Saturday, April 12, 2008

While M was away

The greatest pleasure of having a blog with no one overriding theme is that I can type whatever catches my fancy. Right, so the husband is back from Stupid Frankfurt and has come back loaded (well, as much as three toys can load a person) with toys for Adi. These toys are variations on the already existing rattles and twisters and stackers and musical animals that make noises when you press their nose. We need some more variety in Adi's toys. As for Adi, I am sure he would appreciate a little more variety in taste and flavour too considering that all playthings serve the single and noble purpose of entering the mouth. I hope they are using food grade plastic.

My fitness bug has finally travelled to my husband and after sleeping off the aches and pains that he claims accost him every time he has to step outside the home, he asked if we could go for a jog at the park. I picked myself up from the floor and begged for his pardon, not sure if I had heard him right. He must have asked if we can go eat some aloo-tikki chaat at Papa Pancho's, I thought. No, no, jog, JOG, like walking really fast, he reiterated. Whoa, sure thing partner, I said and the troupes went traipsing off to Joggers Park. Adi was put in the stroller and Padma took charge of him while the good man and I started to run in circles. A couple of rounds later, we caught sight of a frantic Padma waving at us. Adi had decided that he did not want to stay in the stroller after all and wanted to be picked up. So we took turns in holding him and walking around. So now not only are we in great cardio-vascular shape, we also have biceps like the Great Khali. Fun.

Of course, M decided that we had worked out far too much and needed to nourish ourselves adequately so less than two hours after The Great Run, we went off to eat some nice four-cheese penne at Out of the Blue. Yes, yes, two cheeses would not have done, three would have also not sufficed. Four? Now we are talking.

While M was away, I watched two great movies - Once and Juno. How were they? As I said, they were great. That is all I can manage in terms of a review. It is a good thing I don't have to review movies for a living. An early end to the career would have about summed the story. Anyway, as a result of watching Once, I now have this song stuck in my head. Not to mention, the hero too. Look at him, he is tall, lanky and a starving musician, what is there not to like?

Adi has started walking many more steps at a time than he was doing three days back. Resultantly M feels that a lot has changed while he was away. All the more reason for not returning to Stupid Frankfurt, he says. To second that thought, Adi has been clinging to his beloved Papa like we were torturing him in his absence. M is pretty chuffed at this display of affection and has not missed a single opportunity to show off. Think of what its going to be like when we have a couple of daughters too. Errr..

I made fruit custard while M was away. And while the grandparents and Padma and Pramod all partook of the culinary delight readily enough, guess who really loved it? Yeah, my boy! He slurped up an entire bowl. At least someone appreciates my expertise and finesse in the kitchen. It is so cool to make something and have your child appreciate it. Of course you can't hold this last statement against me. Ever.


Mona said...

four cheese penne! mmmm.
also, thanks for your sweet comment! :)
the best for adi and you and m too!

dipali said...

What fun! The custard sounds great too:)

Poppins said...

Oh nice, all food sounds enticing to me :)

Whaddya mean no overriding theme? I thought it was all about bringing up Adi, the hero of this blog??

Mama - Mia said...

oh you one of those yummy mummy's in every sense of the term too??


super post as always! :)

happy walking to Adi! am sure he will join fitness plans soon! :)