Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day out and about in town

We were in town over the weekend. I love that part of the city. It is old and experienced and smells of a time that men wore hats and women carried parasols. Well, perhaps they did not actually do so but well, one is given to flights of fancy in this heat when hats and parasols would be a damn good idea. Anyhow, so at some point we drove past the Royal Opera House. Wiki tells me that it was built in 1912 and was India's only opera house. It is a really old building (duh, 1912) and is completely in shambles. The tall doors are locked and covered with years of dust and grime.I looked at it, mesmerized.

Me: Mahesh, look at this building. I am sure it was owned by a rich seth (frames of Guru Dutt era films furiously running riot in my mind). He would have fallen in love with the leading lady of the opera. She would have been beautiful and spoilt. She would not have reciprocated his love and broken-hearted, he would have shut the opera house and gone abroad where he would have lived a reclusive life to the end of his days. Since then, the Opera House would have been locked down. What do you think?

Mahesh: This is prime real estate. It should be broken down and an apartment building built here. Ha ha ha!



After being threatened to be cut off altogether if we did not watch Gulaal, we finally complied. As it turned out, it was a good decision. As usual, we will leave the reviews to the experts. It is heartening to see this new style of film-making from the likes of Vishal Bharadwaj (hey, wasn't he supposed to adapt Romeo and Juliet for his next, what happened to that?) and Anurag Kashyap co-exist with the Karan Johars and Yash Chopras of Bollywood. I wouldn't want to do away with either.

The film was nice of course but the lunch at Tea Center was even better. It's one of my favourite places in Mumbai, one of those old-fashioned places that make you think that Mumbai is not a half-bad place to live in. It is a real tea-room, complete with one of these on each table!

I always stuff myself silly when I go to Tea Center. Yesterday was no exception. After the paneer pakoras and biryani and aloo-paranthas, I still had space left over for a delicious caramel custard. Do you have a restaurant that forces you to overeat?


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Any road-side dhaba but it hardly exist. Gujrat/Haryana/Punjab highways. Manji to sit, lunch/dinner while watching trucks, cars passing-by.
I am missing a lot !

Rhea said...

Yes! All of them. :P

mayya said...

Ah parul, you talk about the yummiest fattening food yet remain so slim

Alan said...

The gang from work and I go to a place called Kanishka's at least once a month for lunch. We always come back stuffed and useless for the remainder of the afternoon. Especially if the goat curry is available.

We arrive early, as the place is always packed with a line out the door by high noon. Much of the crowd is South Asian (Microsoft world headquarters is a couple miles down the road.) which is a good sign. Based on experience, if we walk into an Indian restaurant and it has a gora only crowd, it's going to be bad.

Ronnie said...

Parul, next time you are in town ,you might want to try this nondescript little place called Crystal-opposite the Girgaum Chowpatty. This place is wedged in between Newyorker, Paramount ,Golden Thali and Wilsons college, overlooking the chowpatty.
I lived in South Mumbai for 4 years and no other place could beat this resto when it comes to yummy North Indian khaana. Especially thier chawal ki kheer...mmmmmmmmmmmm. And round this off with chocolate chip /green chilly icecream from Bachelors or Kulfi or Meetha paan from this place next to Sukh Sagar( I do not remember the name ) drrrrrroooooooooooooool!!!! :D

Vidya said...

Urban Tadka (in some mall in Mulund,Mumbai) was one place I ate so much,almost had to roll out of the door! And ofcourse,this place - :D

NC said...

Love the tea center, do they still have a pianist playing live music? I've not been there in ages.

The Nomad said...

I love the place, its my fav place for breakfast.And for lunch, dinner,evening snacks, hanging out with friends, family et all. Every time we had an early morning presentation in town my boss and I would have the unspoken pact to quietly steer that way afterwards for breakfast.
I think every visit for me is on an average 3-4 hours with numerous cups of pudina tea and all the other teas ... which is something for a non-tea drinker!

Ronnie, I love crystal as well ... used to eat there very often during my summer training. Still go there every chance.

Mama - Mia said...

almost every place we frequent is worthy of stuffing oursleves silly! :(

and seriously? Mahesh called it a pice of real estate? no wonder You are the one writing the book! :D



Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Your Opera House conversation sounds exactly like a conversation that MIM and I would have!

As for restaurants responsible for my overeating? All of them, dear, each and every one!

Parul said...

Hobo : :)

Rhea : Really?

mayya : I exercise!

Alan: Wow, that's a tip I need to remember!

Ronnie - Of course I know about crystal. One of my friends had once famously told me that I am too pseud to like it!

Vidya - I must check them out!

NC - No, the pianist is gone.

The Nomad - Which boss is this?

Mama-Mia - Not writing, written.

M4 - Oh well, someone's got to be practical.

The Nomad said...

Parul, another one. In my post-Quali days. :)

Seems like food is an important part of the equation with bosses for me! Now ... how's that different from anything else in my life?!He he

Mampi said...

No one forces u to overeat and stuff urself more than the Haveli people in Jalandhar.