Thursday, May 28, 2009

For the love of the man

Women show their love for their men in different ways. They set up their homes, accept their families, give them children, buy them things and put up with the snoring. But me, I have done all this and more.

It's ten thirty at night. Adi is fast asleep. I am wide awake. M is in Hyderabad.

And I am not watching House, honouring the pact that we had to watch it together. Yes, other people have pacts to live and die together, we have pacts to watch nerdy shows. Can you imagine the frustration? My hand is itching to get to the remote and press play.

No, I resist.

Tonight, he must really know how much he matters to me.

And for the time being, we have established that it is M over Greg.

Only for the time being though.

Have you done any crazy things for love?


eve's lungs said...

Nope - never sacrificed so much for love :p

adhoorikalpana said...

for love of woman qualifies?;) Grin.

Mumbai Diva said...

I just gave up the only leftover slice of mango. MANGO. right now. 20 minutes back. And the man gulped it down without even once acknowledging my sacrifice. sob!

DotThoughts said...

lol. I soooo get you. We have a pact too to watch house together. And big bang theory (ahev you watched it? its hilarious) and how I met my mother (hilarious too) And my hands have itched thusly too! I hope M realises what a sacrifice this is :)

Sonia said...

Supreme sacrifice - I gave up eating meat for him !! Am I not worthy of "Best pativrata naari" award for life !
Well, to be honest, I eat chicken and fish when he is not around but still I am vegetarian with him!!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Moved cities to finally end up here. Moved in with his parents and brother's family.

'Nuff said. More than.

Anonymous said...

Do not have any scruples about breaking the pact.

In Gregory House's words -"Everybody Lies!"


The Orange Cat said...

You mean other than breaking into a wild John Travolta-inspired dance amidst ten thousand busy shoppers on a crowded pavement just because you feel so good all of a sudden?
And also other than stopping to loudly squawk into the curious eyes of a parrot just because you feel like it?
Naah, not really. Intend to soon, though.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Yet to fall in Love. But yes, it is beautiful.

Ronnie said...

We have a pact too - from Heroes to SATC to Apprentice ;all sorts of crappy,chick-ish, macho-ish, funny, sad shows- all seasons ordered over netflix.The one who picks up the mail,walks all around the home like an addict, fingers itching to play the disc-waiting for the other to come over. Breaking this pact can be grounds for divorce . Our year is divided into seasons 1,2 etc and phases of screaming out dialogues/phrases and asking the other which season it was and who said it etc.In the last few years, our character, IQ and personality development is primarily through these shows.
This is the strongest proof of louu ever, I tell ya.

Ronnie said...

And for a person who at one point of time could go sleepless even with the noise of the creaky ceiling fan, sharing a bed with the hubby who snores every night like a generator switched on in the PM -AND learning to sleep soundly with it, THIS is the purest form of louuuuuu.
(sniff sniff) - the humble me :)

March Hare said...

Hahahaha. So '13' actually commented on your post? :D


You have characters from the show coming and commenting on your page. How much cooler can you POSSIBLY get?

p.s. @13 - Are you or are you not going to die at the end of this season? Come on. Answer me.

WSW said...

During management trainee days, him in rural MP me in rural Bengal...solemn pact to watch "dark knight" together. 15 months+, neither one of us have watched it yet DESPITE all the reviews,fawning and the oscars.
Arent we truly in lauuu!!

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Yeahh! Started getting up for a morning jog.. because I thought he'd like some company. And he keeps insisting that it'd do ME some good. Hmph!

Parul said...

eve's lungs...Hehe!

adhoorikalpana...Yes, it does. Spill!

Mumbai Diva...We are all such sacrificial lambs, what?

DotThoughts...How I met your mother is playing on Star World but I have never caught on. Will check the others.

Sonia...Well, I am a vegetarian too so I think it's a great choice!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma?...Let us move this to mail?

Anonymous (13)...Have some pity, I am only on Season One! Thirteen comes in in Four!

The Orange Cat...Aha, this sounds interesting!


Ronnie...I am so not alone in this! LOL!

March Hare...I would not have got it if you hadn't sent in this comment. Just give me a couple of months, peeps, I will get up to speed!

WSW...Supreme sacrifice, I would imagine!

The Soul of Alec Smart...Well, he is right, you know, hehe!

Just call me 'A' said...

my guy is a sucker for food. well we're both suckers for food but I always make sure he gets the best meat pieces, the larger portion of any dish and the last bite of all teh lip smacking dishes we eat :)

Mama - Mia said...


managed to go to airport 50kms with my 60yrs+ FIL and then 10month old Cubby late in the night just to surprise M! :D he was surprised alright!

said "You are crazy!" in terribly affectionate tone! hehe!



Revs said...

*sniff* You inspire me Parul ;) *runs off to raise a statue for Parul right beside the statue of liberty and ofcourse that wil be the tallest now*

beyond said...

i stopped telling his extremely funny but equally embarrassing stories to my family.i really want to but he forbade here is a sacrifice.

Arshi said...

I have the same pact with my hubby, J, for Everybody Loves Raymond. It's our every night relaxer before we hit the bed. I lurve american sitcoms.

Vidya said...

ohh where do I begin?? I used to waitress and bartend as a grad student,after my feet killing 10 hour shifts,I would shower and rush to go meet him! It helped that he always had a drink,dinner and DVD movie waiting for us to watch,but still.....:)

hack said...

House is beautiful.

Parul said...

Just call me 'A'...You are a true nurturer!

Mama - Mia...And does he travel a lot?


beyond...Gosh, that's the gold medal in my opinion!

Arshi...I used to watch Raymond, not anymore though.

Vidya...That's so romantic!


cluelessness said...

I got "no gifts please" printed on MY wedding cards because his side of the family has this no gifts policy. And I love gifts, and since I was a little girl I have been dreaming of getting loads of gifts at my wedding.

Ofcourse, the first circle gave me gifts anyways which I more than happily accepted.

Aneela Z said...

cooking meat.
having tea instead of coffee...its simpler for him mornings to make tea for us as im not a fan of instant coffee

Meira said...

married him!

chandni said...

our pacts generally have to do with staying out of each other's for me :D

adhoorikalpana said...

Not telling anyone who knows her, that i love her and she loves when we are in public together, keeping my hands and eyes off her so no one can see we are in love(she looks gorgeous when she dresses up!). She does the same, coz she knows her eyes will betray her..sigh. "unconventional love" sucks at such times! I wish i could shout it to the world..she has forbidden me to!I succumb.

Diwakar Sinha said...

I guess I began to blog for her. :P
It did feel crazy at that time, but I guess it wont count much as a sacrifice..

Mampi said...

watched cricket with him.

Perfect Witch said...

Aww, so sweet.
Me, nothing much, but moved across oceans to be with him :)
Hey, btw, when/where does House air?