Monday, May 11, 2009

I have a dream....a song to sing....blech!

Last night I got the wonderful news that my dear friend PG's husband's team won the Brand Equity quiz 2009 . He won a Scorpio Mahindra and tons of other prizes. PG is understandably over the moon. What makes it truly special is that it happened at the perfect time. Early this year PG and hubby became parents and they have a gorgeous little baby girl to share the happiness (and more importantly the goodies) with. One of the prizes is Bombay-London tickets so I am trying to get them to come with us to London in August. Yes, I always have my own agenda in mind. Here's to Baby S who brought her parents so much luck. You rock already, little girl!

Raising toasts reminds me that I must dive head-first into the bottle of Blossom Hill White Zinfandel tonight while we watch JFK. I get so tired by the time Adi sleeps off that watching a film seems to be the perfect way to unwind. Of course I'd much rather have six LITs in a row at Toto's or the Shack but those days are long since gone.

Last night M and I watched Mama Mia! and though I am known to describe ABBA as 'two gorgeous Swedish blondes and two losers', I must shamefacedly admit that I could sing along to every single one of the songs in the movie. That's the thing about ABBA, one cannot help but sing along. Back in college I used to share a flat with a bunch of friends. Some of them used to like ABBA and were given to playing their songs over and over again. I didn't know till yesterday that the songs that I had heard all those years back were resting in my brain, right there next to Radiohead and CCR. Mama-Mia of course stars Pierce Brosnan. M pointed out last night, 'Parul is known to like PB somewhat'. That's like saying that U2 can sing in tune but I let it pass and proceeded to wipe the puddle of drool that had collected near my shoes. And Meryl Streep...what does one say about her. She is a miracle, she is.

And one of my favourite blogs, Blues Over Troubled Waters celebrates it's sixth year today. I stumbled upon it only recently but like I said in my comment on his blog, I really wish I had the time to pore over all six years of his writing. If you like Salt Water Blues and haven't been commenting, now is the time to delurk. (much like me). And if you haven't been reading him, now would be the perfect time to start.


Aneela Z said...

oh i watched Mamma Mia! with my mom in the theatre...she was singing along as well and after a while she was joined by me (where I am ever the soul of log kiya kaheyngey) just cant resist it!! and yes Im a firm believer of osmosis, three decades of second hand listening courtesy my mom, I surprised myself with knowing most of the lyrics too!!
I loved the end credits, didnt you?!!! When I grow up I am going to marry PB, so Parul sharam karo woh aap key jeeja jee hain.

stuti said...

Ha. Lowly people y'all. I watched the musical at a London Theatre. *haughty toss of head*

(pliss note reference to phoren land... albeit, ahem, on an office trip, sponsored by the office host)

the musical was nice. and the title song is blech indeed, but i really like money money money, dancing queen and take a chance on me. maybe bcoz when i was a child, these were about the only engrazi songs i could singalong with.

Saltwater Blues said...

Thanks Parul. You are very kind.

As for ABBA, you do know that it was those two "losers" who wrote most of their hits, don't you? :)

vidya said...

I love the actual Broadway show better than the the movie.. But that soundtrack has a way of worming its way into our heads and staying there,eh?

Perakath said...

Chiquitita, I'll tell you what's wrong with that blog. Very hard to read formatting! How you old types manage is beyond me.

Still, I trust your taste a bit, so into the feed reader he goes...

Purely Narcotic said...

Haha! Most of us are closet Abba fans.

Madhuri said...

Okay delurker here.. that comment about PB brought me out of my hiding.. As much as I adore him, I couldn't stand him mouth some of my all time favorite songs.. Did you really enjoy his singing? I mean really?

Parul said...

Aneela Z...You don't strike me as the log kya kahenge variety, sister! And re: PB, swords at dawn?

stuti...We bow to you, mighty lady...maybe I can do it in London this time though...hmmm!!

Saltwater Blues...Hiya there, SwB and you're welcome! Gosh yes, I know they are the brains in the group (and they were executive producers of the film too, yes?) but still.....hehehe!

vidya said...I need to watch the broadway show then!

Perakath...Smiling @ Chiquitita! We read with the aid of reading glasses, my dear spring chicken! And yes, he knows tons about music, sp. the blues. Lemme know what you think!

Purely Narcotic...Looks like it, doesn't it?

Madhuri...I wasn't listening to him singing if you know what I mean!