Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vote for me while you listen to me whine

Ok, so first things first, looks like my post is now (belatedly) part of the Mother's Day contest poll. Please click on this link to vote.


For everyone who made the effort of going there earlier to vote for me, thank you. And sorry, though friendship mein no sorry, no thank you, aargh. Just thinking, that Bhagyashree just doesn't seem to quit, huh? I still see pictures of her and she looks as good as new. Though 'good' may strictly depend on what you thought of her in the first place.

Speaking of contests, Anoop is out of American Idol and that's not nice at all. I had quite started liking the boy. In a strictly maternal way of course. For the 'other' sort of liking, I think it's now mandatory for the men-folk to sport signs of aging - you know, like salt and pepper hair. I wonder if M will get salt and pepper hair a few years down the line. I know that if I ask him, he will tell me that he will be grateful for just having hair. M is very pessimistic that way.

The dental work is going on full throttle. The doctor, a really sweet old man, is waiting for the inflammation to go down before he can perform the root canal, the joy, the joy. Aneela asked me if this is the denting painting work I am getting done before my book launch. I told her that it does not become her to make fun of an ailing old lady who is also writing exams. This is the time to send me flowers and chocolates. And LV bags. What, it never hurts to slip that in.

My mom will be in Bombay soon and I have to study instead of gossiping with her. I want you to know that I am pissed off enough for all of us. No, really, I have been smashing plates all morning and nearly bit the hand of the lady who comes to collect our garbage. It was only the hygiene factor that dissuaded me. But I am feeling better and I might be back to normal as soon as I have consumed five kilos of cookies and cream ice-cream.

Chalo, ab vote daalo.


Anuradha said...

Lol :))

I visited the site today and was surprised to not find your post mentioned there! Found it this time, voted, tried voting an extra time and the site wouldn't allow me to do so :P

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...


Aneela Z said...

you know i was about to write you a 'cheer up' email and remind you of your UP "girayee" (gaon vala) the Big B and how he was turned down by the radio wallahs and how the world takes time to recognize TRUE talent...and then I read this...yara, now you cant ignore the similarities, there you were kind of having given up on the rat race, getting on the train and they just drag you back in. Wah, kiya scene hai.
Ok have voted. As I have reminded MadMomma elsewhere, all this and not a sign of the daru bottle, sari and chicken, sigh.

ιℓℓυѕιση said...


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Ey! Maggu! Quit whining, stop studying and start gossiping! I'm sure the mom has loads of good tidbits to share!

stuti said...

Did too!

Mama - Mia said...

i am sure if your mum knew spanish you would insist on getting her help with the mugging! :p

have fun already!!!



Jo said...

delurking after a long time ...just to say I voted for you because your post seemed more "REAL" ....:-)

kbpm said...

you could gossip in Spanish with the mater (translating bits that she might not immediately understand; like for me, it would be anything that Ricky Martin did not channel into song), that would be two stones one maanga, err one stone, two maangas. See? (I am almost male in my attempts to treat everything as a problem that begs solving).

Penguin said...

Done! By the way, when is the book launch? And do you think it'll be available in Singapore, say?

Parul said...

Anuradha - Aw, once is enough, really!

Hobo, illusion, stuti, Jo - Thank you!

Aneela - Kitni filmi ho tum!

M4 - Yay, mom will be here tomorrow and yes, she will have loads of goss.

Mama-Mia - That's an idea!

kenny - that reminds me, I can sing La Bamba in Spanish now! Whatay achievement, eh?

Penguin - Thank you! Book's out end of May and yes, I think it will be made available on Amazon.

Harshika said...

I couldnt vote for the lok sabha but faithfuly went over and voted for ya. Done!


March Hare said...

This is my first time. Ever.
I just turned 21. :D

And though my city is yet to go in for elections, I am faithfully following the election news and reading the newspapers every day. Though that is just going on to confuse the hell out of me.

Anyways, this is a pointless comment. I am just excited about the elections this year. Bas.