Saturday, March 7, 2009


I went hunting for shoes today and came away empty-handed (or barefoot, if you please). Reason, the shops are filled with shoes that are not wearable by a girl with no prior experience in stilt walking. Think I am kidding?

Yes, ma'am, these are the foot fashions for this season. Do you have a pair of extreme shoes such as these? Would you like to? And while you're at it, tell me what's a tall girl to do?

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Purely Narcotic said...

I like that red thingy with green straps but because we be the tall so we just admire these things, drool, point 'em out to tiny sized friends with foot sizes of ancient Chinese women and go back to our ballet flats.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

7th pic - favourite.

Goofy Mumma said...

These really are crazy shoes. I face the same problem while shoe shopping. So want a regular pair of flat footwear!!

Rohini said...

Don't get me started on this. It's positively upsetting how the needs of tall women in the footwear department are totally ignored :(

Destination Unknown said...

Im 5'11" tall.
I know nothing about heels...

I got to Patiala once a year or so and buy juttis ( U get really good juttis there... padded soles and all and since im in Chandi going to Patiala is no problem)

I buy 5-6 at a time. All different colours and wear them with jeans and all kinds of stuff. Really comfortable.

Art said...

some of the shoes are pretty... but it would really help if these had less heels :)
I cant even stand on these

WSW said...

said something similar here

More than the heels, even the quality suffers..unless you are a Nine-west regular of course :)

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! i have lesser balance on heels than what Cubby had when he took his first six steps at 14months!

and yes, we are tall (not very) but taller than pati by an ungodly inch! :p

and heels give us killer backache!

i dare all those shoe designers to make cool stuff in flats! sigh!



Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Some of those me want! Some of those are plain fugly!

And being very, VERY vertically challenged, my everyday shoes MUST be a minimum of 2 inches while 'going-out' shoes HAVE TO BE at least 4 inches!

Suki said...

Can I have a pair of sensible black floaters please? Like.. please? I really need some open and comfy shoes for rough summerwear!

Parul said...

Purely Narcotic - Oh I like them alright, I just don't want to appear more amazonian than I already do!

Hobo - I see.

Goofy Mumma - You tall too?

Ro - It is, it is.

Destination Unknown - Somehow I always end up getting shoe-bites with jootis.

Art - Yeah, would be tough, I imagine.

WSW - I have been a Nine West regular in the past but have shifted to Aldo since.

Mama-Mia - Oh yes, M is the same height as me too.

M4 - Fugly? Really? I think they are gorgeous, just very extreme!

Suki - Ah yes, back in college I lived in floaters too!

just another mommy said...

I feel dizzy just looking at them. Sigh - no heels for me too. Gives me a backache and feels like am walking funny!

Anonymous said...

hah - tall woman who loves heels reporting in! My husband is 6'3" so I can happily wear up to 4" high heels when I go out with him...not that I do...given gravity and its demands on my body (spine) my usual is 2-2.5" - and I live in the US, where my height (I'm 5'7") just falls in the tall spectrum, so I'm good all the way :-D


roop said...

the first ones without an arch that frieda wore someplace are friggin scary!!!

i'd never wear any of these!! runners for me please. :|

choxbox said...

do they also sell moch ka malam with these?

Iya said...

i have not one but many, and i suffer no end after wearing them..did a post on it once..

OrangeJammies said...

P, get them made. I do. That way I can choose color, size of heel and design. And once they have a mould in your size, it's really easy.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..and strangely enuf, i was writing a ode to high heels or should i call it a eulogy for my feet?

Lavs said...

How do women walk in them? And preity Zinta danced in them in KANK...i am not tall..5'5"..and flats are my favourite on any given day...flats do not have many varieties..but it gives me good support while do some women really walk in the ones shown?

Mampi said...

Tell me please that the pics are figments of imagination. that they dont exist. that people are not wearing them, please please please.
why is fashion supposed to be impractical. I mean look at the designs, they are good, why cannot they be made in seriously wearable styles and heels.