Monday, March 16, 2009

Downgrading means degrading and other such wisdom

I have been downgraded. Yes, that's the price I have to pay to quit my job to become a full-time writer. No more privileges of the Jet kind. In the last two and a half years since I gave up (on) my last office, I have seen my frequent flyer status slide from about-to-make-Gold to Silver to Blue Plus and now the final insult - Blue. I shouldn't care. This is a small price to pay for lofty dreams such as following my heart and that sort of nonsense but hey, I like my upgrades to business class and tele-check-in and what have you. I cribbed to Mahesh about this and he has decided to come up with a strategy to put an end to my misery. This straight-forward and easy-peasy as they come plan involves getting an expensive credit card that gives free Platinum frequent flyer cards and then arm-twisting the credit card company to bend rules to transfer said card to the spouse - me. Who says romance is dead? At least, in geekland, it is thriving.


Michael Jackson will be resurrected very soon. I predict so. This I do with the help of acutely scientific measures such as the songs being chosen by the American Idol participants. Seriously, every second person on that show (including our own should-have-gone-to-IIT-what-is-he-doing-singing-on-tv Anoop) has chosen an MJ number. This is me at my trendspotting best, I tell ya.

Alright, sudden deep-dive into nostalgia. Many years ago, when MJ was still human, I was a huge fan. I could (can) sing every song from Dangerous and it is a reasonably difficult thing to do, given how every second word is a screech, yowl or yelp. Then the unthinkable happened. MJ announced a concert in India. There was no way I could dream of attending that concert but then as any ardent Bollywood lover knows, agar kissi cheez ko mann se chaho etc. Well, the Times of India ran a slogan contest, promising concert tickets to all winners. I immediately sent across an entry and given abysmal levels of quality control, even won! How a thirteen (or something) year old would go to a concert in Delhi all by herself was anybody's guess. My parents were still fretting about this new development that I had brought down on them when MJ went and decided that pedophilia was the best thing he could do to his career. Naturally, the India concert was cancelled. This was so long back that not even Google can help me with appropriate links.

The Times of India sent me a Videocon walkman instead. It was not the same.


We were at a mall over the weekend when we spotted a poster advertising land for sale in Khandala. Never before prices, it said.

'Never before high or never before low' said M and I at the same time. Gosh, but we're becoming really predictable.


My happy birthday is now truly over. I received more Facebook messages than I did on the blog and more on the blog than I did as text messages and more text messages than phone calls and more phone calls than personal greetings. It says something. I am just not sure what.



Mona said...

what it says is that people get on facebook all the time and thank god, facebook forcefully reminds everyone that it's your birthday. the rest, don't know.
and hey, i'm curious. what was the slogan that won?

Neelum said...

Hi Parul, I chanced upon your blog during my search for a Mommy blogger from India...and might I say I love your writing style.
We have two things in common ..well actually three (so far)
1. My son's name is Aaditya, we call him Aadi
2. I too am a stay at home mom
3. I used to be a business analyst/market researcher in Mumbai

I run three blogs, you can visit
and then have a look at the other blogs.

If you like we could have a mutual blog link-up. I would love my readers to read your blog.

Keep writing !!
And hey...happy birthday...

WSW said...

My company never allowed me to upgrade from Blue in the first place thanks to cost cutting!

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

It says : Party ?

Suki said...

Oops, I missed it! Belated Happy Birthday :D
I turned 20 today.. seems like acting adultish is in order :P.

Suma said...


oops! happy birthday...may the party never end :D

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Ex-MJ fan here too, so I sympathise!

As for the birthday wishes...I would've called! The fact that I wished you in two different spaces should say as much! ;)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..sigh. same here, same here. and now i dont even know where my JP card is.

The knife said...

don't fret. i am working and just became blue. You forgot Apex fares and no/ less points

Mama - Mia said...

downgrading to Blue! how terrible is THAT! ;) hope the resident geek's solution works!

and missed the MG contest! awww! my brother used to be a BIG fan and me, well i could do the screeches tops!

and blog, facebook, sms etc... it just means together you ge LOTSA wishes! :)



Oh boy! said...

MJ did perform in India - around Bombay though. I know, coz i was 13 and i went :-)
I didn't think there was ever a pan for him to play in Delhi. You must've been 15 or so.

Parul said...

Mona - Like hell I am telling!

Neelum - I don't have a blogroll.

WSW - Ah, then you wouldn't know the pain of deprivation.

Hobo - It does? Where?

Suki - Yes, it is. The teens are left far behind. The twilight years beckon.

Suma - What party?

M4 - Gosh, no. I am happy being a recluse.

Cyn - Come on, no travel for pitch presentations?

The knife - Yes, it was one of the few perks of qualitative research.

Mama-Mia - You know, you and M4 don't have just similar sounding names, you both also leave similar comments!

Oh boy - Well, how was it then?

dipali said...

Belated greetings, Parul. Hope you had a blast:)

The Nomad said...

Parul!I knoww!We are sailing in the same Blue boat now!

On one of the recent trips I went to the Jet lounge (with S) and as I bit into their oh-so-awesome butter cookies ... I told S in all theatrical glory ... sob.. how I have been missing these! he he ... he could only shake his head at me.

BTW, if you do get that Platinum card, you know what to get me from the lounge! :)

Mampi said...

LOL @ MJ's dangerous.
Recently, while running senselessly on the treadmill i heard this song being played and all that i could make out was DANGEROUS being blared out and the cheen cheen of the old treadmill.