and Pramod Bhai.
I am all for Adi's right to privacy and giving his 'consent' to all your readers being privy to his life's ups and downs...there is many a time Pesho goes through my posts and edits sections that she finds problematic.

Shweta said...

We will miss the fun 'Adi boy' stories :( But am happy to know that you will still keep blogging. Looking forward to your book now, will it be available in the US?

Parul said...

sunita... :P

Mamma mia! Me a mamma?...Aw, really? That's so sweet!

Anonymous (M)...Totally, babe!

Shobana...Now don't make me feel bad, Shobs!

s w a t...So am I, so am I!

Anonymous...Coming right up!

Gaya...Aww, he is the light of my poor, old life, that is why I need to watch out for what's good for him.

tearsndreams...Yes, makes sense.

Aneela Z...Yes, yes, Padma and Pramod signed the full disclosure clause when they joined in.

Actually, the thing is that no one really knows how this mommy blogging thing has played out in the long run and about certain things, I can't take a chance.

I wish I had a Pesho Singh to talk about.

Shweta...Yes, the book will be available on Amazon.

Meira said...

Hmm. But you will let us know when he shows signs of having inherited the humor-streak? :P

buk vorm said...

awww... but as long as you continue to write, am happy . :-) what's the name of the book Parul? And will you be doing the book release function type thingy where you sign books for people? Will it be in Hyd? And Crosswords, while at it? Too much wishful thinking, no? But sapne dekhne me kya harj hai :-P - Lakshmi

preetischronicle said...

awwww! we are going to miss adi posts, but of course we'll welcome this new you, cheers!!

Mumbai Diva said...

:) I'll keep coming back to read..whatever you may choose to write about. Because you do it so darn well!

Mama - Mia said...

now you got ME thinking! anyhoo! i have two months to go before two! yeah! just that many!

okie! can we like subscribe to a mailer with Adi updates once a month?! sorta like babycenter! pretty please! :D



Arshi said...

Hi Parul,

Respect your decision. But do want you to continue writing about other things in your life. BTW, saw some comments on your book. What's the topic and when will it be out? I'll be sure to pick a copy when I visit India next. :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..bittersweet decision - but its good because as you said before you know it, young adi will be reading about himself.

and we shall wait for more parul and pierce stories.

Achi said...

Well.. I guess, all good things do come to an end! However, your non-baby posts are equally entertaining :)

Poppins said...

Ah ok. Shoud have checked on said blog first before I opened my mouth on FB ;p

Hmm. Mixed reactions: I like reading about Adi, but I'll be honest with you, I love when you write about "nothing" !

So as long as you continue to prattle on this blog, I'm ok.

Bye Adi ! Hope we meet someday *sniff sniff*

Parul said...

Meira...Absolutely, me deah! Maybe he will start his own blog and spare me the trouble?

buk vorm...I am going to do a post on the book as soon as the release date is finalized, I swear but I don't think it's going to be anywhere near as posh as you are making it out to be!


Mumbai Diva...Gosh thanks, this means something to me!

Mama - Mia...Well yes, everyone should think about it and then do what they think is best. I do have update mails going out so....

Arshi...I am fairly certain the book will be available on Amazon as well!

Cynic in Wonderland... Yes, yes Pierce and I make a wonderful couple!

Achi...And boy am I glad to hear that!

Poppins...Well, yes, I have a lot of nothing to talk about!

Prashanti :) said...

you are writing a book ??????????????
I never knew :( Please details details. batao plz :)

Mystic Margarita said...

You always write about diverse things anyway...and even without being a 'mommy blogger', you can always do a few posts on Adi :)
And Pierce Brosnan - me likee! :)

Anamika said...

So agree about the pseudonym bit. No point in trying to hide your name, if anything, you just build the reader's curiosity (of course one needs to a half decent writer)

Likhte raho!

dipali said...

As long as you keep posting, Parul.
(Sniff sniff- I'll miss you, Adi)

Parul said...

Prashanti :)...Not writing, written. It will be out soon, maybe another 10 days?

Mystic Margarita...That's true, I like writing about things other than my baby. Thanks MM!

Anamika...Likhna hi kaam hai.

dipali...Aw, I will keep you posted on Adi via mail. Khush?

SMM said...

You have written a book?????????/

What's it about and what's the title?

Anuradha said...

:) Okay .. I am going to miss stories like the one on the toothbrush though!

Sue said...

Good decision, Parul. I made the same one before The Bhabbles was even born. For different reasons, but the same decision.

Jyothi said...

I'll miss dear Adi for sure! But YOU dont go anywhere girl!

Parul said...

SMM...Well, yes, I have written a book and it should be out soon. Details in the post that I will write then.

Anuradha...LOL! Yeah, well...

Sue...Right. For some reason, it's ok to write about my life wherein he is a part of it but not a focussed blog on him per se. If you know what I mean.

Jyothi...I will be here, keep coming by.

buk vorm said...

what 'making it out to be' :-p?

buk vorm said...

what 'making it out to be' :-p?

Revs said...

As long as you keep blogging and throw a line or two about what Adi man is doing :)

Where did that post go? :O The one on smells et al?

PS: I've finished my exams :) 4 months of summer vacation now :)

Rhea said...

It's a little depressing.. Like the end of an era. But I guess all good things do come to an end. Just so long as you keep blogging.. :)

Perfect Witch said...

Hey! Back after a vacation, so was unable to comment earlier.
You write so well that I come here for the tickle-fix! So please blog about whatever you feel like, but do post about Adi's important milestones from time to time. Would be good to catch up!