Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mera waala pink

The painting job or The Endless Walk Through Fume-filled Corridors is almost over. After my last conversation with the painters I decided that I was better off staying off as far away as possible, partly due to the fear of getting wet paint on person.

"Aaj kitchen paint hoga," Padma informed me. I nodded absently and went off into my bedroom. I was working the whole afternoon and came out only at about three to get something to eat (I am very industrious like that). In my quest for food, I walked into a pink room.

Huh? A pink room? I blinked and looked around again. Yes, the kitchen had been painted pink. Or orange. Or a colour treading the treacherous line between the two.

Needless to say, all hell broke loose inside my head.

"Yeh kya kiya hai?" I demanded of the chief painter. Note that the 'bhaiya' has been done away with. (What is this?)
"Kitchen paint kiya hai." he responded calmly. (We have painted the kitchen)
"Yeh colour kyun kiya hai?" I asked. (But why this colour?)
"Humne socha kitchen mein kuchh alag maangta hai." he elucidated. (We thought the kitchen should look different.)
"Par mere se poocha kyun nahin?" my blood was boiling by now. (But why didn't you ask me?)
"Hmmm, mumble, mumble."

You are mistaken if you think that our food is currently being cooked in a pink-hued kitchen. Of course I made them repaint the entire thing in the same boring off-white that the rest of the house is bathed in. Three coats. We rent this house and I am guessing the landlady would want us to return the house in the same colour as we took it in. Not my place to experiment with colours really. Or his.

Thank God this painting is done. Never again.


Aneela Z said...

you sure there was not a whiff of "Padma Pink" in the kitchen mix...what was her reaction when you repainted it off white?!!!!

dipali said...

Painter Bhaiyya deserved every moment of hard labour, such cheek!

chandni said...


I wish u'd taken a pic of the pink hue :D

Cuckoo said...

The other ad where the Jaipur pink is scrubbed away to get to the whitewashed off white color... remember?

But gosh, you seem to have had a traumatic experience. You deserve a holiday to get over this!

Shobana said...

Pink eh? Not rose, like my MIL's kitchen??? Yuck!

Collection Of Stars said...

Pink for the kitchen?
You should have kept it; just to have some fun :)
Did Padma like the pink?

Parul said...

aneela - none, actually.

dipali - i hope he also sees it that way.

chandni - I would have but I was too busy having a fit.

cuckoo - oh yes, I agree.

shobana - yuck for pink or yuck for rose?

collection of stars - oh dear, I can think of other ways to have fun.

Mama - Mia said...

hehe!! i can imagine the pink reaction!! :D

we are still thanking our stars for not taking a completely pink house (doors et all) when we are looking for rented ghar to save 1000bucks less than the current ivory ghar we are staying in!!

whatte painter you have woman!! :)



Rohini said...

Oh we start on the 19th. I am not looking forward to it :(