Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Delurk Divus!

I have a stats counter on my blog that records clicks and tells me where readers come in from. It could do a lot more, I am told if I were willing to pay but that is where they lost me. I take a good look at the data every now and then and feel really thrilled about two things - 1. the numbers have been steadily clocking up in the last two years that I have been blogging (people don't hate me, yay....such self-esteem) and 2. my dear readers (some author, I think it was Stephen King once said that readers can be nothing but dear to an writer and I am inclined to agree!) come in from such diverse parts of the globe. Ireland! Portugal! Unknown! This is great!

Seriously, I regularly puff up and attain mammoth proportions just looking at all these countries and places....of course most of these readers pass into nothingness the moment they are done reading. In my razor-sharp analytical style I have to think of explanations for this no-show and as happens whenever I push the old cranium a little hard, all sorts of ideas emanate. Of course I could go all angsty and traumatised on you for this no-show but that particular mood does not agree with the colour that I am wearing today.

Don't get me wrong, I am good with lurking and lurkers! But I also think that delurking can be fun.

So why do you lurk, dear reader? Let me count the reasons.

Is it because I have already said it all and you don't want to add nothing to the conversation?

Is it because being the intellectual giant that I am, I intimidate you with the sheer depth of my posts?

Is it because you are just waiting for the right moment when a particularly inspiring comment will strike you?

Is it because I write such shit, you don't even know why I have a blog, let alone let the world know you visit it...a little like watching Bigg Boss?

Is it because you are having trouble keeping up with the four thousand blogs that rest in your Google Reader so I should just shut up about comments already? Is it because you are an ex-boyfriend and are still pissed off? (In which case, continue lurking. Please).

Is it because you don't know how? (Oh come on!!)

Is it because you are here for the very first time today, landed here via Google's warped results and have no idea what the hell I am talking about...in which case, hi there, welcome to my world.

Whatever be your reason, I officially declare this the Delurk Divus at Parul's. If your reason is not in the list above, don't you think that's reason enough to show yourself? (Err, Divus = 'Day' in Hindi). Come on, it doesn't need to be much - just a nick if you don't want to tell your real name, where you come by from and a little bit about whatever you'd like to share - family, work, pets, peeves, wishes, dreams whatever. Oh and if you do blog, please share the link.

Furtive is not fun, shy not sexy. Woo, that sounded like a haiku. I don't know much about haikus. Can you tell?

There is only one way to shut me up and that is by showing yourself. It really is not so bad, you know. If you know me from real life, this may be a good way to keep in touch and if you are just the shy, retiring types and don't know me from Eve, well, say hello, tell me a word or thousand about yourself and we will take it from there.


P.S. I made M read this and he said it won't make any difference to anyone. For once, can we gang up against him and prove him wrong? Gracias!


Anonymous said...

I do comment occasionally, so not a true lurker, but delurking today in honor of divus - M from the US.


Kakali said...

Regular reader since last six months or so.
Love your wit!
Kakali (from Seattle)

asaaan said...

I am here and comment once in a while. Sometimes, I dont have anything intelligent to say. Sometimes I am on my phone and its way too difficult to type a comment there. But I always read and you always bring a smile to me :)

PS:Tell M to shut up. I think you'll get hmmm at least 50,if not more delurking comments :)

Anonymous said...

hey! I'll be the first to delurk..I have 2 boys (5 and 2), and love the way you write! I am a bambaiya but now live in the US...(and I am now taking spanish lessons from my 5 year old ;)


Parul said...

Delurking... stumbled onto your blog from another one(blogpourri??) and was intrigued coz you and I share the same first name(yes, i am that shallow ;) and i loved the "Adi's slaves" picture... and then i was hooked - love your style of writing; keep it up!

Madhuri said...

I think I lost the lurker status with my last couple of comments here, if not count me one among your regular readers! This is Madhuri from NYC, married, DINK category and may be classified as borderline nerdy.. yes yes I'm automatically drawn to my likes and keep visiting your blog for regular dose of your quirky sense of humour.. You are one funny lady! And yeah I don't comment unless I feel I really have something significant to add about the topic (like PB's singing for ex.) You'll see more of me in the future.


Devaki said...

Hi Parul! Your posts are great fun - keep them coming!

So why do I lurk? A combination of the can't keep up with Google reader and the sheer depth of your posts thingie! :)

Oh, and I think you have visited my blog once before and you may remember me from the India Helps group too.

Am I the first to delurk? Wow!

BlueMist said...

Okay here I am :)
I have been reading from long and posted comment once. No other reason than I prolly agree with all you say ;)

M...... said...

Yay!! Delurking!! just to prove M wrong?? Or maybe this was just an incentive to delurk? Most of the time I dont end up commenting...well what I want to say has already been said :)

Mumbai Diva said...

I know. even an LOL, I agree, you rock ;) kinda simple comments would be good. But honestly sometimes one likes the post, agrees with it, emotionally connects with it...but moves on, without a comment. Guilty!!

Perakath said...

Aw shucks, Parul, now everyone knows about our past. I'm not pissed at you anymore, baby. Really.

So "Pravasiya Bharatiya Divas" just means "Diasporic Indians' Day?" They just get a single day?

(I thought 'day' was 'din'. Honest-to-goodness. My non - English language skills are extremely poor.)

Anonymous said...

I just like to read different points of view. Makes one think. I like your sense of humor and thats why I come here.


S said...

Long time lurker ...
Why, you ask?Well, here goes:

1.Jobless at the moment..gives me enough time to lurk on blogs !
2.Like your wit and your Adi tales.
3.Am dying to be a "mommy" and hence am hooked to all mommy blogs under the sun!
And yes..me too have a blog ..well, yes, a blog it is by all means !
Check out ..


The Orange Cat said...

I've been reading this blog for some time now,this is the first time I've commented though. Your posts are a lot of fun to read- please post more often!

tearsndreams said...

I don't remember if I have commented before but I love proving husbands wrong. So here I am.
I like everything about this blog and looking fwd to hearing the details of ur book.

Anonymous said...

Hey Parul,
I think have commented b4. I enjoy ur humor. I have a 2 yr old and enjoy your monthly Adi letters:)) Wish I could write so well....

I live in the US and the reason I dont comment is ....i read these from Work multi tasking and generally during a boring meeting. So as u said...i keep blog hopping and sometimes dont have the time to comment.

I enjoy all your posts so keep going and great job!!!!


March Hare said...

I think I (mainly) keep quiet because of the first reason you put forward.

But anyhow, here is my two (or more) cents.

I am a 21.I am from Kolkata. I love biriyani, Neil Gaiman, cheesecake, Wodehouse and Bollywood. Though not necessarily in that order. :P

I came here through the mad momma. (Who else?). And because I found three of my major loves here (food, humour and bollywood), I decided to come back again and again.

Of course, by my 3rd visit I had fallen firmly for Adi.:P But that's a different issue altogether. :D

p.s. Yes. I tend to go overboard with my brackets. And smileys. :P

Anonymous said...

Regular reader since last three months. You are so wise and funny. I have two boys 7/13.Keep writing delurking to prove m wrong !!!

Revs said...

Sorry! I've been a bad girl :( Anyway, Hello from your reader from Ireland :) I haven't read this post fully. I just read the first few lines, saw you mention about the reader from 'Ireland' and I came over to comment. I hereby promise to comment more often hereafter, ok?

Revs said...

Sorry! I've been a bad girl :( Anyway, Hello from your reader from Ireland :) I haven't read this post fully. I just read the first few lines, saw you mention about the reader from 'Ireland' and I came over to comment. I hereby promise to comment more often hereafter, ok?

Revs said...

Ok, now I've read the post - Hi! I'm Revathi :)Been here in Ireland for about 3 years now.Doing B.Pharm with Pharmacology and Biopharmaceutics major.I'm basically from Coimbatore(TN).I thought I'd write about my interests,what I do as a part-time job and all that. But I'm scared if my mother will be reading this and copy paste the whole thing into the profile shes planning on creating for me on tamilmatrimony.com!!! *sigh* This is what happens when one hides her long-distance relationship from her mother.Reminds me,I have to have 'the talk' with Amma soon.

(Are you regreting already for asking me to delurk?)Ok I'll shut up :D

And oh, do hop-over to my blog when you have some time,ok? :)

Sunita said...

De-lurking .. 24 yr old female engineer..
Enjoys the funny posts ...

Keep up the good work,

Soumya said...

I came here from Usha's blog few months ago. I like your writing style, never fails to bring a smile on my face.
Most of the times, what I want to say has already been said or you would have written new posts before I can catch up.
Couldn't stop myself from commenting today. Delurk Divus zindabaad!

Anonymous said...

Your wit..your writing style..your command over language..yes! is quite intimidating to me.I chanced upon your blog sometime ago..Would take this opportunity to say you are a cool mom & i even voted for you.
will keep visiting.

Gaya said...

Ok, I'll surrender too :) I chanced upon your blog only a few days ago and I have been hooked! You have a nice flair for writing.
And just to give me the benefit of doubt, I think today might have been the day I would have chosen to comment anyways : reason ?
Well, the word Divus in the title, threw me off completely! I was just about the look up the greek dictionary, but reading further i realized i didnt have to think phirangi all the time :)
Keep up the writing and I for sure will keep visiting
Gaya from CA, US

Suma said...

oh you meant Divus :)..i read it as delurk, Divas...and got all impressed...(read this sentence and it made sense only to me..so never mind)

i always read, and enjoy, I comment once in a while, because sometimes there is nothing to say, you've said it all so well...and it does get repetitive , if i keep saying nice post :P

and i'm qite tempted to do a delurk divus on my blog too...

Gauri said...

OK - I do "lurk" at your blog :D. Hey, to my credit, I do make my presence felt too - occasionally, that is :D

You mean you don't know where I blog ?????!!!!!!! :D

Kunzang said...

I love to visit your blog for your wit. This is the first time that I am commenting just to prove M wrong.

-K from Singapore

Neelum said...

Hi, Neelum here from Kuala Lumpur, chanced upon your blog through Anuradha's blog. I have commented before on a couple of occasions; been a reader since 2 months only !!
For me, I think reading blogs in the google-reader makes me lazy to click on the blog link, then wait for the blog to load and then...write a comment...but it is absolutely do-able.
Would you kindly reciprocate comment-writers by visiting their blogs...a lot of bloggers don't do this and it bugs me..
I'm from Pune/Mumbai, been in this region for 5+ years, I have an amazing son Aaditya 3+ yrs old. Used to be a business analyst b4 marriage...and now am nearing the bridge which will lead me to get back to my career....but enjoyed all days of my self-taken sabbatical !!

Keep up the blogging !!

buk vorm said...

Hey! So Ive already delurked before, and you said that's the best thing someone's said.. remember ? So am Lakshmi, and I might come up as a reader from Mountain View, California, but am actually from Hyd, AP. That's coz I work for Google, and all employees' IPs are by default the head office's. I loooooooooooooooooooooove reading your blog and cant wait for that book. And yup am insanely jealous that you actually got to see Metallica. And breathed in the same air that they did. I also adore Adi, and your sense of humour, and reading your blog's like my daily cuppa chai. I love you Parul. There you go! Another sappy comment from me!!

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Vibes - the reason atleast for me to keep reading and keep writing. Yes, few times few posts are bouncers and I duck them but at the same time few are excellent to comment.
As a dreamer I wish to be a full-time travel writer. Yes, struggling but trying the best. Wish me goodluck.
I believe when we share we enhance subjects - Yes, I blog for the same. And Readers are asset. Cheers !!!
Aamchi Mumbai - same as yours. Rest profile says a lot.
Keep writing...

Perfect Witch said...

What? Why? Total distrust in your readers - lurkers and the delurkers. Not fair.

As for the reason, #1, obviously. You write so well and already have everything covered. *Bow to thee*

Just started reading your blog, and this is the third or so comment that I have posted. I am on a roll!

Love your writing style - totally hooked.


Red said...

Y's sister here. I think you're funny.

Perfect Witch said...

Oh, oh. Forgot the blog link. Here it is.

Arshi said...

Regular reader since 4-5 months. Love your wit! Keep writing...
Arshi from Singapore

Anonymous said...

I comment every time you talk about lurkers not commenting on your blog :) Somehow I feel terrible on that day and then get back to being lazy! But here I am to celebrate Delurker Divus with you. Cheers!


SBK said...

Been a lurker/reader for six months now,
Read your posts through RSS feeds, no option of commenting there. So i have to come to your blog to post comments (Yeah I am that lazy).

First when i read Delurking Divus , i read it as Delurking Divas , i thought it was a kind of a club that can read the personality of a person based on the comments :P .

Hey does subscribing to your posts too add to your blog count??

Keep the posts coming

Swati said...

I come here often and I comment sometimes :-) And I am just being lazy when I do not :D But I read all your posts :-)

DiTtY said...

I read. I like. But, I lazy. Hence, don't comment as often as I'd like to :)

Delurking. *waves*

Just Like That said...

LOL! 37 Comments before me. I guess M is gonna have breakfast, lunch and dinner of his words. :-D
you add to the fun quotient for the day, and I do comment, tho' not always, only for lack of time.

WSW said...


I comment irregularly as well, the only times I dont is when I have nothing to add to what has already been said by otrhers..
Blog maadi(as they say in Bengaluru where I am currently staying) because your humor is superr!!!

Mama-Mia said...


can the never have lurked comment on Delurk Divas post?!

shucks! the question is comment itself! :p

and i have always tol ya why i love your posts!

this should be tken up as a tag me thinks!! i would love to know if i have any lurkers!

but it would be disappointment to find out no lurkers at all! so i will just celebrate the divas here! ;)



Shilpa said...

Most of the times I have nothing to add/say/comment. Other times just lazy.

I find your writing very f.u.n.n.y. Really, I either chuckle, laugh aloud or, to the very minimum, smile. And I also like to pass the link to my husband or call my husband to the laptop to make him read something that we relate to or something hilarious you have written.

I visit every single day, it is like a temple visit, some days I get prasad (you have a new post) or some days I don't! Why don't you write daily?

I am in the US, WAHM, Mom to a almost 16 month old little fella.

Hurray!! Delurked!

Seema said...

Hey there,
Came here from Maggies blog( she was then called Moppets' mom) have been hooked since then.Love your wit and reading your posts cheers me up no matter how down in the dumps I am feeling.I have a 10 mnth old son, so love catching up on Adi's pranks.BTW I caught up with all your old posts describing your first few months as a mother right after my son was born and so it helped me get through that difficult phase.Thanks;-)

sunita said...

:P wat do i say..u r the best..n i love u

sunita said...

well,i voted for u too..and ya Happy Delurking Divus...cheers..!!

Ron said...

Heres to Delurking Divus!!

Why have I been lurking all this time? Ummm, I guess you really do intimidate me with the sheer genius of your posts :P

richajn said...

Hiya Parul,
Been lurking on ur blog for abt a month. Stumbled upon ur blog saerching for smthg on the blogosphere. I'm a pretty silent reader. Write in only if I have something sheer genius to add. Like now ;)
New Mom, new blogger. Based in Bangalore. Frequent the blogosphere whenenver time permits - which is not much what with baby and job. Love to read abt other Moms and their experiences. Most of all how they juggle kids, home and office.
Is that a long enuf comment to establish delurk status? :)
Do drop by blog sometime. And do leave a few words :)

chandni said...

this is Adi's chandu aunty.

I am readign everything and not even through the feed but visiting ur blog everyday.

The reason for occaisional commenting is sheer laziness on my part and nothing else :)

Anonymous said...


This post made me smile - as I am reading it in the middle of a particularly busy day at work.

My reasons would be ( and quoting from the post):

1. "because I have already said it all and you don't want to add nothing to the conversation"

2. "because being the intellectual giant that I am, I intimidate you with the sheer depth of my posts" :-)

3. "because you are just waiting for the right moment when a particularly inspiring comment will strike you" (one just did!)

Okay - off I run before I risk losing my job!


Divya said...

I have been reading your blog since a couple of months and delurking for the first time - reason for not delurking being I'm kind of intimidated (guess that would be reason #2).... I don't remember through whose blog I landed here :).... But I'm very glad I found your blog.... Its my daily dose of humor.... I just love the way u write....

Have to admit, ppl at work think something's wrong with me coz they find me sitting at my desk n laughing all the time .... :) I read all your posts and only now I found time to comment.... After every post I think, I should comment now, but then I'm like let me read the next one before commenting :D

You have a very cute little boy and his b'day is four days before mine.... And my belated birthday wishes to Adi.. I was so held up with work then.... Its only today that I've found time to read your blog again after almost 10 days....

Sorry for the very long comment.... guess I should comment more often and write shorter comments :)


Anonymous said...

delurking .. I enjoy reading your blog. I am waiting to read new book
when it is released. If you see on your counter hit from melbourne victoria its me..


Cynic in Wonderland said...

can people who should shut up and lurk in a while also comment?

this is cool - i always wanted to do a delurk divus too. i have 140 readers on feedburner and people who come from lagos and wot not. i am beginning to think that it might be my split personalities coming and reading my blogs since i never seem to see these people!

good show !

Aneela Z said...

47 comments and counting Parul..wooohoo, how the flood gates have opened..this must be the ispaghol of posts (my attempt to inject some toilet humour in yuor blog...bahut serious stuff hogaya)
P.S: the ex who stalks you in cyber space, sigh dont let me start.

karmickids said...

Okay okay. Delurked. I had balloons on the stat map from Papua New Guinea. I wished that had delurked. And Rejkyavik. You know. I was most upset they dont delurk.

preetischronicle said...

Your's was the first blog I stumbled on thanks to google. and I have stayed on since then. You writing is so much fun and some of your earlier posts, I enjoy them, everytime i read them. Find ways to link back them for your new readers.
good luck! and would love to read your book. cheers!

maddy said...

i am from uttaranchal..currently in mumbai..regularly read your posts..simply love your humour and writing style...
am not good at writing..a excuse for being a lurker..not anymore..
"delurking divas ki jai ho"
keep it up.
will keep visiting your blog.

Harish Krishnan said...

I have just stopped lurking and your post made me look myself into the mirror and ask 'Why do you lurk and not comment in such a wonderful blog'. Ekdum filmi style I replied, 'Jab tak main comment nahin karunga, tab tak main apne aap ko aaine main nahin dekhunga :P

Bytchcraft said...

i spent 2 days. thats 48 hours, almost non stop reading ur posts one after the other!

~ divi

Divya said...

I have delurked before. The only reason I dont comment is I can't :( Blogs are blocked in the office it is takes a lot of under handed stuff to access them everyday :D But cant comment, coz that is totally blocked.. so Hi :D


Anonymous said...

hi there,
zeb from dubai...i jst luv ur writing and visit ur blog regularly...I think i've posted a comment or two earlier too..Anyways,keep posting..

Priya said...

Hi Parul,
I'm not a true lurker..I do comment but rarely because hmm I don't reaaly know..may be shy of commenting or just lazy..Happy Delurk Divus...

binaryfootprints said...

Cacophoenix from New York...When you are like me sitting at home at a time when winter stubbornly refuses to let the spring and summer roll in, the best thing to do is live, love and laugh through other people's lives :) Enjoying your blog to the fullest.

Shivani said...


No exotic location, plain old Bombayite here :))

Love your blog & keep coming back for those generous doses of humour.


Anonymous said...

no..i wont comment.y shd i comment?wat wd i get if i comment?comment comment comment...dekho tumhare liye comment teen baar kar li..delurk divas ke khushi par..ab khush?
P.S.I love you.....
P.S.2.no im not any ex of urs :P

The knife said...

Very well put Parul. My eyes really light up when I get a comment. And those are nothing compared to the 58 and counting on this post of yours.

A blog is often a personal enterprise so comments are really citical in keeping the momentum going

Usha said...

Present miss!
You know that I read your blog and I love your blog and you are on my 'cool' bloggers' list.
The reason I don't comment is because I read your posts in a reader and at my age it is tough to have the motivation to click on comments and wait for the page to load unless I have something really good to say. But then even that doesn't deter me from leaving some banal comment every now and then.

Achi said...

Ok, de-lurking now. Love your writing style. Your wit is very refreshing.. Keep it going!

- Achi (Singapore)

Achi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sujani said...

Is it because you don't know how? yaa this is exactly the reason.i even dont kno wat a blog means..just been reading watever u write.kno tht u r parul.tht ur betterhalf is mahesh.tht ur son is adi.i kno padma...nilesh..pramod..etc etc.i kno tht u r a sweet heart..but then still wat does a blog mean..and more still how does one comment ?pliss pliss enlighten this ignorant soul.u geniune intellectual gaint..but in english or hindi..not spanish..ya ya i kno tht tooooooooo

Nat said...

michelin parul (aka michelin man) how we doing now? i love your blog bcos of the way food features in it. and the humour. little details that make me think. like how u mentioned your Dad spoke Pushto and my grandfolks knew a bit too and I'm still wondering how they reached the far corners of India like they did. Your ghanta (remember the brass bell I think it was) post still has me chuckling sometimes...

upsilamba said...

OK. You got me with this post.
I read you Parul, and enjoy your posts, but rarely comments.

I assume M is lurking now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Parul,

I am Sujatha from US.

I love reading your blogs and has finally caught up with all your posts.

You write so well. Somehow I never felt like commenting ! Sorry....

Great writing and excellent sense of humor...

Sujatha Ramesh

jasmine said...

comment once in a very blue moon. voted for you on indus ladies though :). think you write awesomely and think you can use all comments to create a target profile for your upcoming book :)..good luck. I am 30 and in the US.

Smitha said...

De-lurking :) Have been a regular lurker :) I love the way you write and normally don't have anything to add - you've said it all :)

mandira said...

donno why ppl chose to not de lurk.. but i do know this.. u write bloody well!! u are really good with humour,parul!! but i suspect u already know that.. :D
judging from the no. of comments u have on this post, delurk divas was obviously a hit... congrats!!
btw, i nominated u for the LOL challenge.. heres the link if u wanna know wat im talking about..http://visheshunni.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/the-great-lol-challenge/#comment-6605

Anonymous said...

Hey, i am generally a silent blogger. I am preg & love reading all the mummy blogs. I am always away from India & all the glimses I get of the city life, eases a lil bit of the 'country' sickness:)
I am a numbers person & though most times have a an opinion abt the topic in the blogs can't string 2 sentences decently together & thats the reason though i read a lot of blogs, dont have the confidence to comment, leave alone write one!:)
Sudha (from Philly)

Anamika said...

¡Hola!, from Texas. Have commented once or twice before. You are funny. Now will u be replying to every comment?

Prashanti :) said...

Hey parul, i have been reading your blog since the past 5 months and I read it every single post :)
Love the way you write and your easy humour.

Delurking just to prove M wrong :)

Prashanti from the US.

Anonymous said...

babe you have comments coming out of the pores of this page now. good going. i was really wondering about Divus. What what what. But yeah, that Divus. Celebrated on Wednesday May WTF is the date today yaar?
(should I sign out of google and comment anonymously as my alter-ego, to add to the numbers??). OOh yes. I am doing that.

-Still your very own, kbpm.

Vidya said...

Regular reader - i love your easy style and your wit!

roshni said...

I do comment occasionally. So not a real lurker but delurking anyway.

Sonia said...

I am going to wait for your delurk diva divus ;)) Shee what a PJ! Anyways like your posts and have commented a few times...and I love to prove husbands wrong, your last sentence motivated me to comment :) Buenos noches.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled onto your blog about a couple of months back, I find your posts really funny! :)


Perakath said...

Good god. 62 followup emails from this page today, I got. Let's see you reply to all of them. You have to!

Anonymous said...

I do read your blog regularly. Having left India over 20 years ago (to USA) and gone back only twice since, your blog gives me view into day to day life in Bombay as well as other perspectives however ephemeral.

Great job with your blog and enjoy your communication skills.

Continue el buen trabajo.

Anonymous said...

I read your post regularly.
I also have a son named Aditya(will be 2 in June) and somehow feel connected to this blog :).
Keep blogging! Just thought of delurking once...


Anonymous said...

Hi Parul,

Stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago and have been hooked since, I love your wit.

Jyothi (From the US)

Namrata said...

Hey Parul,
I am a regular reader of your blog from Montreal. I never comment here as I really don't have anything significant to add to the topic but love the way you write so keep coming back to read :)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, already 85 delurkers, am the 86. Love your humour and waiting for more fun reading everyday. LIke you I am a mum of a baby boy. Enjoying every minute of this adventure called parenting.

yippeehippie said...

i think the reason i don't comment is because i'm a lazy bum! also, i think i'd feel foolish saying something that's already been said by 20 odd people before me.
see how the laziness is kicking in already? :)

sigmund said...

Delurking to give my salaams!I come by occasionally to peep into your world..felt a bit like an intruder so didnt declare my presence...you seem to have a regular conversation and readership with familiarity as an undercurrent...or maybe thats your style?Thoroughly enjoy stopping by..

Anonymous said...

Not really a lurker, but not a regular at commenting either - mostly coz while I do enjoy reading ur posts I do not really have much to add to.

U have about 85 comments ! I guess u can very well be smug now to the response ur post has garnered :D
-Aditi from California

Anonymous said...

Hey Parul,
I read you on a reader. So I am pardoned, right ? Your writing is delightful ...most of the times I cant come up with a comment as sharp and funny as your posts are..so,maafi please :)


Vijaya said...

i do comment! but heres to delurking divus!

The Foodie said...

*Meekly raises hand.

I love your writing...no comments are due to sheer laziness.

- Mansi from the US

kayfitnessmantra said...

Delurked, I comment on very few blogs only if I have something to say , otherwise I keep reading then move on.

Delurking just for u .;p

kayfitnessmantra said...

I comment on very few blogs and only if I have something to say. I read urs quite often. Delurking just for u ;p

Suma said...

looks like the delurk divas is a success, hope you touch a 100 here

swathi said...

He leído usted porque te amo..
hope mine is the 100th comment..:)
belated delurk divus..
i sumhow have a small doubt..tht u added the last sentence abt mahesh just so tht everyone wd comment just to prove him wrong :P
te amo
te amo
te amo
te amo...........
te amo
parul too :)
ps.if u find any reader frm Visakhapatnam India,then its me me me...

momsy said...


have been a regular reader for the last couple of months...love your sense of humour ....n to tell u the truth ..have been plain lazy to comment....

But proving a man wrong.....am all game for that:-)

Anuradha said...

100 comments and counting! :)

scribblermom said...

Regular reader since a year with comments here n there... love ur style n sense of humor

Batul (Mumbai)

nomadz said...

the sheer depthness of the posts does me in.

although i do comment occasionally..but mostly yeah...intimidation by the depthness is my excuse.

me Madhu from Hyd :)

Mary said...

Hi :)
I came across your blog after discovering the "indian mummy universe" courtesy of stumbling over Boo's blog about 2 years ago after I did a google search from some lyrics from a Tamil film!

About me.. hmm.. I'm a uni student from Australia, with an Indian boyfriend..I've always loved India, and love reading about life, so I guess that's why I read your blog! :)


Deepti said...

One day late ... But i delurked :)
Love your sense of humor !!!

Parul said...

Anonymous (M) ... First one to delurk! Well, this one was for false lurkers too so thank you, mysterious M from the US. I look forward to your comments.

Kakali ... Thanks!

asaaan ... Thank you! So bring down your phone bills. Delurk. How does that sound for a delurk campaign?

Anonymous (pm)... Hola! Spanish lessons from a five year old beat old fuddy duddy professors anytime, yes?

Parul ...Hello namesake and glad you liked the picture? Which one though? I keep changing it!

Madhuri ... Borderline nerdy is still better than dyed in the wood nerdy. I look forward to hearing from you.

Devaki ...Thanks and of course I know you from the group. Very nice to see you here.

BlueMist ...I had no idea my reasons (written in jest) were actually true! Thanks!

M... Ah, someone else also said that. But if you call it an 'incentive' then M has a lot of people trying to prove him wrong!

Mumbai Diva ... And like I said, that's ok too. I just get curious once in a while!

Perakath ... Boy, am I glad to hear that, P! Divus is shuddh Hindi for din.

Anonymous (S)... And a good enough reason, methinks.

S ... Will definitely drop by as soon as I am done replying to the comments!

The Orange Cat ... You're in the followers list too, yes? So I do know about you.

tearsndreams ...Like I said, people seem to like to prove husbands wrong. What an insight!

Anonymous (Sharadha) ...I think it's great that I can actually enliven boring meetings. Who could have said?!

March Hare ...Ah but you had me at Wodehouse. Keep coming by, brackets and smileys and all!

Anonymous ...Funny, maybe. But wise? Thank you.

Revs ... Ah so it was ye, lass! No, comment only if you like to, no pressure. This was a one-off request. And gosh, mail me about the long-distance relationship and Amma not knowing, sounds most interesting! Will come by soon.

Sunita ... Hello there, 24 year old female engineer, it's nice to know you.

Soumya ...I personally think of Usha as the voice of wisdom in the blog world. Thanks for all the kind words.

Anonymous (Chits)...Gah, no I am nowhere near being cool. I have chipped nails and fuzzy hair today but for the vote, thanks!

Gaya ...You're under arrest then! LOL@divus sounding literally greek.

Suma ... I gotta write about issues of world importance!Go ahead, do a DD on your blog.

Gauri ... Occasionally is good too!

Kunzang ... I love how much reaction that line drew!

Neelum ... Well, I cannot speak of others but I normally do go to the commenter's blogs. Step two of course is for me to delurk there!

buk vorm ... Ah well, I am trying to be all nonchalant here and failing.

Hobo...Thanks for your comments, all of them. Really.

Perfect Witch ...Ah yes, very happy. Grinning! Thanks for the link, drop by.

Red ...Coming from Y's sister, that's huge. And hello.

Arshi ...Nice name you have there and thank you.

Anonymous (Rashmi) ... Ah and that is why I should make this an annual event at least.

SBK ...I have readers reading me through RSS? Wow! I don't know whether it adds to the hits. Must google it.

Swati ...So you do! Lazy is good.

DiTtY ... Finally a familiar face! Thanks, D!

Just Like That ...Poor M. So many people trying to prove him wrong.

WSW ... Thanks maadi, will do!

Mama-Mia ...Take it up, you will at least find out one way or the other!

Shilpa ...Aw shucks, I am all smiling and pleased and smug now! Thank you.

Seema ...Gosh really? That's awesome because I think the first few months are the toughest.

sunita ...Really? Thanks for the words and the vote!

Ron ... Sigh, everyone makes fun of me.

richajn ... Silence is good too. But once in a while this sort of things works! Thank you for sharing and I will come by.

chandni ...Another familiar face, hiya there Chandu! Keep up the laziness!

Anonymous (SM) ...Keep the job, these are tough times, comments can wait.

Divya ...And his belated wishes to you. And long comments? I like!

Anonymous (sxs)...Hello there, mate and will keep you posted about the book for sure.

Cynic in Wonderland ...No, regular commenters must keep up the good work. Do a DD and let's see how it goes, yes?

Aneela Z ... LOL@isabgol! You have an ex stalking you too? Tell all!

karmickids ... Did you try asking?

preetischronicle ...I hope you don't mean the earlier posts were better because then I must quit while I am ahead.

maddy ... Well, that's good to hear for sure.

Harish Krishnan ...so I guess now the mirror's smiling again.

Bytchcraft ... And hope those were a good two days?

Divya ...Hi and I realize now that that could be a reason for many more. Thanks!

Anonymous (zeb)...I would have remembered that name but maybe you commented anonymously. Thanks.

Priya ...Shy of me? Come on! And thanks!

binaryfootprints ... Ah, Asterix fan! You paint a warm picture.

Shivani ...Bombay would be exotic to some blogger in Ireland, I am thinking!

Anonymous said...Haan, haan, bahut khush!

The knife ...I don't know about personal enterprise. I just wanted to know who my readers are, that's all!

Usha ...Marking you as present and so good to see you here. I am a fan but you know that. And what do you mean, your age? Stop making excuses, I can see right through them!

Achi ...Thank you, I will!

sujani ... Ah so you do know how!

Nat ... Michelin is right, specially seeing the size of my arms. We are doing very well now! Oh my god, I can't believe you remembered those. And I am touched.

upsilamba ...Gotcha! So cool to see you here!

Anonymous (Sujatha) ... God, no, don't apologize. It's fine to not comment but it's also very nice to 'meet' you all like this.

jasmine ... Now that's an idea! Thanks!

Smitha ... Oh well, in that case, thanks!

mandira ...Yes, I have some idea of that but trying really hard to not let all these lovely comments go to my head. And I checked out the link. How does it work though? More voting?

Anonymous (Sudha)...Congratulations! No need for confidence and all, dude, you're among friends.

Anamika ...Hola to you! As you can see, yes.

Prashanti :) ... That's a good reason to delurk, my dear. As good as any.

Anonymous (kenny) ...Gosh yes, this is going to be one numbers annual event now.

Vidya ...And I say thank you.

roshni said...Real or not, you're always welcome here!

Sonia ...I am a delurk diva! Cool title, yes? Good night!

Anonymous (pritam) ... And I am glad you do.

Perakath ... Ah, now you regret signing up for follow up comments? And look, I did!

Anonymous ... Gracias. Yo espero que pueder.

Anonymous (smita) ... Ah so that is the reason! And happy birthday to your Aditya in advance!

Anonymous (Jyothi) ... The wit, the wit! It goes to my head already!

Namrata ... And I hope you will keep doing that! There is no topic really in my posts anyway!

Elizabeth ... Absolutely! An adventure it is.

yippeehippie ... Lazy bumming is good, friend, as long as one marks the Delurk Divus too!

sigmund ... salaams to you too. Gosh no, I don't know too many of my readers, as you can see in these comments. Don't feel like an intruder, I share what I want to!

Anonymous (Aditi) ... Oh yes, yes, I am very smug. So much attention!

Anonymous (radha) ... Gosh, I have a swollen head AND am floating away on a cloud! No pardoning and all, I am just very happy to meet so many of you finally!

Vijaya ... Yes, yes, clink!

The Foodie ... Don't be meek, dear Foodie, laziness is good!

kayfitnessmantra ...Gosh, I am flattered!

Suma ...And more, yay!

swathi ... Ah, then you must think of me as very smart? LOL@te amo Rasna!

momsy ...Half the junta came out to prove M wrong! Very nice!

Anuradha ... Yeppers! What fun!

scribblermom ...Thank you for reading, it's been great this DD!

nomadz ... Of course I write only on issues of global importance. Hope you are doing well?

Mary ...And you're Australian, yes? From one Tam guy's girl to another, they're really sweet. Nerdy of course, but sweet!

Deepti ... No, not late. This is good. And thank you!

DC said...

106 and counting... cool :-)
now, you have to reply to each one of us individually :-p

DC said...

i see that you have actually replied to every comment! *applause*

preetischronicle said...

No No No...I only meant that some of the new flock would have missed the old posts and nothing on your blog is worth missing :)

Sharmila said...

I am here for the first time today ... and could not agree more. :-)

Jyothi said...

Hi Parul,
I've been a regular reader since some time, but commenting for the first time. I stumbled upon ur blog quite accidently, but been a fan ever since. After I read one of your posts for the first time I went back and read each and every one of your posts! It was like watching Adi grow up right in front of my eyes! :-) And dont I just love your tiny tot! He's just so adorable and so are you. Keep dishing out those delightful posts! I need my daily dose of fun, you know :-)
Lots of luv,
Jyothi (Bangalore)

gooddaysunshine said...

Alright! Been reading you for as long as I can remember now..and I don't know if I've ever commented..I'm known to blame blogger for my laziness as its a wee bit more tough for me to comment on blogs on blogger rather than wordpress..
Anyway love your blog and the fact that you've proven M wrong!!

Alan said...

Yup, reason three is it.

unpredictable said...

Me! Me! Not a lurker, but never hurts to show M, does it?

ThoughtSafari said...

I lurk around too! But then.. how many times can one write "I love your blog!" without sounding either like a stalker, or a deranged person, or worst still, an extremely "S-L-O-W at getting things" types :)

Mostly come by.. read, chuckle.. read..chuckle more... think of what an awesome sense of humour you have! (its your day for compliments, I'm guessing)

I already have images of me leaving your blog looking extremely stupid with a goofy grin stuck on my face.

Ekta said...

hey, i hop over from DotMom's blog occassionally (ok, every time i visit her actually :))...and you really make my day...alongwith Dottie of course...amazing way with words you have. Am a mumbaiya too, so can really connect with your (mis)adventures with the locals.
Keep up :)

Ekta said...

hey, i hop over from DotMom's blog occassionally (ok, every time i visit her actually :))...and you really make my day...alongwith Dottie of course...amazing way with words you have. Am a mumbaiya too, so can really connect with your (mis)adventures with the locals.
Keep up :)

Aditya said...

Best wishes to one adi from another :-)

And yes, your posts make for essential reading. thanks

Anonymous said...

Preggo lady from the UK delurking.. started reading mommy blogs once I conceived.. I like your 'chilled out' style of parenting.. and even more chilled out style of writing..hence the daily visits..


Anonymous said...

I've commented before, but just thought I'd comment to prove you right.


Parul said...

DC said...Naah, it's not cause for applause or anything, just polite that's all! Delete
Blogger DC said...

preetischronicle...Ok then, unsigh!

Sharmila...Sorry, could not agree more with?

Jyothi...Absolutely! I don't know if I will blog about Adi, he is getting to be a big boy but the blog is here alright.

gooddaysunshine...Really? I have been thinking about shifting to Wordpress. Let's see. Thanks!

Alan...Long time!

unpredictable...No, it doesn't!

ThoughtSafari...Yes, you're right. That is why I don't plan on doing this too often!

Ekta...And you are in the US too, I'm guessing.

Aditya...And my Adi says Thank You! As do I.

Anonymous (P)...Congrats! When is the baby due?

Anonymous (Veena)...Aw thanks for the show of support. This has been fun!

Art said...

I like ur blogs...reading it for past 6 months i think... some of them are really wonderful...

After 122 will my comment be noticed?

Mystic Margarita said...

Present, Ma'am! I know I haven't been commenting much of late, but I read you, girl. But you know that! :)

Anonymous said...

Delurking today in honour of amchi Parul's Delurk Divus. :) - I seem to be a day late but better late than never, what say?

Love the divus idea. :)

A from the US. A huge fan. Love to read your blog.


buk vorm said...


Dip Tea said...

I almost missed this post..LOL! Divus and all..I like:)..And Parul, you must know I love your blog..and its' heartening to see you replied to each and every comment..way to go..and yea, keep going:)..

Vini said...

A 126 comments - if nothing else that count makes me squeak :)
Not the first time here technically though - but seldom enough(is that an oxymoron?) to warrant this comment!

stuti said...

Hiya Parul! Very impressed that you replied to each commentor... see, THAT's what keeps them hooked.

You rock Girl!

Sue said...

*raises her hand shyly*

Us wallflowers, you know, have a hard time on Delurk Divus. What with everybody looking at our raised hands and so on. Particularly with the so on.

Parul said...

Art said...Oh yes, it was noticed alright by my hawkeyes!

Mystic Margarita...Oh yes, I know about you (somewhat). This was more for the always there but never seen readers.

Anonymous (A)...Glad everyone liked the divus idea! It could have so easily gone the other way!

buk vorm...and still doing it as you can see!

Dip Tea...It's not difficult for me because I know that so many comments are just a one-off thing!

Vini...Seldom seen is also good but it's nice to have everyone come out too.

stuti...Oh no, it's not that impressive. Just polite.

Sue...Pretending to be a wallflower, are we? Ok, I will play along.

Ronnie said...

Ooh!Delurk Divus has been such a BIG hit. So many people out of the hiding and you managed to reply to EVERY SINGLE ONE!I do comment once in a while, otherwise I visit your blog every single morning (and I type the link-dont even wait for the feed)smile at the wit and lovely writing ; and then go my way.And you know, I am 12 hours behind you guys, so I keep thinking like 'oh, its just 9:30 in India, she might post just before hitting the bed, so I shud wait a little more' and such!Dekha, your writing is SO sought after :)
I think I dont comment too often bcos I have nothing substantial to add :-/
Pls take me off the list of lurkers and add me to the list of 'visits but comments only when she has some value to add' :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Parul...i m a regular reader for the last 6-7 months..not a blogger myself...u were recommended by a friend who blogs..she said u were very funny & i agree : ) i never comment coz i have nothing to add to what u've said..& also coz i'm just lazy i guess...keep making us smile..all the best
Neha (from Noida)

Anonymous said...

Silent One

Joining the party late.. i read you but am too lazy to de-lurk and also by the time i have got to the post, most people have said what i want to, though more eloquently than i would have...

Divs said...

Me joining the delurking movement pretty late too...although I should be ashamed as to how I missed this delurking post altogether. I comment on your blog sometimes, have you on my blogroll as well and so catch almost every single one of your post. But I guess I somehow lost this one until now. Feel free to come by my blog now and then and post your comments there as well...not sure if you lurk there already ;) Your turn to come out in the open :-)

Parul said...

Ronnie...Well, that is sweet of you. I never thought anyone might be waiting like that!

Anonymous (Neha)...Thank you and who is this friend? Share her blog's link?

Anonymous (Silent One)...You don't need to be eloquent, really. Just share when you like. No pressure!

Divs...Oh no, I am too loud to keep quiet! Will drop by sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

I came from Chandni's blog. And delurking now. Just lazy to think and write a comment.

You writings are just AMAZING!!


Just call me 'A' said...

first time here and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your header. just your last post and then immediately jump to the 2nd last post and here I am saying hi :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Parul,

This is Priya from US
Enjoy reading your and adi's antics, both of you are adorable.
Read you from work, so no comments.... and whats the prize for delurking?????

ami said...

Hey Parul,

Happy Delurk Divus.

I am your silent reader from Fairfax Virginia. I love your style of writing. Keep going.


R said...

Hey!!! I do read you from time to time and love your style of writing. I do have a blg myself- tho' I should say upfront that I dont even enter the league of you regular bloggers and probably post once a month- hoping I will make it a bit more regular soon.
You can visit my blog at
Find your writing style very interesting and witty- Lots of love

Parul said...

Anonymous (Karthik)...Chandu's blog is a delight. Thank you for coming here too.

Just call me 'A'...The header is courtesy grafx and yes, I like it too!

Anonymous (Priya)...Don't get into trouble at work. It's perfectly ok if you don't comment. The prize for delurking is one big grin on my face!

ami (Ria)...Ah, so it was you! Thank you!

R...It is just a function of how badly you want to write really. I guess that is why some people blog more than others. Will come by.

R said...

I guess you really hit the nail on the head- writing constitutes a large part of my day due to my job- and then I don't feel like looking at a screen once I get back- and when I write, its really because I cant handle the feeling anymore- so its more like a catharsis...or when people like chandni drive me mad and say I have to have to go back to writing!!! but seriously, will start writing regularly because it helps me get a lot of mental peace:)

ιℓℓυѕιση said...

Been a reader since Adi was not even a year old...had read all ur posts in 2-3 days and have hung around since then...why??

I love the way u write...what u write..the most normal daily stuff - you make it interesting.

More often than not, your posts bring a smile on my face.

your letters to Adi, are the best!!

Diwakar Sinha said...

dunno how i missed this post...but read a post by the same title in another blog and then came here.
I admit I had been lurking for last 2 months..love ur blog...keep it up.

Aditi's Album said...

I comment once in a while too, but delurking today - especially for u.
-M from Sheffield, UK

Parul said...

R...Look forward to that and amen.

ιℓℓυѕιση...Of course! You are one of the familiar names. No more letters to Adi though.

Diwakar Sinha...Yes I think people have been taking up this idea but that's cool too. Glad you like the scribbles.

Aditi's Album...Of course. I remember having met you here before.

desertmom said...

:) . Regular reader and a total lurker. So delurking for this post......
Might as well tell you , that love your blog and reading about adi......

the mad momma said...

okay i dont qualify as a lurker but i just want to push this up to 150 comments. so hello!

Mona said...

no lurker, but hellloooooo my friend. 150 plus comments, woooooot!

Parul said...

desertmom...And I say thank you.

the mad momma...hello and you got your desire there, didn't you?!

Mona...helloooo to you, my love and I know, look where we have come!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Another lurker who is glad to find your blog via "Every jam has its own jar... blog". As folks said before by the time i read your posts and want to comment someone already said it way better than myself. Also, i sometimes recovering from laugh fits after reading your entries and hence the no comment excuse.
Anyway i am Huma and i am from Canada.

Ersa said...

Ohhh, am I late?...I am an avid reader, Parul. Love the way you write...So yeah, just here to say hello :-)...

Ashwini said...

hi! stumbled upon ur blog from... err... i hve no idea! anyway female from bangalore fresh out of college working as a s/w engineer. sigh! i hve no idea hw i ended up in dis profession eithr!
anyway tht cute pic of ur family has me hooked. hope to be thr a few years frm now n dng smethng tht i like n enjoy, i only need to figure out what! grrr


Gowri said...

Have commented a couple of times b4. Your blog's one of the best and funniest...got here through a circuitous route a few months ago and read regularly ever since :) My husband's Tam too and I can relate to ur convs with M and the sense of humor!

Parul said...

Anonymous (Huma from Canada)...Sorry, I did not get the "Every jam has its own jar... blog" reference. Thank you for coming by!

Ersa...Not late, there is no time limit to this and I will reply to every single person on this post, even if I may not on the others. So hello!

Ashwini...Well, I got stuck in a job that I did not like for the first few years of my career too. Hopefully you will find your calling soon.

Gowri...Aw thank you, fellow Tam guy's girl!

akamonica said...

Hi. im not a lurker. ive left comments before. i love your blog, but dont comment often because i have nothing significant to say :-(. i was born and brought up in bombay, now live in blore, have 1 husband and 1 son ;-) work part time and have linked to my blog.
Also Divus is day in Marathi :-D isnt it called 'din' in hindi?

SMM said...

Hey Parul, I'm delurking. Adi is a total sweetheart. I come just to ogle at his photos.

As for my blog, follow my link.Drop by sometime :)

Btw isin't it 'Divas' and not 'divus'? I was reading it as 'Devoos' and thought it had something to do with a diva and not with 'dvas' as an ocassion :P

Parul said...

And now I am officially in awe of the number of people who delurked.

akamonica...Divus is also day in shuddh Hindi. Din is a more everyday sort of word though.

SMM...Thank you and I will drop by. Re: the spelling, I was confused too. I mean 'divas' is what temperamental women are, right?

Quirky Quill said...

Hey :) Have linked up to your blog coz I really like the way you write. I dont think I qualify as a true blue lurker coz I do leave behind comments every now and then. Haven't read any blogs in a while. This one seemed like a good opportunity to stop by and say hi :)

Parul said...

Quirky Quill - Of course, my reader in Singapore!

Ekta said...

hi Parul, coming here after a looong time...
to answer your q - am in Singapore :)

Anonymous said...

maybe...Is it because being the intellectual giant that I am, I intimidate you with the sheer depth of my posts?