Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conversations real and imaginary

Revised nomenclature in this household:

Apple - App-oo-ee
Pear - App-oo-ee
Umbrella - Ubb-aye-dee
Baarish - Bye-tee
Diaper - Bye-tee
Bye-Bye - Ba-Ba
Sheep - Ba-Ba
Dog - Bow-wow
TV - Teeyah
Nani - Manni

How cool it would be if both M and I could quickly adapt to this new language? Some samples:

M is leaving for work in the morning

P: I think its going to bye-tee.
M: Sorry, I am toilet-trained.
P: Not bye-tee. Bye-tee.
M: Oh? OH! Yes, it does look cloudy. I better carry an uh-bye-dee.
P: Yes dear. Ba-ba.

Discussing evening snacks

P: Lets eat healthy. How about an app-oo-ee with your tea?
M: Umm, no thanks, aloo-paranthas with butter would do just fine.
P: No! Ok, how about an app-oo-ee instead.
M: ?

Random conversation

M: ....and so, I think money hai toh sab kuchh hai.
P: Great! I will ask my mom to move in.

Clearly, I need something a little more constructive to engage me. So how about this - I have signed up to run 6 kms at the Mumbai Marathon on January 18th, 2009. I am almost ashamed to admit, but not enough to refuse butter-toast, that as of today I can run a measly 2.2 kms at a stretch. And post those those 2.2 kilometers, I can be sold off in the subzi-mandi for a nicely plump tomato.

There, now I have put it on the blog. There is no way I can chicken out now.


There is a satsang ground near our place. That essentially means that nobody in this house ventures out on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings when the Satsangis are let loose on the world, Suitably satsang-ed, they come out in droves, shopping for fruits and vegetables and namkeens with a vengeance. (I need to stay away also for the fear of being sold as a nicely plump tomato). Out of nowhere, a full-blown market emerges on the street with vendors plying the satsangis with their wares. Overweight aunties who should be running alongside me at the gym rather than shopping for deep-fried chiwdas bargain furiously. Of course, I am only jealous because I cannot bargain for the life of me.

Anyhow, we were lounging at home, looking out of the window at all the sansangis running riot downstairs and M looked at me idly.

M: What do you think these satsangis do at the satsang?
P: I dunno. I guess they sing bhajans and some discourse....
M: *Splutters* What are you saying? What nonsense! That cannot be!
P: Huh? What else will they do? Bhajans and discourse only, no?
M: Oh, DISCOURSE. I thought you said disco.

Since then the image of satsangis rocking their rather ample booties to Usher refuses to leave my mind.


churningthewordmill said...

hehehe...loved those conversations u shared..:D

the fmly on the 7th flr of our building has regular satsangs...aunties come,aunties go.wat they do,i dont quite know!...normally over 50, dressed in pale colours, wearing huge diamonds, they meet once a week i think..beyond that i know nthing about them.

Cuckoo said...

Ha ha! Loved the bit on saving money. Btw, the marathon sounds fun. Maybe I should sign up next year too (Hopefully should lost some weight by then!) As for the 6 kms stretch, its like the trains in Mumbai. You get pushed the entire stretch. :)

I think Adi's 'language' sounds better than my mother tongue :D

Parul said...

churningthewordmill - I know! Probably discoing away if M has to be believed!

PSK said...


I'm enjoying every bit of your blogging. Never give it up!(i read in some of your posts that you were thinking of this at some point). though had read ur earlier post (regarding the tee) loved going through it again.
Hey..why dont you write a will make zillions.

Parul said...

cuckoo - dude, you can run this one...its in Jan, there is plenty of time. Come on, sign up!

psk - oh man, that's real nice of you. Thanks and yea, out for that book!

Suki said...

OMG, that last line left me snorting so hard I spluttered!
Love ya :D

deepa said...

Parul, you should be waxed and homoured in some Museum of Humour or some such if it exists! Plump tomato indeed! How about juicy cherry instead?

Kiran said...

hehe..can't stop laughing at "satsangis rocking their rather ample booties" :)

Anonymous said...

whats a sathsangi?

Parul said...

suki - hehe...glad you laughed, sweetheart. How have things been?

deepa - juicy cherry? that brings something completely unrelated to the mind!!

kiran - good, that was the intention!

anonymous - i will tell you if you tell me something about yourself!

beyond said...

although i have no idea what is satsangs but i still enjoyed tha converstion you ahd with your hubby:)

Kodi's Mom said...

good luck with the marathon! e're all rooting for you!!!
& Adi-tongue is so much fun, I could get used to talking like that :)

chandni said...

I can't stand those satsangs...I had the misfortune of living in west delhi for a few months and god, was the punju brigade at it or what!

karmickids said...

Hey Parul, good to see you the other day, sorry was very illmannered and clean forgot introductions and such. Realised Krish was running a fever and was in panic mode running to the car! Next time. And did I mention Adis become a rightho stud!

Parul said...

beyond - Sheesh, I better do a post on satsangis then! Glad you enjoyed the exchange though.

kodi's mom - hey, good to see you here! And you will have a plain-speaking son soon enough!

chandni -oh dear lord, yes, I can imagine what that must have been like!

kiran - oh that's cool, don't worry about that, hope Krish is fine now?

Mama - Mia said...


LOVED reading this post!! the adi speak and the satsangis!! :D

and for all the peace of mind they apparently strive for, they meet up and gosspip! :p



DotThoughts said...

lol! congrats on comming to the run! I have been meaning to for the past 4 years.. you just re-energized me :)

Subhashree said...

Ok, you've had me ROFLing at office while a group of people walked by. Purpose solved? But seriously, a very funny post. Blog-hopped from Karmickids.