Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alibaug and playschool

I insisted on calling the place ALI-BOG. Soon it got on everyone's nerves and I lived happily ever after. Adi did not know that he was going to ALI-BOG but he sat quietly in his car-seat for about two and a half hours. I thought all my good karma had come to fruit at once and the rest of the trip would be completely nightmarish. Thankfully, it was not so. The boy seemed to enjoy himself tremendously. I had not carried anything in terms of food other than his formula. The first day at breakfast, I asked the chef to get me some porridge for Adi. The first time around it tasted quite raw and chewy. I am the sort of person who is seen fighting and screaming in stores and restaurants if service is not adequate so I immediately started cribbing about the non-perfectness of the porridge. The highly cooperative chef emerged from the kitchen and asked me exactly how I would like it cooked. Just like Mom makes it, I nearly said but held my tongue just in time. Well, roast it well before cooking it, I vaguely instructed him. He disappeared back into the kitchen and Adi decided that he had had enough. Give me whatever you are having, he shouted from his stroller which was serving double-time as the high-chair too. Several bites of masala omelette, aloo-parantha, toast etc later, I realized that a. the porridge would go waste after all and b. all things considered, the Italy holiday is not such a bad idea.

The resort was great and being completely new, the staff was pretty much standing on their heads to serve us. Most gratifying and highly recommended. The food was nothing short of outstanding, specially the one served at their fine-dining coastal restaurant. I think I will reserve the rest of my review for Trip Advisor. Do you people use Trip Advisor?


Adi has stared playschool. Or pre-playschool. Or pre-nursery. Or whatever it is that a thirteen month baby can attend. Essentially, it means that I accompany him to the school where he makes a mess with colors, dances to some music and plays with some blocks for an hour. All this is supposed to make him a super-achiever who can beat the pants off the kid-next-door at nuclear science.

I had serious doubts about this playschool business. For one thing, one of the teachers there kept referring to something called the 'dwellupment' of kids. Not to be a diction Nazi or anything but I'd like Adi's teacher to be replicas of God. At the very least. So I was a tad disappointed. Also it was reasonably clear that the school had a profit orientation and was not in it for kids' company and sweet smiles. That reminds me, have you read this? Fascinating stuff. Anyhow, turned out that I was worrying needlessly. Adi is quite happy pottering about at the place. He clings to me quite a bit. Part of it is his inherent shyness. The other part is that I am very cling-worthy.


My nephew Vir; M and my friend Mala's son, D and my cousin Mona - all have had birthdays recently. Happy happy, all!!



Minka said...

oh ! Nice to hear about the recent "dwellupments" in Adi's life

churningthewordmill said...

now whenenver someone utter the word alibaug i will be thinking of u and hte word ali-bog.

adi's teacher says 'dwellupment'. thats as good (or as bad) as my pre-primary teacher who used to say "loin" for "lion". i turned out ok( u hv to tk my word for it since u havent met me! a minor risk there!:P), so im sure adi dear will turn out fine. no, he will turn out better than fine.

Preethi said...

written in true Parul style.. loved it!! dwellupment indeed!! :P

Mystic Margarita said...

'Dwellupment' - even without being a diction Nazi, it's a tad difficult to accept coming from a teacher. Anywhoo, glad that Adi is enjoying playschool.

Suki said...

Lord, Alibog is reminding me of Vikram Seth - "Frog and the Nightingale". Quite a satire of a poem, that.
Don't fret, the Loins and Dwellupments or Joo(for Zoo) won't do much lasting harm. As long as he's having fun, it's all good!

dipali said...

Fun time: at Ali 'bog' and pre-pre-pre nursery!

Mala said...

D says thank you.. And then proceeds to wave his finger accusingly at you for bunking the birthday party :-)

He had a blast..there is a disgraceful video of him ripping open a large present while surrounded by a circle of adoring family, all of whom are loudly egging him on.

Now plan that Delhi trip.


Mona said...

nuclear scientist in the making! and oh wow, 'dwellupment' would have turned me off the establishment but i'm such a enunciation and grammar snob :/

Rohini said...

Ooh you started pre-play school. All good as long as they are not trying to teach him the alphabet at the tender age of one...

Shruti said...

This is too funny to not comment on.. So my friend's son goes to a pre-school run by a desi aunty here in NY. The other day he asked his mommy "Where is my under-wee-ur?" - We burst out laughing. Couple of days ago he said "Mommy can I have a issmoothie?". Aunty seems to be taking good care of kids' dwellupment! We have stopped laughing and my friend is looking for another option.

I'm a lurker usually - but totally love your blog!

Mama - Mia said...

school at 13 months!!

adi and you are hellbent on on giving very serious complex to Cubby and his mommy!! :p

LOVED redaing your post!!

clingworthy indeed!! :D



Poppins said...

And she's baccck ! This post is more like you than a whole lot of posts in the past. I can see Ali-Bog did you a lot good :D That and the weaning :p