Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello there, you

If someone were to ask what I am on, complete with raised eyebrows and in hysterical voice, I could reply in all honesty - "paint fumes". They are everywhere and I think M and Adi and Padma are on them too. We have been passing each other in the corridors with woozy smiles that suggest that we know each other but are not sure exactly how.

I don't know where this story is going so let us move on to other things.

I am pissed off at my dietitian yet again. Just because I eat what I feel like does not mean that I should be fat. I think. She disagrees. I am pissed off at her. I am looking for a new dietitian. Or a miracle.

The preparation for the Dream Run continues. I am averaging about 4 kms at a decent sort of pace these days and that makes me happy. In a coincidence, my last book was What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. Well, maybe not such a coincidence after all given that the title gives away that its about running. Either way, it is a wonderful book and I have discovered that Murakami and I have a lot in common. He feels a lot of pain while going for long-distance runs. So do I. Now all I need is a couple of international literary awards and you wouldn't be able to tell us apart. Except that he is Japanese and I am...not. And he is fifty-something and I am...not. Oh and also, he is a man.

The house is a right royal mess as a write this. I have been on a furniture buying spree. Well, not so much buying as walking into plush stores with unpronounceable names and keeling over as I read the price tags. Apparently they are all imported from Italy and that explains the prohibitive prices. Maybe they heard about Ambani's Altamount Road residence and decided that they do have a sizable customer base in India. Well, the Italians can keep their furniture, I say. And so can the Malaysians. I am NOT, NOT, NOT going to pay a single penny for anything that says 'particle board' or in the immortal words of a salesman "solid rubber wood". Instead I shall spend an obscene amount of time seeking out reasonably priced furniture made with Burma Teak. As you can see, this furniture expedition has destroyed me in more ways than one.

On to more pleasant topics. Adi has sprouted two more teeth. The said teeth are of good quality and will come in very useful when he needs to bite into a particularly stubborn bhutta or amrood. I say this with experience and that band-aid on my index finger is not just an accessory, I swear.

I thought we agreed on pleasant topics. So....I hope to watch a movie this weekend. Have missed everything from The Dark Knight to Bachna Ae Haseeno to Rock On to Wall E. Unforgivable.

Also unforgivable is that last night Death Magnetic was heard at The Hard Rock Cafe and I missed it. Ah well, next time then. Raising children involves huge amounts of sacrifice. There is no punchline coming up. I have said it all.

Later then.


rajk said...

Hey Parul, So you like Shivani? I remember my mom used to love writing. So I too, as a kid used to pick up issues of "Dharmayug" where her stories appeared...Still remember some of them....
There!! You got one comment!! I know the pain of no one commenting....(Usha's blog!)

Aneela Z said...

hey i thought paint fumes would make one lose their appetite...sigh...there goes diet plan #10.

deepa said...

great post as usual. And with the sprouting of progeny's canines I suggest you stock up on a year's supply of band aids coz he' going to bite many more limbs I assure ya.

And paint fumes eh? Novel way to get high. Must try sometime soon.

Parul said...

rajk - really? I hardly ever find people who have read Shivani's works, more is the pity. And read my whiny comment on Usha's blog, eh? I tell you - I have no idea all these hits are collecting from, no one tells me...sigh.

aneela z - oh baby, it will take more than that to make me feel less hungry!!

deepa - yes, i think so too. He is being quite vicious these days. Let me know how high the high is...

Rohini said...

Please tell me if you find nice furniture. I am struggling with the same thing. Early furniture is all MDF/ particle board and I HATE it.

karmickids said...

Parul, go to Oshiwara market. Old furniture, burma teak, you can run away with some bargains. I wish my husband appreciated old furniture. Had to fight tooth and claw to keep my side board and display shelf in the living room. He wants some monstrosity with inbuilt lights and mirrors.

Mama - Mia said...

they start biting fellow human beings?? no ownder M keeps asking Cubby "Where is you tail?". Ofcos this also has to do with the fact that among multiple animal sounds he has only picked up Bow!!

your blog helps me see logic of things!! :D

i have to thank you for assured laughs on your blog and am glad you are posting mot more often!! :)

all the best on furniture hunt! i hope you find the nost beyootiful things!!



Parul said...

rohini - actually I have found two - Camelot at Kemps Corner and Red, Blue, Yellow at Worli. Both expensive but beautiful stuff and made with my beloved Burma Teak. Come over once I get the stuff and you can decide whether you like it..?

kiran - i wanted to...very badly but you know about my lack of bargaining skills, so I gave up.

abha - aw, you're sweet!

ιℓℓυѕιση said...

I like the smell of fresh paint!!

I used to hate giving diet advice..dint work ever in a gym..coz i knew ppl who curse me :P

whatsinaname said...

Exchange of the woozy smiles happening at my place too :) So, I am not the only one who feels lost hehe
All the best for your run, and may God grant you a new dietician who has a different definition for FAT!
And happy teething to the lil one! Now that you talk of teeth, I need to take an appointment with the dentist...nah not for me..(i still manage to eat bhutta at my age, you see :P). My younger one is blessed with innumerable teeth. There seems to be never ending breakage of milk tooth and I am worried!