Monday, March 23, 2009

Maybe one day I can solve Spanish crosswords

You know how when you learn a new word, it just seems to jump at you from everywhere? It is happening to me now. With Spanish words. There is a whole new Hispanic world out there, just waiting to hurl Spanish words at me. Whether you like it or not, I will now illustrate the same with boring instances from my life:

Surfing the internet while dreaming about the upcoming U2 concert in August. Come across a video of Bruce Springsteen inducting U2 into the Rock and Roll House of Fame and what are the first words of his speech....Un, Dos, Tres, Catorce!

Doing the crossword this morning and 'a region in Spain' and 'Madrid language' are staring at me.

I pick up a book and all the words are Spanish. It was my Spanish textbook. He he, got you.


Speaking of crosswords, I am an addict. But only of the quick kind. There was a time I thought I would give the cryptic ones a try. Then at some college festival, there was a crossword competition taking place. Essentially, you just collected the crossword from a counter and submitted it back when you were done. I took one and started looking through the cryptic clues. I could have got one or maybe two in the entire grid. Just then, a lanky looking boy walks in, collects the crossword from the counter, takes out a pen and without pausing for a single moment, he just fills in one word after another. In two minutes, he had completed the grid, put the completed crossword back into the box and walked out. I threw mine in the dustbin and walked out too. That was the last time I ever attempted a cryptic crossy. That's one of my talents - I don't play games that I can't win. If M tells you this is his line, he is lying.

Since it all seems to keep coming back to the Spanish, I have to tell you that I have my first class-test tomorrow. M has been supporting me in my hour of need by asking me highly pertinent questions such as, 'what if there is a question from chapter three? Will you stand up and shout, 'but miss, this is out of the syllabus?'' I have been responding in my usual graceful fashion by vilifying him on my blog.


And finally, if you come here for the funnies, that is exactly what you are going to get.

The evil cyborg one is the best by far, don't you think?
Obviously I did not make these.


M said...

try watching "yo soy betty, la fea" on youtube. it's a moment of pure revelation when you start to understand stuff they're saying :)

stuti said...

Ohh i loved the last one best!! Please post one everyday - It can be your "one nice thing to do daily" :)

Mama - Mia said...

very very cool!! and i thot i was the only chicken when it came to parenting! :p

and all the best for the spanish test!!

only crossword i could even attempt was lame Mid-Day one! :p



WSW said...

Obviously if it is out of the syllabus, all those who attempted the question will get full marks. Maam said so.

*10 years ago, Muggu me to friends.

Aneela Z said...

stuti: as opposed to letting Adi and M to live to another day.

Perakath said...

What U2 concert??

Parul said...

Perakath - U2 360 degrees tour, Wembley Stadium, London, August 14, 2009, one numbers ticket has been bought - the ticker is in my head.

Mona said...

i loooooooove savage chickens.

Perakath said...

Oh I thought they were coming here. (Wouldn't that just piss you right off? :-) Are you going alone, and just for the concert?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

I have a guitar test in half an hour. As usual I havent opened the damn thing . instead im surfing blogs as you can see. I shall pray for you if you pray for me. deal?

cryptic crosswords are designed by sadists. bah

just another mommy said...

good luck on the test...and loved the chickens!

Kiran said...

haha...really funny :)

good luck for your test!

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Goodluck ! But I never ever tried crosswords. I cant put pressure on my brain - Sorry.

stuti said...

@Aneela : For purely selfish interests as her blog's fan, i'd prefer she continues not "letting Adi and M to live to another day" :)

Double-Dolphin said...

I can count to gloog!!! ROFL!!

kbpm said...

how about Bollywood crosswords? you up for that concert hopper?

Parul said...

M - I never liked the concept of Ugly Betty though.

stuti - How about just visiting the site I have linked to?

Mama-Mia - Gracias.

WSW - Hehe and me, these days.

Aneela - Stuti has replied.

Mona - Me too.

Perakath - It would piss me enough, not alone... with mian and bachha and combining it with a it should be nice! And expensive.

cyn - How did it go, o exploiter of muggus?

jam, kiran, hobo - thanks guys!

DD - what, gloog is a word.

kbpm - anytime! seriously.

NainaAshley said...

Good luck on your test. I have been meaning to take a spanish class for a while now. Now I will take some inspiration from you. Or may be I should just start with watching dora with apple.

Anonymous said...

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