Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The fifteen month letter


Its my turn to write the monthly letter again. All my fans, settle down, you will all have your turn to gush so don't crowd me.

I am so full of words lately. Of course, I use the same word to mean many things, puh-tee for example could mean paati (grandmother), potty or party but hey, don't tell paati that. For obvious reasons. I can now call the paternal parent Appa, Papa and Daddy and I do. In rapid succession. He puffs up like a toad every time I do. What else does the poor sod have to live for anyway. I can now also turn up my nose at things and call them 'dirrrty'. Yea, I am a regular hygiene nazi. I call Padma Akka 'Akki' and Nani 'Manni'. All my subjects realize the privilege that is bestowed on them thus and are thrilled.

I had my first taste of international travel recently and I could get used to it. Everyone cribbed about the lack of vegetarian options but given that I was on my staple diet of oats and porridge, all was cool. Of course, Mom had to divide her day into three hourly slots which is when I ate but then, that is her lot. I saw the sights from my stroller without once fussing to be let out. And when Mom wanted to go for her concert, I stayed back with Manni without a single tantrum. At this, Mom fell to her knees and started counting her blessings (there were twenty-three). I flew like a pro and on the Brussels-Mumbai flight really gave it off to everyone, specially the man who sat across the aisle. I ensured that he got no sleep whatsoever. But I liked Bhakti the air-hostess. She was pretty and was willing to ferry me around. What was there not to like? What is that noise that you are making about gender-stereotyping, eh? I am only a baby.

How about a picture of my new toys from Belgium?

Lately, I try to ape everything that the oldies at home do. I try to speak what they do and when they laugh, I break out into a loud exaggerated guffaw too. Not the greatest examples to follow but then what choice do I have?

These last few weeks were full of illnesses too. I didn't quite relish the fevers and the runny noses and the restless nights but being me, I bore it all with admirable fortitude. Of course, sucking my thumb helped too. You ought to try it sometime.

Other cuteness-quotient increasing things accomplished this month:

  • Making screeching sounds when a F-1 race is telecast, sending Dad into paroxysms of delight
  • Putting a mobile phone to the ear and babbling endlessly, ostensibly having an involved conversation with an unseen friend
  • Holding up a hand, fist tightly clenched as soon as the supremely melodious strains of Sinngh is King waft through the air, grinning manically. Oh beautiful Katrina Aunty. Sigh.
  • Slapping chest caveman-style and shouting 'ADI'. As if there was any doubt.
  • Snatching a hair-brush from Mom's hands every morning in order to comb hair on my own. Mom asks if I could start changing my diaper on my own anytime soon but that privilege is still hers and boy, do I make it a challenge or what?!
  • Piously proclaiming dut-dut-dut (dot-dot-dot) as soon as snow appears on the TV screen. Mom is making some noises about limiting my TV time already. Have to zap that idea outta her head.
  • Looking delighted at getting a piece of apple and then going about the house holding it in one hand like the Olympic torch all the while saying 'Appy'. Oh and that applies to pears and all other fruit too. Appy, Appy - that's me. Sheesh.

Slumber related issues, I continue to be the reigning champion of sleeplessness. Parents are waiting for the two year mark now, hoping and fervently praying that that would bring them nights of uninterrupted sleep (no, they don't hope for anything more).

Is it a surprise then that whenever talk of a second baby comes up, Moms looks alternately horrified and wistful?

Later then. I have other worlds to capture.



Mama - Mia said...

gush! gush! gush!!

happy 15th adi!! you the man!!

stay appy always OK?! :)



ss said...

So cute! Happy 15th dude!

Shobana said...

You sure do hon! It's always a pleasure to read your posts.

Kiran said...

soo sweet :)
happy 15th !

chandni said...


so good to see adi's back in action :)

Parul said...

mama-mia - I is, I is, I is da man!

ss - thanks, man.

shobana - I know, ask my mom to stop trying.

kiran - thank, hon!

chandni - I know *puffs up in pride*