Wednesday, April 2, 2008


...with me?

After a long bout (relatively speaking) of blogstipation (funny but not my own coinage), I am hopefully (for me) back for good. As for you, you've been warned.

Kalpana's landlady threatened to evict her, Kalpana koh 'bahut tension ho gayi', Kalpana fainted on the street where a kindly passerby rescued her, Kalpana's cousin called to say that Kalpana will not be turning for work after all. This, after she had already taken a couple of days off to attend a wedding. Resultantly, guess who has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen?

No, its not Nigella Lawson, its me and I don't like it.

Guess my in-laws like it even less, though they are grinning (grimacing) and bearing it.

Kalpana is back to cooking and I hopefully to blogging.

...with Adi?

Adi has come out of the dining table enough times to throw a tantrum while
a. getting his diaper changed
b. sitting in his high-chair to eat

The monthly letter is due shortly so the rest of the capers will be covered at greater length in that but he has been getting more of a personality, not to mention attitude. Nothing new there, of course.

...with M?

M has been wanting to throw Adi out from under the dining table and hide there himself (a sentiment that has been shared by many of you, I notice in the comments) because and I quote 'this work thing doesn't really suit me'.

'Uff, thakaan' he says and collapses on the bed as soon as he has woken up. He claims he has been exercising because he and the rest of the boys from work have been playing table tennis in the evenings after work. When this was related to out fitness-freak friend J, she visibly paled.

...with the help?

Pramod has reached the enviable weight of eighty-two kilos. Clearly, someone is getting too much food and not enough exercise. He resents having to climb the stairs and bears all comments about his weight with an enviable poise. It is all the happiness that comes with having a child, he informs me. Aha, so now I know what I can blame my excess weight on.

When Kalpana is not being evicted and fainting, she is getting engaged. Yeah, yeah it is all hearsay still but I think we will hear wedding bells soon. While I do hope that she will be very happy and all that, I do wish that she won't up and leave. I have had enough of whipping up delicacies (no one dare smile) in the kitchen.

Padma is being her usual efficient self, claiming that Adi is doing everything short of growing wings and flying about.

So, that is what has been happening at our end. Wassup with you?


Mona said...

fun stuff. i love cooking too.

have you and m had any 'happy couple time' then?

chandni said...

all well, all well!

good to see you back :D

please elaborate on err...Adi's personality developments eh?

d_grail said...

welcome...welcome...welcome back!
as u can c am breathless with excitement..
hope u get bac 2 regular blogging!

churningthewordmill said...

you life sounds sooooooo much more intersting than mine right now. i am doing only one thing-work ,work and some more work. in fact i'm SO bored of working that i am offering to come over to your place and cook for you!

NainaAshley said...

Welcome back! Was missing your fun-filled stories.

mayG said...

so good to hear from your end, its always so refreshing! :)thank god the blogstipation ran its course - never to return hopefully!

Sper said...

Parul, you're hilarious. Write a book.

Emaan said...

chuckle chuckle.. Adi sounds like lots of fun and is very cute too (just like me) ! my mommy jus got me to your blog, its very nic and colorful.. as of now i can't read but my mommy shows me colors on your page and i smile :-)

DotMom said...

parul.. send me an email. this is important..

Mez said...

I too was on a break sorta thing..getin into blogging swing now. Did i tell u i loved ur family pic.

Parul said...

mona - Not really yet no, but we did go to this nice spa place for a massage and stuff so that was good :)

chandni - oh yes, yes coming up in the 11th month letter.

d grail - i was hardly away, right? You must really like me.

mandira - please to call me and join from Monday!

nainaashley - thank you *grin*

mayg - yeps, me too!

sper - ok in the dokey, will do!

emaan - oh cutie pie, this is really the best thing i have heard said about this blog :-)

dotmom - hey, i have done the 'needful'!!

mez - hey, welcome back to you too...glad you like the pic, its very homey somehow, right?