Friday, March 27, 2009

You know you're from UP when....

  1. Deep-fried kachauris, aloo-subzi and piping hot jalebis are a perfectly reasonable breakfast
  2. You refer to all random suppliers and vendors, including the security guard in your office as Bhaiyya
  3. The word 'loo' brings to the mind a scorching, dry wind that drives people indoors and not a restroom
  4. You can tell apart your Mausajis from your Phuphajis and your Taujis from your Chachajis perfectly effortlessly
  5. The ji slips out when you want to show deference
  6. Every festival, every occasion -sad, happy, indifferent, every birthday, every season, every town, every goddamn thing in life has a defining food
  7. Your address back home had a gunj, chowk, sadak or gali somewhere in it
  8. Irrespective of if whether you actually do it or not, you know you can curse like a sailor if the occasion demands it
  9. Rickshaw is a cycle-rikshaw, auto is the other one
  10. Your vocabulary contains in it remarkably evocative and description/translation defying words such as cheecha-laider, hudhdang, muchhad, hudak, jugaad and so on
  11. You know people that respond to Raja, Guddu, Gudiya, Bachhu, Bunty, Munni, Chunni, Mitthu and so on

Consider this a tag if you like and do it for the place you come direct me to your posts.


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Add :
Dahi-Chura, bhurra on top, Aloo-dum ki sabzi and Tilkut
hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!
Its til-sankrant

Pgupta said...

cheechar leddar...hears that word after so so long..that really reminds me that I'm from UP(Aligarh)..Ohhhhh the aloo sabzi Kachori and Jalebi .

Anonymous said...

LOL..though #6 applies to ALL communities in India, I'm sure!


BeachBum said...

Very interesting post.Deep-fried kachauris, aloo-subzi and piping hot jalebis - all for breakfast? Have never been to Delhi and now it is at top of the "places to see before you die", especially for the food and more so, for the way you describe it!

Monika said...

lol loved reading this one and would love to do it for delhi as soon as i am out of my crazy work schedules

Shilpa said...

More for your list:
-You can tell your chausa from your langda from your sindoori
-You know that the above is about mangoes :)
I think this list pretty much covers the entire northern plains. I am from Delhi and was chuckling almost all the way through :)
I love your blog! I stumbled upon it recently and actually went through all your archives (yeah, I am jobless). Keep blogging :)

roop said...

isn't it truee for most of india? atleast it is for punjab!! everythin but minus the jalebis and kachori and add parantha and lassi to it. :)

Chakshu said...

Hi Parul...I am a regular at your blog...never commented though...Was forced to comment this time because I could so relate to this post. I am UPite too!

GettingThereNow said...

You are SO right. I was born and brought up in Rajasthan but identify with your list so much because we are originally from UP!

I'll add a few more names to your list - Lalla, Laala and Lallu. We had all three in our family, and also a Guddu, Munna and Babloo:D

Opaline said...

I somehow got the impression that "bhaiyya" was rude, so I call everybody "bhaisaab" and get laughed at. "Ji" also I thought was shuddh hindi for "haan", so I say that a lot too. 1 toh is a good bong breakfast also. Kachori and aloo or chhole. Yum.

Opaline said...

I somehow got the impression that "bhaiyya" was rude, so I call everybody "bhaisaab" and get laughed at. "Ji" also I thought was shuddh hindi for "haan", so I say that a lot too. 1 toh is a good bong breakfast also. Kachori and aloo or chhole. Yum.

Notes from our little world said...

Ha ha ha... your list had me in splits. Though I am from neighbouring Delhi I could relate to most of them.

Aneela Z said...


Aneela Z said...

So with you on the 'loo' story...though it was a constant feature of our (summer) lives every year my mom would rant 'bahar loo hai loo hai' and declare that her furniture had fever (go figure!) and only VERY BAD people walked about in the afternoon loo.

hack said...

1, 2, 7 and 9 also apply to Bengalis. Though 'dada' in place of 'bhaiya'. And the kachauri, aloo subzi, jalebi routine is my evening snack in office in Calcutta. Very nice list though. I remember my mum warning me not to go out in the loo when I was a tiny kid in Delhi.

Mama - Mia said...

hehe! ricjshaw and auto i deintify with because remember M's mausi in lucknow being scandalized when we suggested going to some place by rickshaw. she said auto le lenge! :D

awesome post!



svety said...


Swati said...

- you see buggi and tanga on the highways
- you hardly find people responding to horns and indicators
- you have words like "doctorni", 'darogain","Masterni ji" etc in your dictionary.

- you have a "chotu" working in every shop.

and also..

- you celebrate holi and Id with equal enthu.

I am from UP as well :-)

Parul said...

Hobo - How is it that you are always the first comment on every post?!

Pgupta - Ah yes, even I have not heard it in a while.

M - True.

BeachBum - Not Delhi, UP.

Monika - Yeah, do it!

Shilpa - Lovely additions.

roop - I guess so! And now I want lassi.

Chakshu - Nice to meet you then.

GTN - Lalla is a generic name for boys and Lalli for girls!

Opaline - Naah, bhaiyya is good too.

Notes... - Glad to hear that.

Aneela - Loved your post!

hack - Well, thank you!

Mama-Mia - LOL!

svety - hehe!

Swati - yes, yes, true...all of them!

choxbox said...

#9 applies even if you grew up in AP!

Itchingtowrite said...

self tagged myself on this

Mampi said...

especially part about the translation defying words that had me in splits.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I believe almost everything can be said about the folks from karachi too. It feels so good to hear cheechar leddar after such a long time.You write so effortlessly Parul :)