Thursday, August 21, 2008

The mousetrap sans the mouse

Except the mouse in question is one bandicoot of a rat. I discovered him one night at about three am, waking up with a start (me, not the rat) and wanting to check if I had really, really, really put the leftovers in the frig and instead running face to face with the said rat. It is difficult to say who was most startled but the odds seem to be in my favour. Since then, everyone in the house, my sister, staying with us for a few days, M, Padma, Shilpa and Pramod have had their own versions of trysts with the rat. In fact, he has been around for so long that we should probably name him. And nick-name him.

I think he is the same rat from last year, come back to tell me exactly how rewarding it is to not be cruel to animals and instead shout from a safe distance


Clearly not far enough because the rat is back to terrorize the shit out of us again.

He - and I call him that in my understandable ignorance of his gender - acts like he owns the place. He has eaten quite a bit of the Mortein Ratkill that Padma deposited in the preferable party places for rats in the house, namely behind the frig and all that but he has shown that he is made of sterner stuff.

Incidentally, last year when I tried to order the same Mortein Ratkill from our local baniya, he sounded most disapproving and told me

"Arrey Bhabhi, woh toh Ganesh bhagwan hai."

WTF? I almost expected him to assure me that it was actually Mickey Mouse, come to pay me a visit straight from Disneyland.

The rat in the meanwhile runs amok all over the place in the dark of the night, upsetting things and getting into the most unexpected places, like medicines for example. Anyway, I ordered the glue-trap from the Pest Control people yesterday, not one, but three. Just in case. And deposited a cube each of Amul Cheese to tempt the animal. I mean, I get tempted by cheese alright. Do you know what this glue-trap looks like? It is a flat board with lots of glue spread over it, the idea being that the animal will come to get the food and then not be able to leave because MWAHAHAHA the glue has got him.

He ate the cheese, romped about a bit on the glue (the footprints were there for all to see) and was understood to still be making merry this morning when I last checked.

Any ideas?


chandni said...


rats are my worst nightmare!

I am surprosed ratkill isn't working....I've never had a problem with using that...

Try the powder version sold locally. Mom uses tht and says it works!

Mama - Mia said...

no answers!!

but i had a laugh at your expense anywayz! yeah yeah! i am like this only!

but seriously, i though rat-kill works! used to work when had to sue it coupla times at my parent's ghar! ofcos finding where the rat has gone and decided to RIP when the stench becomes too much is even more ewwww!! :(

we used to always get a rat or two around Ganesha! first we oohed and ahhed saying Divini co-incidence!

then we realised that we tied huge bamboo poles for ganeshotsav celebration to put a mandap! and these rats scurried up!!

so much for ganesh ji's prasad!
i could have a written a post about this!! sorry for the loong comment!



Aneela Z said...

borrow a cat for a day...usually the smell of them is enough to chase away the rat. Ive done that (in the bad ol'days when our lease didnt allow for pets) and it was pretty successful...but then it could be that Melbourne rats are more "shareef" and just a whiff of eau de cat was enough. so lock up the cat in the kitchen for a should also block all entry points in the kitchen (the usual suspect is the drain/pipe under the sink, you have to weight down the lid/cover as usually rats can edge the cover with their nose)

and for the good shop keeper who was offering you his religious gyaan ask him to come with an aarti and accompany Monsieur Rat to his home now that Ganesh Chatruthi is rolling up. Tell him one fat rat free to go to a good home!!!

Shweta said...


I still remember we had two BIG rats at our place and one of them decided go for a relaxing swim in the 'pot' of one of the bathrooms and then ofcourse could not get out!! So, he stayed there for almost a day till some help came and got him out of there and our house! Phew!

Minka said...

ok , try this. Some smirnoff and old monk . Then whack the living daylights out of it .

No ? ok then add some smirnoff/old monk to the ratkill. If he's bewda, he will get it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Parul, I laughed! :-) But you're sure it's just a rat and not a bandicoot, right? AFAIK, bandicoots are a different beast altogether! In any case, try the old fashioned rat traps - the cage-like ones - they've worked in my parents' house on all sizes of rats (over the years, lest I give you an impression of a rat infestd house!)


churningthewordmill said...

get one of those traditional traps na...the ones what are wooden and have a shutter( or door or watever it is called) in front..u put the cheese in..mouse walks in to get to the cheese, trap shuts, end of mouse troubles.simbbbly!!
btw thank to chandni n co. i have now been introduced to ratkill...dint know something with that name existed till nw!

Anonymous said...

There is a rat killing stuff called Roban ( yeah innovatively named for rodent killing by the Indian pesticide company or some such )It is dark green and soap like and usually the animal goes somewhere else to die. I have tried it in Delhi to completely get rid of a couple of them bandicoots.Worth a try .

ss said...

you are made of stronger stuff.

I would have
1. packed up and gone to my mom's house till hubby dearest found a way to shoo away the rat!
2. Asked my father to come over and help. (My dad is an expert at shooing away insects and pests - he should be - for all the experience my sis and I have thrown his way!)

I can give you my dad's address if you want :)

Parul said...

UPDATE: The rat has been caught but not after Pramod spent an entire morning hunting him down and the animal spent the same morning eating away the AC one delicious morsel at a time.....I now need to call the maintenance fellow...thanks for all your help, people. I am going to refer to these comments next monsoon when their holes fill up with water and they seek refuge in ours :-)

Sue said...

You could try praying to Ganesh bhagwan.

*strolls off giggling*

karmickids said...

Something that you;re supposed to mix with atta and leave in tempting spots all over. from Laxman rekha brand. Can put cut outs of rat houris to entice said creature to the feast....

karmickids said...

Award for you. On karmickids.