Monday, March 2, 2009

Films and flowers

There is a very short window of opportunity that we get in the mornings where Adi is awake but is willing to spend time with someone other than parent. This is the time period in which we need to steal out if we want to see the outside world at all. Of course it is a little tough to find people who would agree to drink with us at that hour (roughly 9:30 am) and even tougher to find a pub that would be open and serving customers. Look at me, will you, going on and on about missed Margaritas. One would think I quite like my drinkies. Ahem.

However, what I was saying was is that this time is fairly convenient for movie shows, if you like empty theaters, that is. And so yesterday, we crept out of the house and went to watch The Curious Case of Banjamin Button. Normally I would consider my paisa to be vasooled if and only if I can (wolf) whistle whenever Brad Pitt comes on screen but yesterday I was reminded how the man is a half-decent actor too. The last time I felt thus was in Meet Joe Black. Anyway, so I was left wondering about how any movie could beat this one for the Oscar for the Best Film. I decided to watch the Slumdog DVD that has been floating around the house. I couldn't get too far what with the boy deciding to launch a massive tantrum at that very point etc but from whatever little I did watch, I was left feeling that perhaps the underdog theme was being taken a little too seriously by the Academy people. More when I have actually watched the full film, assuming child's cooperation.


I am quite a sucker for fresh flowers. Makes me feel like I own Manderley for some reason. I used to buy them from the vendors who sit around at various points in Bandra and used to pay out big bucks too. One day when the seller asked for Rs 35 for a single stem of lily, Pramod finally had enough. Have you heard of the Dadar Flower Market, he asked me. Of course I have, I replied, I used to get stuck there every morning while going to work. No, from buying flowers perspective, he demanded. Too dirty and messy for me, I replied, ever the snoot. He sighed loudly and volunteered to get me flowers on his way to our home in the mornings. And I am not exaggerating when I say that they are at least ten times cheaper. I am so thrilled at this turn of events that I am overdoing it completely. Take a look at my house today.

Normally, not a rose person at all but a bargain person at all times.

The left-over lilies from the main bunch.

My all-time favourite Rajnigandha. I have no clue what the English equivalent is and it doesn't matter because I am already established as clueless after the Wedgwood episode.

The aforementioned main bunch.

Orchids! So many!

I wasn't kidding about the overdoing part, was I, but still quite loverly, eh? I know the pictures suck but after an attack of acute laziness I cannot be bothered to take out my camera and use only the phone. Otherwise I am India's answer to Leibovitz.



Mona said...

you're right, quite loverly. i love fresh flowers at home!

Mama - Mia said...

well M watched Slumdog in US (where he si as of now) with his firang ex-boss and hated it completely! but the boss loved it! its meant for the firangs i guess. i still havent wached it!

but the way Hubby was wailing Latika, i am guessing its OTT! :p

and the flowers look gorgeous! no ODing at all! :)



Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Here, let me make you feel better wrt being clueless...

who Leibovitz?

(good deed for the day done!)

roop said...

aww i love the orchids!!!!

i liked sdm. havent watched curious case though. shall see!!

Aneela Z said...

rajnigandha are fav flower/ fragrance a kid i would associate them with 'cosmopolitanism' (considering i would only get to see/smell them during summer hols. in karachi ..growing up in Pindi cantonment where gardeners didnt go beyond geraniums and whitewashing anything that didnt move and saluting everything that did)....of course now Ive made my mom plant a whole 'kiyaree' of rajnigandha under my window.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Silsila was the movie.
Amitjee and Rekha jee and the switzerland flower garden. Will never forget and your post remind me the movie again.
Thankyou !

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Yayyya! I am not the only one! It is obvious that the Academy often gets it wrong...big time!

As for the flowers...they are simply a slice of heaven!

stuti said...

Your lilies are so very, very pretty :)

NC said...

Lovely arrangements!
Dadar flower market is really cheap - here even a bunch of Chrysanthemums is for 100 or so - nothing like fresh flowers to make one feel happy and top of the world on a Monday morning :) Liliums and tuberoses are my favourite apart from frangipanis picked up from the parks or footpaths - I love their fragrance and to see them floating in water :)

Priya said...

Ah! I remember the infamous Dadar market that Div and I used to skilfully manoeuvre through on his bike.
Lovely flowers....cannot think of doing this London...where a bunch of ugly flowers cost something like £5/ 400Rs !!!

Anonymous said...

Sigh - the flowers are gorgeous (As are the bits of your house that are visible in the pics). Love orchids...unfortunately would probably have to ransom first-born to afford them here...


Anonymous said...

Love it. I never realised I was a flower person myself till recently :). Now I need to have flowers in my place every two weeks.


asaaan said...

Its makes your house look so inviting and festive.
My fav are the lilies

Deepa said...

Am thrilled to find someone else who claims Tuberoses( yup, the angrezi moniker for apna "rajni") as her fav. flowers. They remind me of heady romance( the kind I no longer get) and the song with "Rajanigandha, phool tumhare..." or some such. And as a newly married idiot I spent most of our monthly budget on flowers in the U.S. no less. Now, wiser, grayer and poorer I only admire them from far:-)

Parul said...

Mona - If only they didn't wilt though.

Mama-Mia - Yes, I think we see much too much poverty up close(r) for it to ever be fascinating.

Sowmya - Annie Leibovitz. Famous photographer.

roop - Do and let me know what you think.

Aneela - Oh for a kyaari.

Hobo - You're welcome.

M4 - I guess most Indians feel the same way - torn between pride and confusion.

stuti - Ah yes, the buds are opening now.

NC - I love frangipani too!

Priya - Aw, come back then!

M - Yes, everyone's saying they are horribly expensive in the US/UK and here I was cribbing about paintees rupay ka lily!

A - I know! I'd take out my urli more often but Adi will take unscheduled baths then.

asaan - Oh good, Holi's around the corner!

Deepa - Yes, you have company in Aneela and me.

Suma said...

now that's loverly indeed!

sigh i miss delhi! and the flowers we get there...

Goofy Mumma said...

Lovely! But how do you manage to keep the vases around with a small kid at home?

karmickids said...

My home is the same every Tuesday after the husband is done with his Siddhi Vinayak visit...

dipali said...

Terrific! What a nice driver you have:)