Sunday, April 5, 2009

Twenty-third month letter

Dear Adi,

We are now a month away from your second birthday and the revelation for this month is that parents are superheroes. Or should be. They need extraordinary powers of perception to sense exactly how the child is going to get them the next time around, a lot of strength to be able to rock the baby while still maintaining the minimum level of rock and roll in their lives and mammoth amounts of nobleness to not snap when he asks for Bubbles for the thousandth time, before the morning cuppa has been ingested.

The sentences are coming fast and furious now. 'Adi ko zor se laga,' you told me pensively the other day when you fell down and scraped your knee. Where's Pamma, you query if you cannot spot her around. Mama ka pantha (parantha) chahiye, you told me one night because you wanted to eat the thepla in my plate. I know, child! God bless Gujjus for methi theplas. I am trying to keep you away from the candy jar but I don't think I am succeeding very well. Gem balls, you say and I feel like popping a few in my own mouth. That Cadbury...nasty piece of work, really.

This may also be the time that I force you to bid adieu to the television. You are already singing along bits of songs and mouthing words to ads. But hey, you point out the rock band on my table calendar and say 'U2 uncles' and I puff up with pride. The only thing is that now it's April and the page has been flipped to make way for Pussycat Dolls. Don't call them U2 uncles, baby. Please.

You always know who is leaving the house and proceed to shower that person with copious amounts of love and tenderness, so that exits are frought with tension. Mama ko huggy chahiye, you say when I am leaving for my Spanish class. To my credit, I am able to shake myself free and say a cheery bye and get the hell out before there is a full-blown tantrum. It is much more difficult for your father. 'Daddy ko huggy chahiye' normally signals the time when Daddy seriously contemplates quitting his job and permanently sitting at home.

Then there is the fascination with the flying machines. Aeroplane verde, you scream in my ear. You speak words that I don't understand, boy! Your father, thankfully does. I would hate for you to swear and not be able to spank you for lack of understanding. That's the other thing, see? You repeat every word you hear, including the somewhat rude ones that you hear from your much older and much-adored playmates downstairs. Seems like me minding my words is not going to be enough.

I just can't get over it. How did you learn to speak? Who taught you? I never hired anyone, I swear. So then, maybe there is something to the Suzuki method after all. Bring on the pianos and the violins, I think.

Next month, two years! I am shaking my head in disbelief.

Have fun, sweetheart. Next month is time for some big news.




Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

May god bless Adi with all the happiness of the world.
Amen !

Aneela Z said...

so what is aeroplane verde?
but i must say the kid is "mighty fine" as he uses the politer form "chahiye" rather than "dey do"..there is a touch of the philosopher in him to express aspiration rather than want.

Aneela Z said... there can be always a yes/no response from you...he is giving you room to bargain. how does one say no to I WANT IT.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..its almost overnight no this change? you blink and the kid if babbling as if he was born talking.

lovely letter as usual.

Monika said...

awww god bless happy 23rd adi and time flies doesnt it

preetischronicle said...

whats the big news??!

Vidya said...

Very sweet post..)

Penguin said...

Such an adorable boy he is! And totally focused on the right things in life - food, hugs and U2 :-)

roop said...

awwww cute as ever! u are so beautiful btw. all of you guys make a gorg family. :)

Mama - Mia said...

happy 23rd Dude!

you can rock the 2's, arent ya?! and yeah, when did they learn to talk so much?! :D and adi too loves aeyopanes? and says two two? cubby ofcos says do-do for anything more than one! ;)



ps: whats with the good news suspense? the book? (didnt wanna ask obvious "good news"! ):D

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

To our Bubbles-loving-little-boy,

You sound like such fun! Wish you all the happiness in the world...may it be ful of Bubbles, Bruno, Pepper, Franklin, Clifford, Noddy, The Famous Five, Goosebumps, Harry Potter, The Hardy goes on and on!

Sigh! The thrills of childhood!

Parul said...

Hobo - Thank you.

Aneela - Verde means coming. And trust you to read all that meaning into his blabber!

Cyn - Yeah, it is most amazing!

Monika - It does, yes.

preetischronicle - Wait na. Next month.

Vidya - Thank you!

Penguin - Gosh, sounds like his mom!

roopie - really? Thank you hai bahut saara!

Mama-Mia - LOL! No, not pregnant, no!

M4 - What about his mom, huh?

Divs said...

The suspense is killing me now! What is the BIG news?

preetischronicle said...

now you have me the tv serials. are you joining back work?

buk vorm said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww... how sweet! i was almost about to ask if it was the obvious good news, and then read the comments above! tell no, please? Ok , pretty please?

Mampi said...

Your little one is really cute and time-savvy i am sure.
Best wishes for him.

Mona said...

happy 23rd darling boy! look at you growing up so fast! i do wish we'd got to meet - you sound absolutely fascinating from the tales your mom tells of you :)
lots of hugs and love, you cute thing you.