Thursday, April 9, 2009

Exam blues

I have my Spanish mid-term exam on Monday. Belatedly, I have come to the realization that I may be too old for this kind of thing. Also, too not chilled out. Since this is a crash course, there is a lot that is crammed into each class. There is homework to be done and exercises to be revised. I can only get to them after Adi sleeps which is naturally never before ten in the night and that is on a good night. I can assure you that ten pm is not a good time to try to attempt conjugating verbs in an alien language. I make silly mistakes (are there mistakes of any other kind mistakes?) and then curse myself loudly when the teacher points them out to me. All in all, it is quite a challenge and I ask myself time and again about this need to make things tough for myself.

And now, this. The exam. I will need to put aside plans for popcorn-pepsi-movie and elaborate lunches with Mahesh in order to swot at the course material. I will get stressed and snap at everyone. I will get the feeling that nobody loves me and burst into tears at a single harsh word. I will miss Mom and crave for tea made by her. I will need to seek solace in food of the sugary kind. Though the last is not a bad thing at all. I will prowl around the house quite certain that I will forget everything when the time comes and be put in the loser's corner of the class with a dunce cap for company. I may even, gasp, need to miss some bad television. The sacrifice, the sacrifice. All in all, I think it can be safely said that I will not make for cheery company this weekend.

The only consolation of course is that I will be able to speak a little Spanish at the end of the course.

And then I wonder, who will I speak it to?


Mama - Mia said...


this after you scored 46 on your last test?! bah!

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Spanish Blogs ???

Anonymous said...

Fear not, you shall have comments left in pidgin Spanish soon from this regular blog follower and fellow learner of the Spanish language! Maybe you can have two versions of the post - one in English and one in Spanish! Truly global :)

Shall be soon starting with online Spanish classes, after I swatted my kind and intelligent home tutor away and scared her into never returning.

Once, doce, trece, hablar anybody :)


Mampi said...

Ok, you inspire me to learn Spanish.

Oye, just so you can speak to me na.
But no guarantee. Cos by the time i learn to speak my Spanish, you might forget your Spanish.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

You'll pass with flying colours. And while tea by the mum may not be available, how about gin poured by the husband?

And some bad TV is always a great stress-buster!

Good luck! It'll be over before you know it!

choxbox said...

good luck.

did the whole exam thingy post kid myself so here's a hug.

Munchkin said... of luck

Quirky Quill said...

Haha. All the best and stop fretting.

chandni said...


Don't worry, I am sure u'll do well...just keep them chocolates at least they help me think better!

Kiran said...

Oh! Good Luck!

i still get nightmares about exams!!!

Parul said...

Mama-Mia - And what if that was a fluke?

Hobo - That's an idea!

Shruti - Oh that sounds fun!

Mampi - I am sure I will forget it pretty fast too.

M4 - I don't even like gin. Waaah.

choxbox - You did? How come?

Munchkin, QQ, chandu, kiran - thank ye, i need it!

Just someone said...

I relate to the exam post a lot:).. going through the motions of it myself... but you put it so well!

Good luck for the midterms...

that reminds me, maybe I should hit the books - right about now!:(

GettingThereNow said...

All the best!

How do you say it in Spanish? Muchos luckos?? :D

Rhea said...

How did the exam go?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

you reckon our respective profs are coordinating? i have my damn exam on monday but in true unmuggu ishtyle i havent opened a damn thing so far. tonight i shall start the panic.

roop said...

visit houston! :D plentyyyyy to speak spanish to. if not for anythin else, pliss come here to speak spanish hehe

choxbox said...

oh did my exams from the institute of actuaries in the UK when the older kid was about 2.

dipali said...

Sorry I'mh late! By now you would be through with the exam, and perhaps actually had some fun:)
Such a poignant last line!
(My older daughter teaches Spanish at Univ level, so I'm a vicarious lover of Espanol. I just had to show off here, Parul, pliss excuse)

Dip Tea said...

Hey..that sounds so like me!

How'd it go?

DotThoughts said...

conmigo, claro que si :)
I do read some spanish/bi lingual blogs. They give me a headache later, though.