Thursday, August 28, 2008

Memories that are so bizarre I wonder if they did actually happen

In my effort to shake things up a bit, I asked a bunch of fellow bloggers to come do a guest post here. Nearly everyone agreed and the ones who haven't have me to reckon with so they will get around to my point of view sooner or later. The first one to bite the bullet is the lovely Surabhi from Sur Notes. She pulls out a childhood memory that she cannot believe is real. Well, I can't blame on!

Young Sister Juliet teaching a bunch of ten year olds 'Ra Ra Rasputin lover of the Russian Queen' for the convent school annual function.
The reason I wonder if my brain has mixed up the details is not because why was Sister J teaching us this, of all, Boney M songs, but because I doubt I would have been in the group being tutored to sing in ANY function.
Something is not quite right with this school memory. Though I do remember the words clearly,
Ra Ra Rasputin Russia's greatest love machine
It was a shame how he carried on......
Sister J, what were you thinking ? I can not hold a tune for heaven's sake!

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Aneela Z said...

God...Im so have a nun cool enough to teach you "contemporary music" (forget for a moment that it was a daggy Boney M)..for our music teacher (Sister Francis) young people's music was "It's a Long Way to Tipperary"...our nuns had introduced a fortnightly session on "Merits of Manual Labor" basically getting us to polish our desks and the class room woodwork to well you might have guessed it ..."It's a Long Way to Tipperary" sex machines in our Convent, just work machines!!!!

Shobana said...

If there was one movie from which all nuns were comfortable teaching songs from, it was "The Sound of Music". What a bore! I loved the movie itself, but the way the song was thought, that was a bore. The nun once made the entire group stand with our hands inside our mouth for an hour, coz we weren't opening up enough. Yuck:(

deepa said...

God! Remember that song so well. You brought back memories of blasting this song with my much older teenage cousins in the car entoute to family holidays. I AM OLD. I am.

Sunshine said...

i love love love Boney M! my dad used to listen to it all the time when i was a kid and i grw up dancing on Ra Ra Rasputin n Brown Girl in the Ring n Rivers of Babylon! :D

Mama - Mia said...


i am amazed you were shocked about the fact that she picked you to sing rather tahn the song itself!! :p

great post!



Manasa said...

Your posts always bring a smile :) I have subscribed to them on my reader.

the mad momma said...

man.. she and i might have been in the same school... we learned it in class 6. a classmate taught it to us. one of my most bizarre memories too. an entire 6 sections singing it. yuck.

Parul said...

wow, I had no idea so many people would have similar experiences to recount. I went to really dull schools.

Manasa - thank you very much :-)