Friday, March 20, 2009

The times, they are not a changin' that much

I sometimes think that if I had the chance to live my academic life again, I would do it a lot differently. Por ejemplo (hehe,I know), I would focus more on figuring out the system and beating the shit out of it to suit my own advantage rather than devoting endless hours to just purposeless studying. As you can imagine, I am an embittered soul. Bittered too.

My Spanish class was to be my chance it at this re-living of my youth. I had decided that I would do things differently and do different things.

The plan was:

(in order of importance)

  1. Cultivate the class muggu and borrow her notes when the time for exam comes. Chill out in class. Grab a nap or two. SMS furiously (there were no cellphones in class back then)
  2. Focus only on the important exam-related stuff and weed out the trivial things. Do not seek any joy in first principles. Go for the top grade with a combination of 1. above and furious by-hearting of ten year exam papers.

Turns out, it's tougher for people to change than they imagine possible. After a few classes, it is quite evident that

  1. I in fact am the class muggu. The profound fact of life is that you can take the mugguness out of a nerd but you cannot take the nerdiness out of a muggu. What does that mean? Think harder (I have no idea).
  2. The classroom does not get any cellphone signals and there are no ten-year exam papers to be had for love (which I haven't tried to be honest) or money (which I don't make too much of)

Mahesh has been on my case mercilessly. He finds me poring over my notes or doing my homework and he explodes with the sheer mirth of it all. Better you than me, he shouts as he runs off to play with Adi or watch senseless television. I am done studying and I have no idea what sort of people would willingly go to a place that requires them to study more, he has told me on several occasions. I was quite happy to see him go to Singapore for two days.

I have since arrived at the conclusion that it may be time to kiss my dream of being a feckless and cool estudiante de espanol hasta la vista, baby. Sigh, back to the books.


s w a t said...

Oh my! I thought this Spanish was just for kicks... Seriously??!
In the true B'lore style- Enjoy maadi! :-)

kbpm said...

shh! dont let the others hear! they will borrow your notes and turn the pages in that way they have, after getting a bit of saliva on fingertips...

M said...

you need to study the revision paper just before your mid term and finals. seriously. don't study all this much. giving all us old students a bad name.

Anuradha said...

Hehehe :)) I have been a provider of notes myself, and can relate to this totally! This is priceless - "Do not seek any joy in first principles"

All the best with the Spanish lessons!!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Studying? *she exclaims horrorstruck and falls into a not-dead faint*

*upon recovery* Sigh! Whatever will this mad child think of next?

Rhea said...

You are a superwoman! Baby, home, husband and now Spanish classes. How do you manage?

I want to learn a foreign language as well and am much inspired by you.. :)

Now all I have to do is stay awake to study!

unpredictable said...

I think muggus are COOL. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Not even that Mahesh. He's just jealous of how much *learning* you are acquiring by the minute.

A former, not hard to classify as muggu, muggu.

DotThoughts said...

?te gusta aprender espanol? me gusta mucho. buena suerte para aprender. Puedes escribes uno post en espanol ahora :)

vidya said...

I began learning Spanish hoping that it will help when we travel to South America/ parts of Europe,with the economy crushing all my travel plans,motivation to keep up with the lessons started to dip as well..:(

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Education system needs a change.
May I contest election ?

dipali said...

Very impressed, amiga!
Keep up the swatting:)
make us all proud!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

i like muggus. i wouldnt have finished studying if it were not for em. can i borrow your spanish notes now?

Parul said...

swat - Lord, no, nothing that I do can ever be just for kicks!

kbpm - You're right, sistah. Eww, I hate those!

M - Oh come on, you will be proud of me if I do well.

Anuradha - Gracias!

M4 - I will think of something to be sure!

Rhea - Wait till you see the book, then!

unpredictable - Of course we are cool in our thick glasses and uncoordinated clothing!

Dottie - Gracias, mi amiga pero mi español no es tan buena. *does that make sense?*

vidya - yes, but the economy will pick up and your travel plans will be revived and you will need it then.

Hobo - if you like.

dipali - thanks!

cyn - sure, if you don't turn the pages with saliva stained fingers!

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! i dont even remember what studying was like. and i have no intention if findinf ouit again and rediscovering the joy of it! no no no!



Mona said...

lol, i do love you, childe. you make me laugh!

nomadz said...

you inspire me.

have declared to husband that i will join french classes when on upcoming break. when inquired about source of this sudden idea...i said...i have a friend who is learning spanish (smug look). he knows not identity of mysterious-spanish-learning-person.

u totally made up the word estudient...dincha?

Mampi said...

How many people have you inspired so far?
count me in.
I studied for class X french about 5 years back ( yeah, after my Post Grad and 8 years into the job) and Mahesh was absolutely in awe of me. Yeah I managed to have his awe. Now i have forgotten the little french i knew.