Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A tale of one city

Adi will grow up thinking that there is a city in continental Europe called Stupid Frankfurt. I am sure its a great city but for some reason, every time M needs to go there, we start referring to it as Stupid Frankfurt.

Sample this:

"What, you have to go to Stupid Frankfurt again?"
"Why do you have to go to Stupid Frankfurt when your parents are here, huh?"
"I don't want to go to Stupid Frankfurt but I also don't want to lose my job."
"I hope its not snowing in Stupid Franfurt."
"I just checked on Weather Underground and it is snowing in Stupid Frankfurt. Shit, I need to take my coat."
"Bye, baby, will be back soon. Hope don't have to go to Stupid Frankfurt again anytime soon."

Of course, there may be people reading this who absolutely adore St...ahem, Frankfurt and I would like to state clearly that I am no authority on its beauty and heritage. Its just that M seems to go there on the most inopportune of times. Like now.


Last August when the babe in my arms was literally always in my arms (three months old), I had written this, a painful and tragic account of trying to find the right Pampers for Adi. This problem had sort of resolved itself and I did not have to write about it again, sparing you. But hey, hey, hey what is a mommy blog without a discussion on a child's waste material? Lets plunge right into it, the story, that is, not the poo.

Patel Stores, Bandra informs me that they will not be able to provide me with Made in Japan, XL size Pampers anymore.

Me: WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Toh phir Adi kya pehnega? Talk some sense, man.
Man: Heh heh, why don't you try the Pigeon ones? Very nice, very costly.
Me: Sigh, alright. Bring it on. I guess it should be alright, it is a Japanese company too.

Adi gets a rash.

After two day...

Me: What nonsense. That bloody Pigeon gave my baby a rash. I don't want it.
Man: Madam, we cannot take back an opened packet, no?
Me: I know! I am asking for an alternative. And I will break your nose if you say cotton nappies.
Man: Here, try Made in KSA, Pampers.
Me: I guess if it is alright for the Sheikhs' children, it should be ok for mine. Bring it on.

Now, there is no rash or anything but these diapers are significantly less absorbent than the earlier ones. Resultantly, I have been waking up almost everyday at all sorts of hours in the night suddenly finding myself in a puddle. It is nightmare of considerable proportions to clean up that mess while trying not to wake Adi.

Anyway, I am learning to live with it. Time for the plastic sheets. Or toilet training.


SUR NOTES said...

yes, yes, i will assert my credentials as sympathetic mom, but after i have stopped guffawing.

and st...frankfurt...i had just recovered from my hysterics when you brought the waste matter story on...

B o o said...

Whichever city Hubby travels to, I call it "stupid city" too!! I never thought I ll find my soul sister on this subject!! ;)

And finding no pampers in the store is the most horrific thing that can happen to a new mom. I went through such "leaky and rashy" times when I was in Blore. *shudder*

Candyfloss said...

Ah, sounds like the sister city to 'bloody Shanghai' :-)

On the pampers, though I used mostly cloth nappies for Moppet, I would use Indian made Huggies for her at night. The trick, I found, was to slather her butt generously with vaseline before she got diapered up. Never had a rash problem...

Orchid said...

tell me about "hubbys travels our travails"!!

hope the leaks and rashes phase go away soon. *hugs*

Shobana said...

Have heard gauze pads in the diaper helps when positioned right...err, u know where. I can imagine the horror of not being able to find the right diapers.

Asha said...

I have tried a wide variety of diapers and my vote goes for Huggies.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..ah there is stupid frankfurt too? must be some relation to friggin pune and blasted bombay and whole lot of other places i frequent.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

btw, love the template!

Just Like That said...

ROFL at poor affronted stupid Frankfurt! You're too too funny! :-D

dipali said...

My husband is spending a helluva lot of time in stupid Durgapur. Bah.
Will never think of Frankfurt without thinking of you, Parul:)

Cuckoo said...

Not yet in parenting mode, but my prenatal teacher tells me that 'Pigeon' brand is best avoided. Umm, not that you haven't found out :)

WhatsInAName said...

Hope you are allowed entry into St Frankfurt the next time :D