Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The old days were drunk days

Much before she was doing things like buying cycles for Bhablets, our own tall, dark and undeniably lovely Sue was amongst other things, getting drunk. Here is one of those unforgettable episodes recounted by Sue herself. Tully ho, people. Not to be confused with Main Talli Ho Gayi.

I don't claim to be much of an authority on hangovers simply because my binges usually went on until I had to go back to class (after the weekend or the night or the vacation) and then one simply did not have the option of indulging in this little luxury. But there was one spectacular day-long drinking session -- on an empty stomach -- that was followed by some fairly serious collapse. Since Parul insists on hearing the tale, I suggest you pick up some water and sip as you scroll down. Even thinking about that morning gets me dehydrated.

So there was this Sunday I spent with an ex-senior of mine in Uni. That is to say he had passed out of Uni long before I joined. Anyway, he was (and is) quite an authority on his subject -- films -- and since I was trying to pass my subsidiary course on Film Studies without having attended most of the classes, I needed all the help I could get. So we settled down to a discussion on Film Criticism Theory with a couple of beers. One thing led to another and in the way of things, one drink led to many, many more. Some were smuggled into Someplace Else; a few were drunk on the roads and I'm not very sure where the others were consumed. It's been a few years since I turned respectable now.

I went home past ten that night, with no further intention to study. Which was merely pragmatic, since I was in no condition to do so anyway. I fell on my bed and was out like a light until about 6 the next morning. When I got a call from this guy asking if I knew anything about the car papers that didn't seem to be in his car any longer. He had been hoping I'd taken them or something. Just what you do not need to hear at 6 a.m. on any morning but esp when hungover, I assure you.

As the sleep vanished I remembered that this was the day on which I had to write the exam I had gone to study for. It was all too much for one twenty yr old to take on her own so I went back to sleep.

Around 9 my boyfriend of the time, Beq (http://bibekbhattacharya.blogspot.com), started calling. To see if I was OK, if I was ready for the exam. I think I told him that exams were over-rated, that I couldn't possibly sit for one that day, perhaps even that week, and tried to go back to sleep. It says much for Beq's charm not to mention powers of persuasion that he actually got me out of bed -- he kept on saying, think of your parents, and the threat did work -- and under a shower. The cold water briefly revived me, long enough for me to take off the jeans and t-shirt I'd spent the previous day in. Pulling on another t-shirt, one I kept for home wear and which was, I remember, very comfortable, and a pair of ancient shorts I managed to collect my stuff and was about to walk out of the door at around 10 (the exam being at 11) when the hangover re-asserted itself and I collapsed once more. Beq called and discovered the state of things and by dint of much coaxing and quite a lot of cursing, convinced me to head out of the house and into a rickshaw.

The rest is sort of blurry. I did reach the Uni. Remember gravely surrounding myself with writing materials in the middle and useful stuff like water, cologne towels, mints and hankies on either side. I think I told my benchmates to wake me up if they caught me dozing off.

Oh and I passed the exam, for what it counts. Pretty badly, but I did pass.


Sue said...

Damn, I need some water right now.

Mama - Mia said...


you passed!! wow!! that means the discussion did go well!! :)

loved the post Sue!!

makes me wonder how much have i missed be being a teetotaler! :p



chandni said...

u're a rockstar sue! :D

may be I should also blog about some crazy drunken stories!!

the fact that u passed shows that ur prof was on it too ;)

SUR NOTES said...

and was it a film studies exam that you passed in that hing over state?

if it was- thats the way to go!

Sue said...

Abha -- You've missed much. Ask Parul!

Chandni -- Maybe you should. Let me know when you do!

Sur -- Yes, it was. :D