Sunday, August 17, 2008

Diet disasters

On Saturday morning, I had an appointment to keep with the dietitian. I landed well in time, trying to make up in punctuality what I had messed up in nutrition.

Dietitian: Now you have a new fitness goal to meet. You have to run the mini-marathon so you need to build stamina...blah di blah
Parul: Yes, yes...absolutely, I could not agree more.
D:...must have protein shake...
P: *rapidly losing interest*...correct. correct....hmmm, hmmm
D:....also, pomegranate juice before work-out....
P:*day-dreaming about a thali-lunch at Dakshin*.....yea, yea....of course...
D:...and then climb up on a cow and jump down a few times....
P: of cou...huh? what? what did you just say?
D: Just checking if you were paying attention.

If you think this conversation really happened, you need to take this blog a lot less seriously then you do.

D:So, very good, P. Why don't I make some changes to your diet while you finish your workout?
P: *sheepish grin* Actually, I am not working out today.
D: *most disapproving* And why not?
P: Actually, no maid at home because of Raksha Bandhan. Need to go back to baby.
D: Oh, alright.
P:*gets out of gym and furiously dials a number* Hello? M? I managed to get out of it! Lets go eat!

Clearly, we are not above using Adi to get out of...err...situations.

A little later, at the foodcourt of a suburban mall.

M: What do you want to eat?
P: *looking frantically from one high-calorie item to other* ...chhole-bhature!
M: Ok, one chhole-bhature please.
P: And the rajasthani thali looks good too. Daal! Baati! Choorma!
M: Well, I will order that too and we can split both.
P: *now openly salivating*....jalebis! and kaala jaam!
M: Ok, anything else?
P: No, that's it. I am done!
Lady at the counter: How about some moong dal halwa? Here, taste some!
P: *tastes*....and moong dal halwa!
M: Anything to drink?
P:*now giving this up for a losing...or gaining...battle*....err, chhaas? My dietitian told me its fine to have chhaas. Very low-calorie and nutritious.

I swear if you tell this to my dietitian, I will kill you.


Mama - Mia said...


i am scared to even go to a dietitian! (i dunno why i always though it was spelt with a C!)!

i am sure they will just write me off and send me away!!

chhole bhature!! what would i give to get a decent plate of it in blr!! :(

thanx for the much meeded monday morning laughs!! :D



Mona said...

lol :)

Shweta said...

You are HILARIOUS!!! You must think hard about that book :))Now how about a recent picture of Adi and you?

Parul said...

abha: heh heh...well, if you are serious about getting fit then you could go to one and then make the 'transgressions'!

mona: aw, happy to hear that!

shweta: just between you and me and the internet, its past the thinking hard stage but shhhh for now! I don't publish pictures on the blog anymore...troll precaution!

ss said...

What? Didn't they have good orange creamsicle milkshake?

Orchid said...

only, i know this story too well :(

NainaAshley said...

I can relate to that. Now all those delicous items you mentioned are making me hungry(sneaks out to stuff her face with chocolate).

Kiran said... mouth is watering...need to go to an indian restaurant tonight :D

dipali said...

Sounds yummy- the food, not the dietition!

Parul said...

ss - :-)

orchie - yeah. sigh.

nainaashley - like kiran said on her blog, gluttony loves company.

kiran - did you finally?

dipali - it was!