Friday, September 12, 2008

Universally insulted

Conversations with the painter-folk. For all my non-Hindi speaking fans, I am translating every word into English. Jaya Bachhan - I know you don't need it.


Parul: Bhaiya, ek room paint karne mein kitna time lagega? (Brother, how long will it take to paint one room?)
Painter: Mumble, mumble, do-teen din mein ho jayega (Mumble, mumble, it will take two to three days)
Parul: Theek hai, kaam shuru kar do (Alright, start with the work) *parts with cash*


Parul: Bhaiya, aapne toh kaha tha jaldi ho jayega. Yeh toh khatm hi nahin ho raha (Brother, you had said it will get over quickly. It is nowhere near the end.)
Painter: *Strong silence, continues to rub at the walls from his safe perch on the ladder, steadfastly ignores Parul who doubtless appears to be him to be in the league of irritating mosquitoes*
Parul: *Repeats complaint at a slightly louder pitch*
Painter: Jab ho jayega toh bata denge, abhi hum kaam kar rahein hain (We will call you when we are done, we are working now)

I demand we bring back class distinctions into fashion pronto.


Nat said...

OMG - I remember getting more or less the same response from a handyman like that myself and wondering - geez what happened here? am I not assertive enough? Is it that obvious? Needless to say I was gobsmacked.

Preeti said...

oh these painters..always misguide about when they will finish the work!. I remember such instances at my dad's place. heck and they never clean up the place. hope you dont end up cleaning all the place urself!
good to see 2 posts in 2 days :)

Anonymous said...

he he!I guess he doesnt have any other houses lined up for a painting job. It once took a painter 14 days to finish painting a single room at my Bombay residence. Good luck:D

ss said...

We painted our entire house ourselves - each bedroom only took us 2 days - even the master bedroom. Iam pretty sure a professional could'ave done it faster.

It must be so irritating to put up with his behaviour specially since you've given him the money already!

ιℓℓυѕιση said...

Tailors, Painters, Carpenters...all these ppl can never meet deadlines!!!

Aneela Z said...

I wish we were 'allowed' to keep the handy man/carpenter/ ESPECIALLY TAILOR's first born hostage...and it should be in the contract that s/he can only be returned once the task is completed...I am going something similar with workmen and plumbers at the moment, will let you know once I have 'posted' about it.

whatsinaname said...

aiyyoooo... *biting my nails *
I just handed over some precious cash to the painter :( ... and I was promised 15 days for the whole house!
Dear God, am I asking for too much?

Shobana said...

Painters! They can never keep up their word, can they? Even one's that have been working for a zillion years. Tsk, tsk. BTW, Adi's wedding day????

Manasa said...

When the painter was painting our house, my mom had such experience too... most stuffs were stolen by them.. So keep an eye on him.

themunchkinblog said...

Carpenters are worse! They dont work on sundays, national holidays and every amavasya...bah!

Alan said...

Funny! And I do appreciate the translation. (I paint everything myself; not that it's any faster.)

Parul said...

nat - they are a force of nature, mere assertion will not get us anywhere.

preeti - they have been cleaning up after them so far, I think that's because they have Padma to answer to for that.

Ariel - fourteen days? were they trying to paint the ceiling of the Vatican?

ss - do you accept orders?

illusion - i agree.

aneela z - that is an idea!

whatsinaname - may you have better luck than I did!

shobana - or the arrival of his firstborn.

manasa - really? that is terrible. No, these guys are honest, just painstakingly slow.

themunchkinblog - which is why I did not attempt to have the furniture custom-made.

alan - :-) Yes, I realize that is the custom in the west but out here everything is outsourced to the 'experts'!!

diya said...

I think it is your gender my dear, I have seen these guys speaking 19 to the dozen if a man is speaking to them. I have been studiedly ignored by plumbers, electricians, presswallahs no matter how loud I shout. I think one should employ a person of the other gender and a sturdy specimen at that to make enquiries of them and then see the speech flowing!

Mama - Mia said...

i dont think anything related to ghar starting from when the builder promises you possession to all the later work happens in promised time frame!!

and they know so well, we are stuck for good!! sigh!

till then, enjoy the high paint fumes bring!! :p



Aneela Z said... 'ode' to the 'bane of my life' is up

just to let you know that we are 'universally insulted--in more languages than one'.

I love Lucy said...

I linked you in one of my posts.Hope its alright?

Artnavy said...

it is most annoying such instances- i came here via rohini and sue

u shld have opted for asian paints home solutions- they are very professional u know- at leats here in chennai

Homecooked said...

Actually Parul,I have noticed that handymen dont really respect the women(personal experience). You should have asked your husband to do the asking and you will notice a world of difference in their answers.

Preeti said...

Hi Parul, I tagged take it up if you wish :). From you its going to be a lot of fun.

HOBO said...

Hire & Fire - they say.
I agree few are irritates a lot.
Goodluck next time...

D said...

Some attitude there! But let me add, it isn't uncommon at all. The drivers, the painters, the sweepers - they've all got it. Don't ask me how!