Friday, April 4, 2008

Eleven months up!

Baby boy!

Eleven months, eh? Woo, that's great and I am so excited. Just one more month left for your birthday party, I mean, birthday. Of course I am not obsessing about your birthday party.

Deep breath.

So much happened again this month, love.

You took a couple of tottering, unsure steps recently. You did, too! Everyone saw it because you chose to do it when we had company over, you little show-off, you. Since then you have been giving the walking thing a try every now and then and needless to say but I will still say it, my heart swells up in pride when you do that.

Your father and I were saying BYE! BYE! to your grandmother at the door when we were taking you out. BYE! BYE! she was screaming back. In short, there were a lot of BYE! BYE!s being thrown about. You decided that you did not want to be left out and piped up in a tiny but unmistakable voice. BYE! you said. Your father, g'ma and I puffed up at this feat and were still repeating BYE! BYE! half an hour later. However, you decided that it was not so much fun after all and put an end to that. My heart though has been singing this song since then.

You carry on with your PA PA PAs and your THA THA THAs and your BA BA BAs. Dude, now one more time, let us say MUM MAH. No? Ok, next time.

Your little cold and cough saw me reaching new depths of despair, sweetheart. One side effect of that little illness was that the weaning regressed more than it progressed. But it can wait, who is in a hurry? Not me.

You started clapping your hands. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! we say and you give us that grin that is so much like mine its startling and start clapping. The only difference is that you keep one palm steady and bang the other one on it. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! is different from PAT-A-CAKE, PAT-A-CAKE, darling. Oh, forget it.

I think you have explored the underside of the dining table to your heart's content because while you're still reviewing it every now and then, you are coming out much more to play with your grandparents. That is great, darling not just to mend their broken hearts but also to mend my shattered social life.

My social life. Well, here is the paradox then. You are a fairly cheerful baby and you would not mind it if I went out with my friends for long periods of time leaving you in the adequate care of grandparents and Padma. The thing is - I miss you so much when I do try it, I am just itching to get back and blow a raspberry on your tumtum. I am a crazy woman, ignore me.

You continue to be a daddy's boy and I am sort of giving up on that. You wait for the little click that is his key turning in the lock and all your post-evening-nap crankiness just kaputs! I guess it is all the rough-housing he does with you but that could be just me trying to work out a reason.

You have taken a couple of tosses from the bed in your sleep, boy. I don't know how much damage it did to you but it sure sent my heart bouncing all over the place. You of course cried a bit, stuck a thumb into your mouth and went right back to sleep, leaving me holding the baby..err..that would be you.

Scraped knees. You have got them because you crawl all over the floor in your shorts but for some reason, looking at them breaks my heart. I mean, I thought they will come only after the cricket and football seasons, not when you are still a newborn in mint condition in my mind. Ah well.

Don't grow up so fast, son. Don't.




Shobana said...

Sweetie pie! I'm coming right now to Mumbai and bringing you back with me to the US. You are a great big bundle of joy and congrats on the toddling and be a cutie pie and say mamma...just once more..please????

churningthewordmill said...

i just love these mom-to-son letters!:D
if u ever stop blogging(which i hope u wont), preserve these..adi will loooorvve reading them when he is older.

Mona said...

aww, i know what you mean, parul. why these kids gotta be in such a hurry to grow up?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations.... on being on Google's top recommendations


Nat said...

sweet letter. loved the bits about puffing up on hearing him say bye and taking his first steps.

Just Like That said...

ah, sweet. Esp loved the bit on the scraped knees.

Mala said...

The part about scraped knees..sigh.

Parul said...

shobana - UPP-PAH!

mandira - No, no, he is going to be furious and will hate them, c'mon, you know kids!

mona - you too, eh? Dunno, lets get second ones?

GTG - hello ji, you again? thanks!

nat - yeah well, its true!

just like that - I knowwwwww....horrible, isn't it?

mala - sigh back to you...D getting them too?

Mama - Mia said...


happy 11th month to Adi!! :)

the sweetest letter ever!! and am sure Adi will love reading them letter! tho sensitive n mushy daughter would indeed appreciate them a lot more! hehe!

loved reading about all the proud and sigh moments!



dipali said...

Aww Parul: the bit about the scraped knees and mint condition- I used to feel exactly the same way. Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Hi parul...I happened to discover your blog last month and i lovvvved this specific post.I have a baby gal who turned one this january and sometimes i wonder if i'm a gud mother..But reading ur blog i know its just natural for lil kids to have err...scraped knees...U have an amazingly beautiful writing pattern...Keep up the gud work