Friday, April 3, 2009

Son of the soil

My plants are boarding-house kids. They don't stay with us permanently. The wind is too strong, the angle of the sun not quite right. Most days they are downstairs, near the parking lot. And I am typing this and thinking exactly what you are - life in Mumbai is weird. Anyhow, so today the maali brought them up and I gushed over them, arrey kitna bada ho gaya hai, jab pichlee baar dekha tha toh itna sa tha (holding hands half a foot apart). They were placed on their temperory position on the window ledge. Later in the evening, when I was sitting like a python courtesy a huge lunch at Swati Snacks and trying to write, Adi was standing at his usual position, looking out the window and giving me a running commentary of the traffic situation on the road. Car, he proclaims. A little later, auto, he says. Two-two cars, he sometimes declares. After a few minutes, I realized that things had gone a bit too quiet for comfort. What are you upto, I asked of him. He turned towards me and my mother's words came true in front of my eyes- sab bacche mitti khaate hain.

Swati Snacks is a wonderful place. I don't get to go there too often, what with Tardeo not being exactly next door but the trip is well worth the effort. The food is absolutely delicious and although the flavours are very different from what my North Indian taste buds are used to, they are just fantastic. Panaki, the different kinds of rotis specially satapadi, gatta nu shak and the khichdi - divine! The aam panna is disappointingly sweet though, maybe I can get my Mom to give them some lessons. Actually, aam panna would be a damn good idea right now. It is frying in Mumbai. I feel like lying down on my belly on the cold floor with my tongue lolling out. The price we have to pay for all the trees that are cut.

And election day is drawing closer. After being shooed off from the election office twice, M and I have finally managed to get our names on the voting lists. These fingers are going to get the black mark, baby!

Mahesh is buzzing off tonight for the Malaysian Grand Prix tomorrow. This is his somewhat belated birthday present. He is torn between wild exhiliration at being able to see a race and sheer agony at not being able to spend a weekend with his baby.

That means Adi.


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Idea - hurrayyy !
- B0SS

Anonymous said...

If Mumbai is frying , think about Delhi! It's going to swelter and how!

Great post as usual :)


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Mitti happens to way better than home made food I guess ... pity we adults don't buy that idea.
About Mahesh's choices.... lets see thrill of Grand prix and sleepless night with "Baby" ... hmm .... tough choice uh ??

Alan said...

It was snowing on the way to work this morning. Wanna trade?

Aneela Z said...

a maali in mumbai...chalo dil behlaney keliye shauq acha hai ghalib.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

It's frying in Kolkata too so aam panna does sound like heaven!

As for Adi eating mitti, the poor boy is probably just feeling the heat, re. And mitti cools the body...although I think the world means lathering it all over your body rather than ingesting it into your system.

Yeah for the black spot-to-be!

As for the belated budday present, how cool is that!

kbpm said...

do they mean it, what do you think? (all the oh i feel so bad about leaving my little baby behind and so on).
& too bad there is no Bubbles about mud-eating, but, there is always Lord Krishna, setting, as usual the wrong example.

Perakath said...

Coolio! I went for the S'pore night race last year and it was a fantabulous holiday. I'm sure he'll have a blast!

Perakath said...

This is not a comment (I do this second non-comment business so I can get follow-up comments in my email, btw).

roop said...

mumbai in december ... we had fans on! i can't imagine what it's like now. :(

good luck.

keep writing. we shall keep enjoying. :d

Parul said...

Hobo - Sorry?

S - But Delhi is having good weather right now.

CA - hehe...I think he is a nutcase who likes baby better!

Alan - Right now..YES!

Aneela - I know, sounds ridiculous!

M4 - Very cool indeed.

kbpm - LOL! Will pass your query to concerned parties.

Perakath - Is it? He was there too! We have bought our tickets for this year too. What about you? Coming? And Aneela has invited us to Melbourne too, yay!

roop - Sure thing, roopster! Love to see you here.

Perakath said...

Doubt it, yo; I'm still an impoverished student, after all! One F1 race is enough for us. Next on the agenda is Wimbledon :)

Parul said...

Perakath - Oh my, you are a student! When we were in college, travels abroad were a distant dream so you are really very lucky to manage it at all!

Munchkin said...

yikes...mumbai can be quite oppressive weather wise..

oh and why didn't you join your hubby for the race?!

last year we went for the s'pore one...the munchkin was just about 5.5 months old and i thought i was plain crazy to go along...turned out to be a great as nice break from the whole maternity thing since the delivery , met a few mommy bloggers and the shopping at orchid street didn't hurt too ;)

we might go for the germany one in july this year...i happen to have a passing interest in f1 but tag along to see new places, meet old friends and ofcourse -shop :)

Parul said...

Munchkin - Yes, it's nice to tag along once in a while and I do. But if you read the blog, you know that MY thing is concerts of the heavy metal/rock kind and that is where I'd rather spend time/money/energy on.