Kripya order karein!

Kripya order karein!
Kripya order karein!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am Bubbles, I am here to haunt you

I prayed and prayed for a child who loved to read and now when my wish gets answered, I realize that it's not going to be easy after all.

In the last month or so, Adi has discovered my bookshelf. I am we do we say this politely...ah yes, anal about people spoiling books and just because you are you are my firstborn, still in your diapers and cannot pronounce the letter 'l' does not mean you are allowed to run a wild rampage with the tomes. But then the Bubbles books are rightfully his and therefore I had to take them out and hand them over.

'Mama ko reading chahiye,' he declared and plonked himself on my lap. 'Chahiye' or want is like a punctuation mark these days. Everything is this chahiye or that chahiye. Once he demanded 'chahiye chahiye' at which point things naturally got really ugly.

'Bubbles littered...blah blah....Bubble's mom said don't litter blah blah....and then Bubbles lived happily ever after,' I read him the book.

The child threw himself on the floor and started bawling.

'What what what,' I spluttered.

'Bubbles chahiye,' said my only son tearfully.

'Oh ok, then, don't cry,' I said and opened the book again, being quite the strict disciplinarian as we know.

Since then the story of Bubbles and his littering ways and his mother straightening out her errant son is read to the Adi boy over and over again. And yet, he cannot have enough. My mouth hurts from speaking so much and yes, that is quite a feat for that overused part. This morning as I tried to leave for my Spanish class, fearing a surprise test, my child was seen running after me shouting, 'Mama, Bubbles ko red ball chahiye.' (The intrepid Bubbles, when he is not littering is seen chasing red balls). I was quite glad to escape the house where Bubbles lives, if you know what I mean.

I am quite dreading the evening when Bubbles will be remembered and sought in the pages of the books that my child loves. I don't know whether to throw up a cheer or throw myself down on the carpet and whimper.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hehehe! Have you met Bruno the bear? Bubble's partner in crime...

wordjunkie said...

Maybe they have Bubbles in Spanish - then you'd both be happy :)

Mona said...

let me make your life easier - the point of this seemingly pointless exercise is so that your child can by-heart the book and KILL you by repeating it to YOU over and over again. prepare to die a gruesome death at the hands of bubbles.

Just Like That said...

No getting out of it. First they make you read it over and over till they know it by heart. Then they make you read it over and over again, so they can tell you what you left out....:-D Enjoy!!

s w a t said...

You know what's great? My lecturers announce the date & time for my 'surprise' tests.

kbpm said...

Ha! Bubbles Bruno Pepper and other such creatures. I tried very hard to make them into moral tales by which 'values' would be 'imbibed' - the opposite of that quickly happened.

Bruno (the bear) is a bit more tolerable because there are two poems at the beginning and end of the books, a special feature missing in Bubbles (the monkey) books.

I am glad very glad, to be all done with that phase now!!! But I feel your pain...

choxbox said...

the dr.seuss phase will soon arrive. be very afraid.

*going away muttering 'hose grows rose on joe's nose'*

Lakshmi said...


I know what you mean! My daughter is 2 and a half now and kills me by asking me to read the same books over and over and over again.

We are potty training her and her dad started the habit of telling her own stories to her while she is on the potty. So now every single time, we have to say "Nandini" story for her to pee or poo :( I am at my wits end!!!! :)

Well like everyone else has commented, hopefully this torture will end soon, but my second one will catch up by then :(


Maggie said...

LOL! My Bubbles was the Gingerbread Man (run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the GM)!I used to have nightmares about that piece of pastry, I tell you! :-)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..ah just had a session of that laat week - with that machli rhyme. friend's kid insisted that it was repeated by another friend 206 times ( with the actions mind you). the mother and me, were cowering under the bed in protest.

now i am tempted to say bubble bubble boil and trouble la la la

buk vorm said...


Sue said...

LOL! Him too? Bhabbles has it bad, so bad, I hid the books for a while. It was Bubbles, Bubbles all day.

We have all twelve. :)

Mama - Mia said...

aaaah! heres bubbles is a book called times 1000 words to talk about and the thing it has about finidng the hidden football in every page!

morning starts with "ball dhoondenge!" grrrr!

Priyanka said...

oh you reminded me of the bubbles days with my son...Bubbles is a kind of addiction with these guys...had to hide the entire series from his sight...and now it is Dr.Seuss Cat in the hat and CINTH REturns...driving me!

Mampi said...

congratulate thyself girl,
wait till their homework starts to pester thee