Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rain etc

Aha, now this is good use for a computer - writing aimless drivel in my blog. Significantly more enjoyable than using it to write ppts and analyzing data, in my opinion. But then, you may not agree with me. Anyway, so it has been raining ceaselessly in Mumbai and when one is sitting indoors and not having to hail rude auto-wallahs while balancing an uncooperative umbrella in one hand and fast-getting-wet dignity in the other, rains can be quite enjoyable.

Rains also mean hot pakodas and tea. Everything in my life mean some food or the other but rains are particularly incomplete without the consumption of high-calorie snack items. Therefore, yesterday, I finally gathered the courage to ask Shilpa to make some aloo-pyaaz bhajiyas for me. After giving this simple order and confirming that she does indeed possess the skills and equipment required to perform the task, I toodled off to the hall with Adi, all the while dreaming of the yummy morsels that would seen be making their way to my belly and then seamlessly to the hips. Fifteen minutes later, a peculiar whiff of something burning made its way to my nose. Hurrying to the kitchen, I saw some onions in serious need of Bernol making their way out of the kadhai and onto a plate.

Me: What? What? What?
Shilpa: What what?
Me: What the hell is this?
Shilpa: You asked me to make bhajiyas.
Me: Correct. So why haven't you made them? And what is this?
Shilpa: These are bhajiyas. I am very famous for making bhajiyas. In fact, I had opened a bhajiya shop some time back.
Me: I am not surprised that you are not in that business anymore. Please take these...bhajiyas...home. I don't really think I have the stomach for them.


I have been very irregular to the gym this last one month. Ironically, this has also been the month when I have weaned Adi and resultantly lost weight. Therefore, when I finally made my way to the gym looking thinner, all the trainers took a look at me and then accusingly said - You've lost weight. I stared back at them unflinchingly and in an even more accusatory tone replied - I know and I have not even been exercising. Maybe all this business about gymming to lose weight is not true after all.


I wore my regular tracks to the gym and clambered onto the treadmill. Praying silently but fervently to the Mumbai Marathon devi, I walked for a few minutes and then increased the speed. 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8.....thump, thump, thump. The ipod is growing out of my ear and I am running merrily. Suddenly I feel that I am in the imminent danger of exposing self to unsuspecting strangers. Huh? WTF? I surreptitiously feel the band of my tracks and sure enough, they seem to want to leave my body. I hastily pull them back, stretching them all the way to the collar bone and continue to run. Not easily deterred, the tracks again begin to slide off. Aha! This is one of the redeeming factors of exercise. I have lost weight....ergo, clothes are looser. Unfortunate way to find out of course but never mind about that. I walked slowly for the rest of my appointment with the treadmill and am currently looking forward to shopping for a new gym wardrobe.


We did the unthinkable and depositing Adi with Padma last Sunday, went off to watch Indiana Jones. I enjoyed it tremendously and finished off one full packet of caramel popcorn in my excitement. No guilt, nothing. We are now planning to make Sunday morning movie-going regular. Next stop, SATC and Sarkar Raj.

Sarkar Raj reminds me of all the press meets that the Bachchans have been holding. Why are they so anti-media? I mean, its great to be polished and witty but these guys are positively rude to the journos. Come on, you're here to promote your picture, the least you can do is feign politeness. Someone asked Abhishek if he was planning to get a six-pack and he positively went up in smoke, blabbering something about having a one-pack and being very happy in that. Wifey Ash used this opportunity to cop yet another feel and added her own supremely intellectual two-bits about the importance of keeping real. Now, really? The Big B himself, used convoluted Hindi words to throw off the media and establish his humbleness once and for all.


We're off for a couple of days to a resort. Looking forward to dealing with Adi's sleep tactics in a different setting very much. Also, planning to catch up on some reading and writing. Padhna likhna seekho, o mehnat karne walo etc. See you on the other side of our getaway then.



unpredictable said...

Oh god don't watch Sarkar Raj ... it's pure torture and i'm sure you have methods such as gymming to gain experience of that ... You'll hate the Bacchan family even more after you watch this badbadbad movie! I promise you, sitting home with Adi is likely more fun!

Aneela Z said...

I agree (re: the Bachchan's..well Shilpa too, no one I repeat no one should commit acts of blasphemy with the aloo)...the angry not so young man, Crown Prince and Bahu Rani need a REAL cause to act aggro rather than pitching at windmills all Don Quixote.

Mama - Mia said...

hehe!! isnt it the most irritating when you are craving for something which seems so near and then its burnt the next moment!! imagine in bangalore you cant even get vada pav which indeed tastes like vada pav! so if you feel like having it, make it!! :(

so movies are on again! thats super! have been hearing that Indiana Jones is quite a fun ride! shud catch it soon!! :)

have a super time at the resort!!



BangaloreMom said...

Loved Indiana Jones too..and CONGRATS on losing the weight..believe me, I know how difficult that is!

Mystic Margarita said...

Congrats of losing weight! :) Enjoy yourself and have loads of fun at the resort :)

dipali said...

Have a ball! Sad about the bhajiyas, no?

ιℓℓυѕιση said...

Congratulations on losing wt!!!

n u were plannin to goto Europe na?wat happened? kab jaa rahe ho?

Suki said...

Hey, congrats on the weight loss. Enjoy the holiday!

mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

rofling at the bhajiya story.. woman you're SO fuuuny!!

yayyyy for the tracks that wont stay put.. err as in yayy for the fact that they are too big to fit now!

have lotsa fun at the mini vaccation :D

churningthewordmill said...

pakoras are The Best Rain Food EVER! *my mouth waters as i type this line*

so there is no correlation btw weight loss and gymming, eh? see?now u realise why i go to the gym only 4times a month? :P

have fun on ur trip.:D

Mystic Margarita said...

When I did this the first time, don't know how I missed you. Making amends by tagging you, fellow book lover. :)

Poppins said...

LOL so are you back yet from vacation? Did Adi sleep better? Come back and do a post before you run off to Europe

WhatsInAName said...

I am still waiting for the day my tracks go sliding down :( Sighs!